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KFC Puts Shredded Cheese On Donut, Creates Breakfast Magic

You know, maybe KFC in Asia just got a huge shipment of cheese. Last week, we shared that KFC in the Philippines is having a “cheezy bacon fest” that consists of slathering cheese and bacon on their major menu items. Over in Indonesia, they’ve put a mix of swiss and cheddar cheese on top of a donut and called it “delicious.” [More]

Fraudulent eBay Buyer Leaves You Minus $1000 And A MacBook Pro

Fraudulent eBay Buyer Leaves You Minus $1000 And A MacBook Pro

Earlier this month, Jacob sold a MacBook Pro on eBay. His buyer appeared to be in Australia, but contacted him after payment and asked to have the computer shipped to Indonesia. Since he’s both a Consumerist reader and a person with a functioning brain, Jacob was wary of this change, suspecting some kind of fraud. He called up eBay to see what he should do. The customer service representative told him that he needed to mail the laptop, or it would negatively affect his seller account. So he sent it along, then heard from eBay less than 24 hours later that the buyer’s account had been compromised. You don’t say! Now Jacob is out both a laptop and the $1,023.74 payment. [More]

Indonesian Muslims Riot Over Fully Clothed Playboy Babes

Indonesian Muslims Riot Over Fully Clothed Playboy Babes

Those wacky Muslims! They’re at it again, burning down buildings and shaking their scimitars at the sky over the contents of a magazine they don’t like.

Exxon Sued For Indonesian Torture

Exxon Sued For Indonesian Torture

Exxon has lost the first round in a lawsuit implicating Exxon in the torture of 11 Indonesian villagers in 1997. The villagers claim that Exxon’s Indonesian subsidiary allowed its facilities to be used to torture them by the Indonesian government.