For Variety, Eater Of 25,000 Big Macs "Sometimes Eats Them Upside Down"

For Variety, Eater Of 25,000 Big Macs "Sometimes Eats Them Upside Down"

Yesterday Don Gorske set a new world record by eating his 25,000th Big Mac in his lifetime. The news reports are full of charming anecdotes surrounding this man and his accomplishment. My favorite is the one where his brother recounts how he once asked Don, doesn’t he ever get tired of eating the same thing over and over again? Don reportedly replied, “Sometimes I eat them upside down.” Turning the burger over 180 degrees is enough to rearrange the order in which the flavors enter his mouth. Here are some other fun facts about this story: [More]

Man To Eat His 25,000th Big Mac Today

Man To Eat His 25,000th Big Mac Today

At 4pm Eastern, Don Gorske, 57, will have eaten his 25,000th Big Mac, reports Wisinfo. He has timed the event to coincide with the exact anniversary, down to the hour, of the very first time he ate, and fell in love with, Big Macs 39 years ago. Despite daily doses of Big Macs consisting of “90% of his solid food intake,” Gorske is not obese and he runs in races. How is this possible? [More]