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Official IKEA “Hack” Kits Will Let You Pretend To Get Creative With Your Furniture

While IKEA products are intended by the company to only be assembled in the way their designers prescribe, that hasn’t stopped countless individuals from modifying and repurposing IKEA furniture to create something more useful, attractive, or idiosyncratic. Finally realizing that its designs aren’t sacrosanct — and that there is a lot of money to be made in their customization — IKEA is working on official “Hack” kits so that millions of customers can all make the same company-approved tweaks to their fiberboard furniture. [More]

It Took 8 Years For IKEA To Get Around To Being A-Holes To IKEAhackers

It Took 8 Years For IKEA To Get Around To Being A-Holes To IKEAhackers

One of the things that makes IKEA furniture appealing to people is that, with a bit of ingenuity and some tools, the not-terribly-expensive furnishing can be “hacked” into something different and cool. And since 2006, IKEAhackers.net has been a repository for a number of these DIY tricks. After nearly a decade of existing without hassle from the plywood-loving Swedes, the site now has to get rid of all its advertising or give up the IKEAhackers URL. [More]