15 Explanations For Company Name Mashups You Never Knew You Wanted Explained

15 Explanations For Company Name Mashups You Never Knew You Wanted Explained

You might know the backstory behind some brand names — like that BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (or Bavarian Motor Works) or that CVS started as Consumer Value Stores. Look at you, smartypants. But what about LEGO? Or ASICS? LG, anyone? [More]

‘Gravity’ Spoof Accurately Recreates The Terror Of Being Separated In IKEA

‘Gravity’ Spoof Accurately Recreates The Terror Of Being Separated In IKEA

Sure, the Clooney-in-space movie Gravity presents a terrifying vision of what it may be like to be sent hurtling through the vast emptiness of space, but honestly how many of us are pushing through the mesosphere in our lives? A more relatable terror of drifting without direction can be found in the cluttered maze that is your local IKEA. [More]

Is It An IKEA Product Or A Death Metal Band?

Not long ago, we shared with you the information that IKEA product names are pretty much meaningless, even in Swedish. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. But can you tell the difference between an IKEA product name and a death metal band? Time to find out. [IKEA Or Death]


IKEA Selling Solar Panels To People Who’ve Run Out Of Tongue-Twisting Furniture To Buy

You’ve got the Fjell this and the Hemnes that — what’s an IKEA-loving customer to do when your home has been decked out in wall-to-wall Swedish furniture bearing unpronounceable names? Well, there’s always the pesky task of powering your dwelling, something that can’t be done with a flat-pack dresser. That’s why IKEA is getting into the energy business, offering solar panels for sale to British customers. [More]

Think of all the flirting you can do with your remote control nicely tucked away in your IKEA FLORT.

IKEA Products Names Are As Meaningless As You’d Assumed

While we all know that American brand names like Xfinity and Verizon are nonsense words made up by some marketing executive’s 4-year-old kid, some of us lived under a cloud of self-delusion, mistakenly believing that the Swedish words used for IKEA products had some relevance to the items they are attached to. [More]

The recalled beds

Did you buy your kids a Kritter or Sniglar bed from IKEA at some point in the last eight years, then you’ll want to check out this announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as 40,000 of these beds have been recalled in the U.S. and Canada over concerns that a metal rod in the bed frame could break and result in lacerations. Affected consumers can get a free repair kit from IKEA. [via CPSC.gov]


Instead Of Yelling At Customer For Barfing In The Store, IKEA Employees Let Her Sleep It Off

Sometimes you’re bone tired, sometimes you’ve had a bit too much of a tipple into the firewater, and sometimes you might just need a nap. If you’re away from home, the options for snoozing are a bit limited… unless you’re at an IKEA with amenable employees and accommodating fellow customers.


IKEA Forgets To Deliver Your Hardware, Can Send It From Sweden

Maria lives in a big city and has no car. So when she bought a huge amount of furniture at her local IKEA, she had two choices: rent a car so she could pick, load, and haul her own flat packs home, or pay extra and have her order put together and delivered. The order went great except for one teeny thing that IKEA forgot. The hardware. [More]

Ad Agency Realizes IKEA’s Porn-Pun Potential With HotMalm.com

Ad Agency Realizes IKEA’s Porn-Pun Potential With HotMalm.com

If you go to a site with links to supposed videos titled “Twin Blonde Malms,” or “Malm Gets Wood In Every Hole,” you might think you’ve stumbled upon some Swedish porn site. Alas, it’s just the creation of a bored ad agency that saw all the porno potential in playing on IKEA’s Malm model of beds. [More]

(The Star-Ledger)

IKEA Couple Adds To Trend Of Marrying In The Retail Store Where They First Met

Did you just meet your soulmate, your forever and ever partner on this journey we call life? Okay then stop — are you in a retail store? Mark the location because the trendy thing to do these days is to get married exactly where you met. Joining couples like the one that got married recently at Walmart, a twosome who found love in the aisle of an IKEA tied the knot in the same store that played host to cupid eight years ago. [More]

IKEA, Where Every Day Is Father’s Day

IKEA, Where Every Day Is Father’s Day

Fathers are pretty awesome. So we wouldn’t question it if IKEA chose to give free breakfasts every day to dad, or even to every parent or guardian who came in the store. That isn’t what this sign advertises, though, and that’s why we’re kind of confused. [More]

IKEA’s Website Hates Me And I Don’t Know Why

IKEA’s Website Hates Me And I Don’t Know Why

Rob really likes IKEA. IKEA doesn’t seem to have any strong feelings about Rob, but the store’s web site hates him. They don’t want to do business with him. It’s nothing personal, surely, but the web site believes that he doesn’t exist, and not even anyone at IKEA has ben able to figure out why this is or what to do about it. [More]

New IKEA Online Ad Combines Redecorating With Epic War On Garden Gnomes

New IKEA Online Ad Combines Redecorating With Epic War On Garden Gnomes

It’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that it’s time to rake your lawn and perhaps haul your grill and outdoor furniture out of storage. In a new IKEA ad airing in the United Kingdom, a family picks up some new furniture, and the local garden gnomes declare war. [More]


IKEA Reports A Pork Problem In Its Moose Lasagna And Wait… Moose Lasagna?

Ever since the horsemeat scandal started galloping across Europe, the global food industry has been on high alert for food masquerading as one species while actually containing another. Fresh off the hooves of previous food controversies as of late, IKEA has a problem with its moose lasagna. What’s that? Yes, moose lasagna. [More]


IKEA Bringing Meatballs Back To The Menu In Europe After Horsemeat Scare

Who’s hungry for some IKEA meatballs? They’re back on the menu in Europe. Before you get all squirrelly about it in the stomach region due to that horsemeat scare that caused the home goods store to stop selling them in Europe, relax.  The chain says its new approach to food is “farm to fork.” Ostensibly, horse farms are not included. [More]


Another Day, Another Horsemeat Scare For IKEA: This Time It’s Hotdogs

We’ve all yelled in exasperation at a partly assembled piece of IKEA furniture while waving around wordless directions, but at least no one ever (that we know of) found horsemeat in a dresser. The retailer’s food isn’t so lucky: After pulling meatballs in Europe due to the horsemeat scare and almond cakes for coliform bacteria, the latest product to join the recalled product club is Russian hotdogs. Guess why? [More]

(The Consumerist)

IKEA Pulls Almond Cake From Sale In 23 Countries After Finding Bacteria

Another day, another food misadventure for IKEA: Fresh off the heels of the Swedish retailer’s horsemeat-in-the-meatballs snafu, the company has announced it’s pulling almond cake from its stores in 23 countries after some batches on the way to China were found to contain coliform bacteria. That’s a common bacteria in human an animal fecal matter. Yup, more poop in the news. [More]

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IKEA Enlists Marriott’s Help In Assembling European Budget Hotels Using Only An Allen Key

IKEA announced last year that it wanted to build a bunch of hotels across Europe, right around the time it unveiled plans for its own district in Hamburg, Germany. And now the company is one step closer to its dream  but it needs Marriott’s help. Ostensibly even it can’t decipher those wordless instructions sheets. [More]