IKEA Starts Serving Vegan Meatlessballs Tomorrow At In-Store Restaurants

Earlier this year, IKEA announced it would finally be serving up a vegan version of its popular Swedish meatballs in its in-store eateries. And starting tomorrow, IKEA shoppers now have the option of going vegan, eating Grönksakbullar, which are meat-free balls, while shopping for Ektorps and Kragstas. [More]

No, IKEA Is Not Selling A Rainbow Pillowcase Called “PUTIN”

No, IKEA Is Not Selling A Rainbow Pillowcase Called “PUTIN”

The Internet, while a vast and varied resource rich in information on innumerable topics, is also a rascally son of a boomerang and will often regurgitate fiction as fact. To that end: Though a photo circulating Twitter yesterday appeared to show a rainbow-striped pillowcase called the “PUTIN” on sale at an IKEA store, the company says it doesn’t sell that particular item anymore and oh yeah, it was never named after the president of Russia. [More]

IKEA Does Not Want You To Play Hide And Seek In Stores

IKEA Does Not Want You To Play Hide And Seek In Stores

It’s all very well and good if you want to play a game of grown-up hide-and-seek. However, IKEA would rather you didn’t play it inside their stores. The global megastore chain stopped planned games in their stores in the Netherlands. More than 32,000 people had signed up on Facebook for the biggest game at the store in Eindhoven, and now the organizers are looking for a different spot to hold the game. [More]


IKEA Making Furniture With Built-In Charging Stations

Rummaging through drawers to find the right power cord for your smartphone, tablet and other electronic devices can be a frustrating task. Soon, though, you might be able to juice up your device simply by placing it on the IKEA bookshelf, desk or nightstand littering your home. [More]

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T.J. Maxx, Marshalls & HomeGoods To Increase Minimum Wage To $9/Hour

In another sign that retail companies are re-evaluating the way they pay employees, TJX Cos. – the parent company of stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods – announced it intends to increase hourly wages for worker starting this year. [More]

Mother Of Autistic Boy Claims IKEA Discriminated Against Her Son

Mother Of Autistic Boy Claims IKEA Discriminated Against Her Son

IKEA has three prongs to its stores’ playroom policy — a height restriction, a potty-training requirement, and no adults. A Kansas mom says this last rule is discriminatory to her son and other children with autism who require the presence of an adult caregiver. [More]

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Maker Of Designer Doors For IKEA Cabinets Booted From Expo By IKEA

Why does IKEA mistreat the people who love their products? First, the Swedes picked on IKEAhacker.com, a site that spent nearly a decade helping people make the most out of their funny-named furniture. Now comes news that IKEA Canada used its leverage to have Semihandmade — a company that makes doors that fit on IKEA designs — booted from a major design show. [More]

Video Game Simulates The Singular Thrill Of Assembling IKEA Furniture

Video Game Simulates The Singular Thrill Of Assembling IKEA Furniture

Unlike many of my friends, I enjoy assembling IKEA furniture — to a point. I have been known to utter a few Scandinavian profanities after a few days of shredding my fingers with an allen wrench. Now a video game will apparently allow me to enjoy that unique thrill of putting together a nonsense-named end table without enduring any physical or spiritual injuries. [More]

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IKEA Adding Vegan Meatlessballs To Store Restaurant Menus

Lovers of foodballs that are not made of meat, rejoice: After shutting out vegetarians from the IKEA meatball club, the Swedish furniture giant says it’ll be introducing vegan meatless meatballs, or just vegan balls, if you will (and I will) this spring. [More]

IKEA issued the recall of some 169,000 mattresses that could pose a danger to sleeping children.

IKEA Recalls 169,000 Crib Mattresses After Reports Infants Became Trapped Between Mattress And Crib

When parents put their child to bed they likely have a reasonable expectation that their kiddo will sleep comfortably and safely. Hundreds of thousands of customers who own certain IKEA crib mattresses might not sleep so soundly, however, after the company issued a recall following reports that the product poses a hazard to infants. [More]

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Someone Made A Table Out Of The Pages Of An IKEA Catalog

Have you ever flipped through the IKEA catalog and wished you could order everything you see? (Probably not, but for the sake of this story, let’s just say “maybe.”) Well, that would be impractical and expensive, but there is a way to turn every single page of an IKEA catalog into a working piece of furniture. [More]

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12-Year-Old Boy Missing For 6 Days Found At A Chinese IKEA

In what will likely set a precedent among the younger set who usually only manage to run away from home and get as far as the parking lot behind the candy store a block away, police in Shanghai say a 12-year-old boy missing for six days was found at an IKEA store after living off supermarket samples. [More]


IKEA: Where You Can Buy A Bookcase And Now Insurance

A trip to IKEA could soon include a lot more than just buying shelves, bedding, and other home items. The retailers is reportedly rolling out trial sales of range of insurance policies. [More]

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IKEA Says You Won’t Lose Your Mind Assembling New Furniture That Takes Only 5 Minutes To Put Together

Many an epic ballad chronicling triumph and woe has been sung by IKEA customers struggling to put together a flat-pack bookshelf using only a little silver tool, a mallet, a bag of bits and bobs you’re bound to lose and a set of instructions written in pictograms. There may be some relief in sight (not from the hieroglyphics, those are probably here to stay) if IKEA’s newest furniture line is as easy to assemble as the company says it is. [More]

September Recall Roundup – Toppling Televisions And Lead-Painted Sunglasses

September Recall Roundup – Toppling Televisions And Lead-Painted Sunglasses

In the Recall Roundup for September, smoke alarms fail to go off, kids’ sunglasses are decorated with Disney characters rendered in lead paint, and a cooking thermometer adds a little something extra that you didn’t want to your food. [More]

Your Favorite Horror Icons — Now In IKEA Form

Your Favorite Horror Icons — Now In IKEA Form

While it might seem like Jason Voorhees — the silent, masked killer from the Friday the 13th movies — has a knack for being everywhere at once, you can’t have a mass-produced Jason in every home in America at a reasonable price. Yet. [More]

Ever Wanted To Sleep At IKEA? Thanks To Airbnb Now You Can, But Only If You Live In Australia

Ever Wanted To Sleep At IKEA? Thanks To Airbnb Now You Can, But Only If You Live In Australia

Are you Australian and in need of a new pair of sheets? Well, you can get a free set if you’re included in one of three groups picked to spend the night at an IKEA store as part of a promotion between the furniture company and Airbnb. [More]

IKEA Workers Tried To Get Birds Drunk So They’d Stop Flying Around Store

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Calling all avians with a thirst for the hard stuff — workers at an IKEA store in Florida are handing out rum to birds for free. Not because IKEA decided to open a bar for our feathered friends, but to try and get a couple bothersome birds drunk enough on rum that they’d slow down and be easier to catch. [More]