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It’s Not Just You: Robots Are Also Bad At Assembling IKEA Furniture

If you’re the kind of person who’s terribly afraid of the impending robot revolution as well as someone who struggles when it comes to putting together IKEA furniture, we’ve got some good news for you: robots are also pretty bad at it, so maybe that’ll delay the artificial intelligence uprising somewhat. [More]


IKEA Recalls SPELEVINK Crib Mattresses For A Second Time: Now It’s Flammability

If you happen to own IKEA’s VYSSA SPELEVINK crib mattress, that means you’ve already missed two recalls of your kid’s mattress. Those were for potential entrapment: it was possible for the mattress to shift so that a child could become trapped between the mattress and crib frame. Now the Consumer Products Safety Commission reports another risk of this product: flammability. [More]

The cover of the nightlight can detach, exposing its electrical insides.

IKEA Recalling 442,000 Nightlights Over Shock Risk

Ah, the nightlight: that beam of hope that cuts through the dark and soothed us when we were young and afraid. Or you know, old and also still not cool with complete blackness. In either case, you might want to check if your nightlight is one of the 442,000 IKEA is recalling after a child received a minor electrical shock when handling one. [More]


IKEA To Sell Only LED Lighting Starting September 1

That lamp you’ve been eyeing at IKEA is getting a bit of a makeover; or at least the light bulb is. The company is moving forward with plans to only sell LED bulbs starting this fall. [More]

Two MALM 6-drawer chests included in the repair program.

After Two Reported Deaths, IKEA Offering Free Wall Anchoring Kit For 27M Dressers & Chests That May Tip Over

When kids are around furniture, there’s no guarantee that they’ll treat chairs, tables and dressers as such, and instead, might see them as fun things to climb. But scaling furniture that isn’t meant to be scaled could cause it to tip over and crush a young person — especially if it isn’t anchored to the wall. That danger is leading IKEA to offer a free wall anchoring kit for a total of about 27 million chests and dressers, after two deaths were reported from furniture that fell and crushed children underneath. [More]

IKEA Will Test Less-Enormous Store Formats In The United Kingdom

IKEA Will Test Less-Enormous Store Formats In The United Kingdom

Last month, we shared the news that IKEA was testing some less-mega store formats in Canada, starting with one in the college city of London, Ontario that’s 20,000 feet: maybe the size of a large H&M instead of the size of a small town. The chain announced this week that they’ll be testing the format in the UK, too. [More]

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IKEA Raising Minimum Wage Again, This Time To $11.87/Hour

Almost exactly a year after IKEA announced it would raise the hourly starting wage for employees from $9.17 to $10.76, the furniture retailer says it will give workers another 10% pay boost. [More]

June Recall Roundup: Melting Mason Jars And Phantom Ovens

June Recall Roundup: Melting Mason Jars And Phantom Ovens

In this month’s Recall Roundup for consumer goods, a laptop battery recall expands, mason jar night lights melt, and a friendly toy policeman is not as friendly as he initially appears to be. [More]

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Official IKEA “Hack” Kits Will Let You Pretend To Get Creative With Your Furniture

While IKEA products are intended by the company to only be assembled in the way their designers prescribe, that hasn’t stopped countless individuals from modifying and repurposing IKEA furniture to create something more useful, attractive, or idiosyncratic. Finally realizing that its designs aren’t sacrosanct — and that there is a lot of money to be made in their customization — IKEA is working on official “Hack” kits so that millions of customers can all make the same company-approved tweaks to their fiberboard furniture. [More]

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IKEA Is Testing Small Pick-Up Point Stores In Canada

I live in a smaller metropolitan area where people often whine that we have to drive more than two hours each way to visit an IKEA store. What if we didn’t, though? What if cities too small to support a mammoth IKEA of their own had small stores with some retail offerings, where they could pick up their online orders of flat-pack furniture themselves? The chain of mega-stores announced this week that they’re trying that idea out in Canada. [More]

IKEA Helps Out Senior Center After Robbers Steal All The Furniture

IKEA Helps Out Senior Center After Robbers Steal All The Furniture

In February, residents of a recently opened senior center in Cincinnati found that their home hadn’t just been burgled — the thieves had made off with every piece of furniture and artwork in the lobby. While neither the purloined furnishings nor the ambitious burglars have been found, the folks at IKEA have decided to help out with some free stuff. [More]

IKEA expanded a recall of crib mattresses to include the SULTANA brand.

IKEA Expands Crib Mattress Recall To Include Five Additional Styles

All recalls are important to take note of, but ones related to baby products are often of the greatest concern. And IKEA’s expansion of a six-month old recall to include an additional 150,000 crib mattresses because of the risk of entrapment would fall into that category. [More]

How To Survive A Trip To IKEA Without Dumping Your Partner

How To Survive A Trip To IKEA Without Dumping Your Partner

Hardware stores aren’t the only retail establishments that pose an existential threat to domestic partnerships. Mega-home-store IKEA can also be a treacherous place, where the issues in a relationship surface as you search for items to fill your home together, then get them home and assemble them. That’s why one therapist actually uses the store’s flat-pack furniture as an exercise for patients: they have to assemble a piece of flat-pack furniture together and report back on how they communicated during the process. [More]

IKEA Releases Catalog Of Furniture That Will Charge Your Phone For You

IKEA Releases Catalog Of Furniture That Will Charge Your Phone For You

Last month, IKEA announced it would soon be releasing furniture with built-in charging technology so yu could power-up your phones, tablets, and other devices. Now the Swedish home furnishing giant has released a catalog showing off the first of these products that will be available this spring. [More]


IKEA Starts Serving Vegan Meatlessballs Tomorrow At In-Store Restaurants

Earlier this year, IKEA announced it would finally be serving up a vegan version of its popular Swedish meatballs in its in-store eateries. And starting tomorrow, IKEA shoppers now have the option of going vegan, eating Grönksakbullar, which are meat-free balls, while shopping for Ektorps and Kragstas. [More]

No, IKEA Is Not Selling A Rainbow Pillowcase Called “PUTIN”

No, IKEA Is Not Selling A Rainbow Pillowcase Called “PUTIN”

The Internet, while a vast and varied resource rich in information on innumerable topics, is also a rascally son of a boomerang and will often regurgitate fiction as fact. To that end: Though a photo circulating Twitter yesterday appeared to show a rainbow-striped pillowcase called the “PUTIN” on sale at an IKEA store, the company says it doesn’t sell that particular item anymore and oh yeah, it was never named after the president of Russia. [More]

IKEA Does Not Want You To Play Hide And Seek In Stores

IKEA Does Not Want You To Play Hide And Seek In Stores

It’s all very well and good if you want to play a game of grown-up hide-and-seek. However, IKEA would rather you didn’t play it inside their stores. The global megastore chain stopped planned games in their stores in the Netherlands. More than 32,000 people had signed up on Facebook for the biggest game at the store in Eindhoven, and now the organizers are looking for a different spot to hold the game. [More]


IKEA Making Furniture With Built-In Charging Stations

Rummaging through drawers to find the right power cord for your smartphone, tablet and other electronic devices can be a frustrating task. Soon, though, you might be able to juice up your device simply by placing it on the IKEA bookshelf, desk or nightstand littering your home. [More]