Any pet owner knows the joyous feeling of bringing home your chosen perfect pooch, sweet cat or cuddly whathaveyou. But then there’s the feeling of finding out your precious toy poodle is actually a giant ferret, pumped up on steroids and groomed to resemble a dog. That feeling is one we might call, “horrified beyond comprehension,” which is likely how many pet owners are feeling in Argentina right now. [The Daily Mail]

Ally Bank Finds My Lifelong Nickname Totally Unacceptable For Depositing Checks

Ally Bank Finds My Lifelong Nickname Totally Unacceptable For Depositing Checks

Some of us were born with one name, and whether through deliberate choice or the tendencies of friends and families, end up being known by a nickname. Our reader Nicholas found out recently that apparently some nicknames are just unacceptable — according to Ally Bank, “Cole,” the name he’s gone by his entire life, won’t fly. [More]

The Poor, Misunderstood Wendy's Frosty

The Poor, Misunderstood Wendy's Frosty

What, exactly, is a Wendy’s Frosty? Is it a beverage? Is it a milkshake? Is it soft-serve ice cream? Is it simply a vehicle for delivering diamonds to one’s digestive tract? More to the point, is it a beverage or a dessert? Reader Carl doesn’t know. Neither does his local Wendy’s.