Man Throws Chihuahua At Window Of Starbucks That Banned Him

Man Throws Chihuahua At Window Of Starbucks That Banned Him

In Houston, a man was banned from a Starbucks due to his disruptive behavior, which included “harassing” customers. He reacted to this ban in a completely logical way: by pitching a fit outside, throwing a glass bottle at the ground, then throwing a Chihuahua puppy of unknown origin at the coffee shop’s window. [More]

Tractor-Trailer Tips Over, Spills Beer Across Freeway

Early this morning in Houston, an 18-wheeler and a sedan collided on a freeway. Both vehicles spun out, and the 18-wheeler tipped over, severely injuring the driver and spilling the trailer’s contents on the road. What was inside? Beer. Dozens and dozens of cases of beer. The beer spilled across the highway, and the driver remains in serious condition in the hospital. [KPRC]

Donations Pour In, Replace Wigs Taken By Lowdown Thief

Donations Pour In, Replace Wigs Taken By Lowdown Thief

Police in Houston are currently dealing with a series of thefts that may or may not be related. Ten stores that sell hair in the Houston area in the last week have been robbed. It began with the theft of eleven wigs destined for a fancy spa event for women who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment. Good news: donors have replaced those wigs. [More]

Uber And Lyft Now Open For Business In Houston

Uber And Lyft Now Open For Business In Houston

When Uber and Lyft opened for business in Houston, the same thing happened that has happened in many cities with existing livery industries: taxi companies freaked out and sought help from the city government. Now both ride-sharing services are open for business in the city, with some additional rules in place that are intended to help traditional taxi companies compete with them. [More]

Even Millionaires Can’t Urinate On The Candy At CVS

Even Millionaires Can’t Urinate On The Candy At CVS

Even if you’re a wealthy real estate heir who has previously been acquitted of murder charges, you will probably get arrested if you decide to expose your private parts to CVS employees… and then use said private parts to urinate on the store property and products. [More]

Regional Sports Channels Highlight Problem With Comcast/TWC Merger

For Dodgers fans in L.A. without Time Warner Cable, going to see a game live may the only way to catch a game. (photo: Atwater Village Newbie)

When Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal questioned Comcast and Time Warner Cable execs about how the merger of these companies would impact regional sports programming, the two cable operators shrugged it off as a silly question. But it’s not, and here’s why. [More]

Store Loses Super Bowl Bet, Gives Away $7 Million Worth Of Furniture

Store Loses Super Bowl Bet, Gives Away $7 Million Worth Of Furniture

A furniture store in Houston has to give $7 million worth of furniture away to its customers after losing a bet on the Super Bowl. Don’t feel bad for the store owner, though: from his point of view, this is a good thing. Not because he’s a terrible business owner, but because the promotion got customers in the door, got the store’s name in the news, and just might create long-term customers. [More]


Restaurant Turns Away Customer In Wheelchair, Charges $245 To Cancel Reservation

Some people may disagree that it’s fair for a restaurant to charge a cancellation fee when someone misses their reservation. However, there’s pretty much no one who thinks that it’s fair to charge a cancellation fee because a customer uses a wheelchair and is literally unable to get in the door.  [More]

Security camera footage of the pepper spray incident.

Walmart Worker Pepper-Sprayed After Asking For Customer’s Receipt

We’ve written any number of stories over the years about customers and store employees getting into arguments, even a bit of fisticuffs, over the whole receipt-checking thing, but this may be the first time that we’ve heard of a customer using pepper spray when asked to show his receipt. [More]

Aereo Announces Launch Dates For Service In Miami, Houston, Dallas

Aereo Announces Launch Dates For Service In Miami, Houston, Dallas

Even while it’s being sued by all the major broadcast networks, video-streaming service Aereo continues to expand into new markets with the announcement today of launch dates for customers in the Miami, Houston, and Dallas/Ft. Worth areas. [More]

Another Restaurant Hops On Kid-Banning Bandwagon

Another Restaurant Hops On Kid-Banning Bandwagon

We’ve told you before about restaurants that established bans on screaming youngsters, kids under 6 years of age, and anyone younger than 18. Now a Houston restaurant has decided that after 7 p.m., diners need to be at least eight years old to get in. [More]

(Rice University)

A Houston restaurant asked engineering students at Rice University to come up with a soap dispenser for its bathrooms that incorporate some sort of kitchen utensil. This is the result, and we kinda want one for Consumerist HQ. [Via]

Waiter Michael Garcia received $1,145 in donations after his story swept the Internet. Yesterday, he donated that money to The Rise School of Houston.

Waiter Who Wouldn’t Serve Family That Insulted Boy With Down Syndrome Didn’t Care If He Got Fired

You may remember the story from mid-January of the waiter at a Houston restaurant who refused to serve a family because they had insulted a boy with Down Syndrome in the next booth. Not everyone would have made such a stand, especially when it could mean losing one’s job. [More]

(Angela Spiteri)

Waiter Praised For Refusing To Serve Family Who Insults Child With Down Syndrome

When a story about a waiter refusing to serve customers starts picking up steam online, it usually involves people rushing to insult the server and his employer. But this story is getting quite the opposite response from the public. [More]

(Stephan Segraves)

CenterPoint Energy May Have Overcharged 370,000 Customers, But They Won’t Get Any Money Back

The Houston City Council believes that 370,000 CenterPoint Energy customers may have been overcharged for their natural gas service to the tune of $15.7 million/year. And even though it’s launched a case to rein in those rates, affected consumers won’t be getting refunds. [More]


Bank Of America Fires Investment Banker Over 1998 Dine & Dash At Denny’s

More than a few people are upset at large financial institutions for their apparent lack of accountability following the 2008 economic collapse, so the banks and their regulators have paid lip service to the idea of having tougher standards. As a result, one investment banker says he was fired from Bank of America for a minor breakfast-related misunderstanding from 1998. [More]

The all new iPad?

Check To Make Sure Your iPad Box Isn’t Full Of Notebooks Before You Leave The Store

Once again, a consumer plunks down hard-earned cash for a pricey electronic device, only to find out later that the box is full of something completely useless. And since she had the gall to wait until she got home, the folks at her local Walmart all but accused her of trying to pull a scam. [More]

Judge Requires Strip Club Patrons To Tuck In Shirts, Dancers To Cover Rear-Ends

Judge Requires Strip Club Patrons To Tuck In Shirts, Dancers To Cover Rear-Ends

A Houston-area strip club is set to face trial in December on allegations that all sorts of illicit activities — prostitution, drugs, illegal weapons — were being trafficked within its walls. Yesterday, the judge in the case ruled that the club can remain open, but on some rather strict conditions. [More]