Verizon Tech Made 5,000 Sex Chat Calls On Customer Accounts

Verizon Tech Made 5,000 Sex Chat Calls On Customer Accounts

The next time you’re disputing a 900 number call to a sex hotline and the CSR tells you nobody else could have made that call, remind them of this story. Over the past 10 months, a Verizon technician made 5,000 calls to sex chat hotlines, totaling 45,000 minutes of dirty talk at a cost of $220,000. He placed the calls from over 950 tapped residential and commercial accounts throughout Bergen county in New Jersey. He has since resigned, and been charged with theft by deception and theft of services.

Hotline Proposed For Banking Complaints

Hotline Proposed For Banking Complaints

Consumers with banking complaints reflexively complain to the FDIC or their state Attorney General, even though five federal agencies regulate the banking industry. A bill introduced by Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) wants to connect aggrieved consumers to the right agency by establishing a hotline to handle all banking complaints.

What If… Apple Care Manned A Suicide Hotline?

What If… Apple Care Manned A Suicide Hotline?

As a pimply pubescent, one of my favorite comics was Marvel’s What If… For those far less dorky than me, the concept was essentially to spin alternate universes where the epopees of Marvel Comics characters had spinned in entirely different directions. “What if Wolverine’s Claws Were John Holmes Phalluses?” one issue might cry, then set about to answer that very question.