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Sears Will Do Just About Anything To Not Fix My Cracked Boiler

For almost two weeks, Consumerist reader Jim has simply been trying to get Sears out to repair his cracked boiler. Instead, he’s been given three separate appointments just to verify the existence of the crack, none of which have resulted in anything being done to actually fix the problem. [More]

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Man Claims He Was Stabbed By T-Mobile Employee During Dispute Over His Bill

Sure, there are times when we’re arguing with a customer service rep or a grumpy sales associate where it feels like discussions are about to erupt in fisticuffs, but usually it’s all a bunch of hot air. Not so for one T-Mobile customer who claims he walked away from a bill dispute at a store with a stab wound to his abdomen. To be clear: He didn’t feel like he’d been stabbed in the gut, he actually had been. [More]


AT&T’s Billing Dept. Refuses To Let My Canceled DSL Account Die

You know how awkward it is when you bid farewell to someone you think you’ll never see again, only to then keep bumping into them and having to say goodbye all over again? Well, imagine how much more it would suck if your bank account was being charged each time your old pal popped up again. [More]

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Safeco Waits 57 Days To Inspect House Under Fungus Attack, Only Pays 5% Of Repair Costs

When your house is being devoured by a rare fungus, the last thing you want is for the insurance company to drag its feet in checking the problem out. Actually, that’s second-to-last. The last thing you want is for the insurance company to pay you pennies on the dollar for the repairs. [More]

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AT&T Accidentally Cancels My Account, Takes 16 Days & $18 Fee To Fix

Mistakes happen, and they sometimes require a little time to fix. But Consumerist reader Clay says that AT&T took its good old time getting around to fixing its mistake, and even then it still managed to screw up the fix — and charge Clay for the hassle. [More]

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FedEx Driver Can’t Be Bothered To Walk Up To My Door So Just Leaves The Package In My Car

Consumerist reader Robert has gotten used to the fact that his FedEx delivery man just doesn’t like walking up to his door. As such, he isn’t surprised that he heard the truck pull up recently and went outside to find an empty stoop. He checked the tracking number and sure enough, the package had allegedly been delivered. Sometimes packages would end up at his front gate but alas, nothing. Time to do some investigative work! [More]

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Insurance Company Tells Daughter She Should Pay To Fix The Car That Killed Her Mom

It’s horrifying enough to lose a loved one in a car accident, but to then be told you’re on the hook to fix said vehicle, well that’s just a nightmare scenario. The daughter of a woman who was struck by a car and killed while walking home says the driver’s insurance company, PURE, tried to go after her for more than $6,000 in repairs to the 2012 BMW. [More]


Mom Sues RadioShack Because 13-Year-Old Daughter’s “New” Phone Shouldn’t Be Full Of Porn

When buying a refurbished phone, it’s at least slightly understandable that some of the previous owner’s data or photos could be left behind. But when a phone is sold as “new” and instead allegedly is filled with porn and ends up in the hands of a 13-year-old girl, well, that’s a big problem. We’re looking at you, RadioShack. [More]

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Woman Loses License Because Red-Light Camera Can’t Read

Municipalities around the country are turning to red-light cameras as a way to bring in traffic violation revenue while freeing up police officers to do other things. Of course, these devices are far from perfect, especially in the dark. But the process of convincing authorities that it couldn’t have been your car in the photo is sometimes more of a hassle than just paying the ticket. [More]