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This :34 Clip Of The Line At O’Hare Airport Will Make You Glad You’re Not Flying Today

As you might have heard, a fire — apparently set by a disgruntled employee — at an Illinois air traffic control center early this morning has resulted in more than 1,300 flights being canceled in and out of Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports. If you want to get a sense of how badly this screwed up everyone’s day, this short video will do that for you. [More]


Uber Driver Says Female Passenger Was Asking To Be Groped By Wearing A Tank Top

I’ve heard any number of horror stories from female friends who have been harassed by overly flirtatious cab drivers — even dated a woman was kicked out of a cab when she told she driver she had a boyfriend — but the experience of one Uber passenger in Florida goes far beyond making salacious or sexist comments. [More]

City Bills Landowner $944 For Non-Existent Water Service For Vacant Lot

This luxurious 0 BR 0 BA home in the up-and-coming Sharswood area of Philadelphia apparently has been running up some expensive water bills.

There are vacant lots all over the place here in Philadelphia, and a number of them are sold at auction by the city’s Housing Authority. When one area man purchased one such empty spot of land two years ago, the last thing he probably expected was to someday be hit with an unexplained and massive water bill for a property with nothing built on it. [More]


Woman Burns Mouth On Sweet Tea Filled With Industrial Cleaning Chemicals At Restaurant

There’s nothing quite like taking a big sip of a nice cold drink when you’re thirsty — unless that beverage is filled with chemical cleaners used to degrease restaurant deep fryers. Officials say a 67-year-old woman burned her mouth when she drank from a cup of sweet tea at a restaurant that was laced with lye. [More]

Student: Corinthian Colleges’ Demise Is Like “Watching A House Fall On A Witch”


The downfall of Corinthian Colleges — the operator of Everest University, WyoTech, and Heald College — has put for-profit education chains in the spotlight, with people focusing on allegations of bogus job-placement statistics, grade manipulation, questionable marketing practices, and speculation regarding what will happen to $1.4 billion in federal student aid. But what about the actual students who have been watching this collapse from the inside? What about their stories? [More]

Nanny Learns It’s Illegal To Leave Children In Sealed, Hot Car While She Gets A Tan

Nanny Learns It’s Illegal To Leave Children In Sealed, Hot Car While She Gets A Tan

People throw around the term “nanny state” a lot these days, but we’re going to assume they don’t mean the nanny who was arrested after police found two children locked inside a sealed-up hot car while their supposed caretaker was busy bronzing her skin at the tanning salon. [More]


State Says Man Doesn’t Have To Repay $17K, Will Keep Billing Him For It Anyway

They say that some mistakes you make will haunt you the rest of your life (like that ZIMA logo tattoo on the small of my back). They should add that mistakes made by the state of New Jersey will also apparently cling to you like stink on a skunk. Just ask the man who has watched a $17,000 error by the Garden State bloom into a $21,000 problem that now involves South Carolina… and which will never, ever go away. [More]


United Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Slide Deploys Midflight

You never want to be a in a situation where the inflatable emergency exit slide on your airplane deploys, as its “emergency exit” name implies there is an emergency and you should be exiting. But what about when that slide is the emergency? [More]

That's not blue meat. It's a blue hand towel.

KFC Serves Up Kentucky Fried Hand Towel To Customers

People always joke about fast food meat — especially deep-fried fast food meat — maybe not being from the animal it claims to be. And while we’re pretty sure that KFC generally does indeed serve up actual chicken, one family in England ended up buying a Colonel’s Original Recipe hand towel. [More]


Airbnb Guests Freak Out When Host Comes Home Drunk In The Middle Of The Night

It can be tough enough to get a good night’s sleep in an unfamiliar bed in a new place, but that experience was made infinitely tougher for one couple who claim that the host of their Airbnb Hamptons rental came home a bit early. Read: Drunk, in the middle of the night, while they were there. [More]

KFC Apologizes For Workers Who Said Scarred Girl Was Scaring Customers

KFC Apologizes For Workers Who Said Scarred Girl Was Scaring Customers

Wow, this weekend was full of big companies apologizing to traumatized girls. First came the JetBlue incident with the youngster barred from using the bathroom, now comes a “Sorry about that” from KFC, which is having to do damage control after the family of a little girl in Mississippi claimed they were told to leave the restaurant because their daughter’s facial scars were scaring other customers. [More]

JetBlue Tells Little Girl She Can’t Use Toilet, Almost Throws Her Off Plane After She Wets Herself

(Adam Fagen)

It’s one thing if a passenger is denied access to a plane’s bathroom because the jet is taking off or landing, but JetBlue is having to do the “So Sorry” dance after cabin crew refused to let a little girl use the bathroom while the plane was just sitting on the tarmac — and then tried to kick her and her family off the plane when she urinated in her seat. [More]

Bakery Says It Will Finally Get Around To Cleaning Neighbor’s Flour-Covered House

Bakery Says It Will Finally Get Around To Cleaning Neighbor’s Flour-Covered House

Last week, we told you about the New Jersey homeowner whose house had been dusted with a flour and cornmeal mixture ever since a pipe burst at a neighboring bakery back in January — and how the bakery refused to make good on its initial promise to take care of the mess. After her problem caught on with the media, the bakery is suddenly waking up and swearing it will tidy up after itself. [More]

Family Wants Petco To Pay After Dog Dislocated Hip During Grooming

Family Wants Petco To Pay After Dog Dislocated Hip During Grooming

When a California woman picked up her daughter’s dog from his grooming appointment, it was obvious that something was wrong. The Shih Tzu was walking on three legs, not putting his right rear paw down on the ground. While the groomer admitted that she had pulled on that leg to get the animal into position to be groomed, nothing else seemed amiss. Or so the store claims. [More]

The homeowner, looking through her flour and cornmeal-crusted front door.  See more photos at NJ.com. (photo: William Perlman/Newark Star-Ledger)

Burst Bakery Pipe Covers Home In Flour; Bun-Bakers Won’t Fork Over Dough To Clean Mess Up

For years, an elderly New Jersey woman lived in peace next door to a bun-baking factory. But that’s all changed in the past year, following two incidents that have left her property covered in flour and cornmeal and stuck her with the cleanup bill. [More]

United Leaves Dog Bleeding & Sick, Won’t Pay Vet Bill Unless Passenger Agrees To Hush Up

United Leaves Dog Bleeding & Sick, Won’t Pay Vet Bill Unless Passenger Agrees To Hush Up

So the airline mistreats your beloved pet and you end up with thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses to keep the dog alive. Eventually the airline agrees to cover those vet bills, but only if you agree to not say anything publicly about what happened. What do you do? [More]


Report: City Screw-Ups Put Thousands Of D.C. Homeowners At Risk For Foreclosure

We’ve written several articles over the years about how a small unpaid property tax or public utility bill can result in homeowners losing their homes to foreclosure, but a new investigative report from the Washington Post shows how systemic ineptitude in Washington, D.C., city offices has repeatedly left homeowners fighting against liens that shouldn’t exist in the first place. [More]


DirecTV Apparently Thinks This Is An Acceptable Installation

There are sloppy cable installation jobs and there are sloppy cable installation jobs, but the job done by this DirecTV installer represents a new level of laziness, made worse by the company’s attempts to shrug it off. [More]