Map Of Most-Stolen Car Models In Each State Shows Car Thieves Need More Variety

Map Of Most-Stolen Car Models In Each State Shows Car Thieves Need More Variety

Car thieves either don’t have much imagination or they don’t have much to choose from when selecting which vehicles to boost. A look at the most-stolen cars in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia shows surprisingly little variety in terms of cars being swiped. [More]

Honda Expands Airbag Defect Recall To Include Vehicles In California

Honda Expands Airbag Defect Recall To Include Vehicles In California

If you live in California and you drive a Honda vehicle, listen up, because the car maker expanded its recall for potentially faulty airbag deployment issues by nearly 500,000 in your area. [More]


Mazda, Honda And Nissan Issue Recalls Of Nearly 3 Million Vehicles Related To Faulty Airbag Deployment

Nearly 3 million more Nissan, Mazda and Honda vehicles have been recalled related to potentially faulty, and painful, airbag deployment issues that are currently under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. [More]


NHTSA Opens Investigation Into Defective Airbags Following Numerous Recalls

Just a day after Toyota re-issued a 2013 recall because shrapnel could fly toward passengers when the airbag deploys, federal regulators opened an investigation into whether the airbags used by five automakers could hurt people in the event of a crash. [More]


Yet Another Car Dealership Begs For Perfect Survey Scores

We aren’t in the car business. We won’t pretend that we know how automakers should run things. However, the evidence shows us that maybe the current system of evaluating dealerships isn’t working out so well. It gives them incentives to lie and falsify data, not to provide good customer service. [More]

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So Your Mother Accidentally Stole Someone’s Car — Now What?

Because the Consumerist team is strong in the ways of the Force, I know you’re probably thinking something like, “How can someone accidentally steal a car?” Maybe if that person thinks they’re actually just moving the car they were told to move, because hey, these keys work so it must be the right one. Except that it wasn’t. [More]

Honda Recalls 900,000 Odyssey Minivans Because Catching Fire Is Bad

Honda Recalls 900,000 Odyssey Minivans Because Catching Fire Is Bad

No one wants to be enjoying a nice Sunday drive with the kids when all of a sudden your van burst into flames. A new recall of nearly 900,000 Odyssey minivans aims to take that risk of the table. [More]

The Honda Fit after being run through the IIHS small overlap test.

Consumer Reports Pulls Recommendation For Honda Fit After Poor Crash Test Results

Earlier today, we told you how all but one of the subcompact cars (aka mini cars) tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety received failing marks in the important small overlap crash test, and the Honda Fit earned the lowest scores of the entire group. As a result, our co-workers at Consumer Reports have decided they can no longer recommend this particular vehicle. [More]

Mini Cars Are Mega Failures In New Crash Test Results

Mini Cars Are Mega Failures In New Crash Test Results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (better known as the people that get paid to smash cars into walls) recently put 11 mini cars — including well-known models like the Fiat 500, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, and Toyota Prius C — through its newest form of crash-testing. The results were not good, with only one of the tested vehicles earning an overall “Acceptable” rating. [More]


Toyota, Honda & Nissan Recall 3.4M Vehicles Because Air Bags Need To Work

The thing about car air bags is it’s quite necessary that they deploy at the right time. Which is why the Japanese maker of safety gear is at the center of a recall of more than three million vehicles, scattered across the Honda, Toyota and Nissan brands. Those companies all have cars that could have defective airbag inflators, causing airbags to possibly deploy abnormally in a crash. [More]


Honda has issued recalls of 101,000 Honda Pilots, 60,000 Acura MDX vehicles, and 21,000 Acura RLs (model year 2005, along with a few MDXs from 2006) over concerns and complaints about malfunctions with the Vehicle Stability Assist systems in these models. All the pertinent details are in this PDF.

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NHTSA Investigating 1.3 Million Fords, Toyotas & Hondas For Safety-Related Issues

There’s a whole lot of investigating going on right now at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and it includes almost 1.3 million vehicles from Toyota, Ford and Honda. All three are in potentially hot water for safety-related issues, from steering problems to brake issues. From the sound of it, the Prius is bearing the brunt of the scrutiny. [More]

A 2009 Honda Pilot, one of the vehicles involved in the recall.

Honda Recalls 748,000 Vehicles Because Airbags Are Supposed To Deploy Properly

Someone at the Honda factory apparently goofed and may not have put enough rivets in the airbag assemblies of Pilot and Odyssey vehicles. Without the right number of rivets, the airbag may not deploy properly, which could defeat the entire purpose of an airbag. So it’s time for these cars to be recalled. [More]


More Than 800,000 Honda & Acura Vehicles Recalled Over Ignition Concerns

The garage at your local Honda/Acura dealer might be a bit busier in the coming months, as the car maker has issued a recall for certain model years of Honda Odyssey and Pilot vehicles, along with hundreds of thousands of Acura MDX vehicles, over concerns the ignition interlock could fail, causing the cars to possibly roll around when they’re not supposed to. [More]

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Move Over Santa: Consumer Reports Issues List Of Naughty & Nice Companies

They’re making a list and checking it twice, and you’re about to find out who’s naughty and nice. Get it? Because Consumer Reports is coming to town? Or rather, it’s issued its annual list of the companies it considers to be bad little boys and girls and those who are to be held up as examples to the rest of’em. Let’s get to it [cue gleeful rubbing together of hands]! [More]


Ford Continues To Sink Toward Bottom Of Consumer Reports’ Reliability Ratings

In 2010, Ford was among the top 10 auto brands in Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Reliability Survey, with more than 90% of its models rated average or better by CR readers. But in the two years since, the shine has gone off the Ford brand, and in the newly released survey, it now comes in next to last place. [More]


While Regular Gas Prices Shoot Up, Honda Dangles $3K Fuel Discount On Natural Gas Civics

In the midst of the California gas hullabaloo (really, gas prices are a nationwide worry), Honda is dangling quite an attractive carrot in front of drivers: Anyone who buys a natural-natural gas powered Civic by Jan. 2 will get a $3,000 debit card good for purchasing natural gas at any of the Clean Energy chain of stations. Mmm, free gas. [More]


Honda & GM Both Recalling Vehicles As No One Wants To Have Their Car Catch Fire

It’s one of those days where car recalls are abounding and it seems that fuel leaks are to blame in both cases: General Motors has issued a recall of almost 41,000 vehicles from the 2007 to 2009 model years after discovering a possible problem with cars sold in warm weather states. And then Honda blows that recall out of the water by issuing an alert for 573,000 Accords from model years between 2003 and 2007. [More]