This Cat Needs A New Home After Living In A Home Depot For 13 Years

This Cat Needs A New Home After Living In A Home Depot For 13 Years

The world was Depot’s oyster, and that world is the Home Depot. See, Depot is a cat and her home is Home Depot (try saying that three times fast). She’s lived in a South Carolina store for 13 years, but that life of trolling for pests, snuggling up with paint cans and greeting workers in the morning is about to end. She’s getting the boot after triggering the store’s security alarms one time too many. [More]

Home Depot Worker Swoops In To Save Falling Baby

Home Depot Worker Swoops In To Save Falling Baby

So imagine you’re working at the store one day when out of the corner of your eye you see a baby about to fall to the floor from atop a shopping cart. Would you be fast enough to save the day? [More]

Home Depot Shopper Won’t Sit On Store Toilet Seats Without Checking For Glue From Now On

Home Depot Shopper Won’t Sit On Store Toilet Seats Without Checking For Glue From Now On

UPDATE: This could be a case of self-sticking, reports indicate. Investigators now suspect that the woman who was stuck to the toilet seat did it to herself. Sigh, I repeat, sigh. [More]

Google Helpouts Are Live, And Lots Of “Experts” Are Giving Out Free Advice

Google Helpouts Are Live, And Lots Of “Experts” Are Giving Out Free Advice

In August, Google announced the creation of Google Helpouts, a live chat service that lets semi-vetted, self-declared experts in any number of fields make themselves available for help, guidance, and tutorials for a price. The service is finally live, and in some categories, there are plenty of people willing to give their advice away for free, along with a number of retailers hoping you’ll come to them for help. [More]

This Home Depot Has A Strangely Beautiful “Nightmare Before Christmas”

This Home Depot Has A Strangely Beautiful “Nightmare Before Christmas”

Reader Brendan was visiting his local Home Depot when he saw something strange and beautiful outside. There was an ominously-lit display of pumpkins and other fall cheer, and then a beautifully lit selection of Christmas trees behind it. Is the store trying to celebrate multiple holidays at once, or is this more of a Nightmare Before Christmas holiday mashup? [More]

Home Depot Denies Rumor Of PlayStation 4 Kiosks

Home Depot Denies Rumor Of PlayStation 4 Kiosks

Considering that gaming consoles do a lot more than just let you play games and that bricks and mortar retailers are increasingly looking to rent out floorspace to cut costs and maybe improve foot traffic, it doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility that Sony would be setting up PlayStation 4 demo kiosks in Home Depot. But it just isn’t so, says the home improvement chain. [More]


Nothing Says Internet Like A Choreographed Dance/Marriage Proposal At Home Depot

These days if you want to get engaged and have the burning desire to share your special moment with millions of people on the Internet, you’ve got to pull out all the stops. There must be a choregoraphed dance routine, if not a choreographed singing and dance routineAnd it needs to be in a public place where such things don’t usually go down. Like say… Home Depot? Home Depot works. [More]


Lawsuit Claims Home Depot Is Shaking Down Accused Shoplifters

A new lawsuit aimed at Home Depot claims the company engaged in shakedown tactics to pressure and intimidate thousands of customers, accused of shoplifting, into paying millions of dollars to have those accusations dropped. The class-action suit says Home Depot would threaten customers with a lawsuit if they didn’t pay up, even when they had no intention of actually suing anyone. [More]


Man Drops $900 In Home Depot Parking Lot, Actually Gets It Back

Too often we hear about unlucky souls who accidentally drop large amounts of cash, only to have it snatched up by some heartless goon who believes “finders keepers” is the law of the land. So on this lovely Friday afternoon, we bring you a story with a much happier ending. [More]

Home Depot Sells Woman Imaginary Refrigerator

Home Depot Sells Woman Imaginary Refrigerator

When you hand over $1,400 for a new refrigerator, you sort of expect to get a new refrigerator. Home Depot sold a California woman a fridge in early June, promising delivery in early July. Only the specific appliance that they had sold her wasn’t sitting in a warehouse somewhere, waiting for delivery. It hadn’t even been manufactured yet.  Oh.  [More]

Don’t Notice Appliance Delivery Damage Within 48 Hours? Too Bad

Don’t Notice Appliance Delivery Damage Within 48 Hours? Too Bad

Sometimes you buy a new appliance, but don’t use it right away. Maybe you just don’t have any dirty clothes or dishes for a while, or the room where the appliance goes just isn’t ready yet. That’s what happened to Russell when he bought a new washer from Home Depot: it was damaged during delivery, but he didn’t know it at the time. Since he didn’t report it within 48 hours, he’s stuck with the broken appliance, in a sad and desolate land between where Home Depot’s return policy ends and LG’s warranty begins. [More]


New York Attorney General Investigating Walmart, Home Depot, Others Over Prepaid Payroll Cards

Though it’s been a point of concern with employee-rights advocates for years, the use of prepaid debit cards as a substitute for traditional payroll checks is finally getting attention from the powers that be, with the New York state attorney general’s office investigating the practice at some of the nation’s largest employers. [More]


Paula Deen’s Empire Continues To Crumble As Target Phases Out Her Products

UPDATE: The bloodshed continues — Sears, Walgreens and Kmart will all be phasing out Paula Deen’s products as well.  [More]

Home Depot refused to take back this obviously used saw... because it had been used.

Home Depot Sells Consumer Reports A Used Chainsaw, Refuses To Take It Back Because It’s Used

If you’ve ever questioned why our lab coat-loving cousins at Consumer Reports use secret shoppers to buy the things they test for the magazine, here’s a perfect example. [More]


Home Depot Customer Grabs Saws, Tries To Cut His Own Arms Off In Store

We’ve heard of nightmarish customer service experiences, but one Home Depot shopper created a nightmare of his own making when he reportedly grabbed a saw and tried to hack off his own arms inside the store. His fellow customers were apparently a bit disturbed at the scene because a man was trying to cut his own limbs off in public. Yikes. [More]


March Recall Roundup: This Garlic Slicer Prefers Human Fingers

In this month’s Recall Roundup for consumer goods, crossbows fire at will, snorkeling masks buckle under pressure, and garlic slicers are out to slice your fingers instead. [More]

(Northwest dad)

GE Wants To Spend $836 For Repairs On My $500 Washer That Does The Harlem Shake

Reader Philip bought a new washer and dryer on sale last year after Black Friday. They were finally delivered when the family moved into a new house last week. When the time came for the inaugural wash, the machine made a loud banging sound and hopped around the room. GE sent a repairman who, on orders from GE, thought that gutting the washer was an ideal solution. Philip disagreed, pointing out that he would constantly fear a dryer motor fire and would prefer a new replacement, what with the washer/dryer set being newly delivered and all. GE would much rather spend more than the replacement value of the appliance. [More]

The authors claim a botched dishwasher repair job will cost $20,000. (

Even Bestselling Authors Aren’t Immune From Shoddy Home Depot Warranty Repair Work

In spite of the completely nonexistent rumor that making the NY Times bestseller list grants an author access to a level of customer service reserved for elite celebrities, it turns out that no one is immune to a bad repair job that can ultimately result in $20,000 worth of damage. [More]