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Now February and April Also Have Black Fridays

Traditionally, “Black Friday” refers to the day after Thanksgiving and the semi-official kickoff of the winter holiday shopping season in the United States. In modern times, however, traditions are meaningless and retailers have decided to just throw Black Friday sales whenever they want. Like July 12. Or even February. [More]

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Thief Dressed As Deliveryman Walks Out Of Florist With 21 Bouquets On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a chaotic time for florists, with temporary help mixing with regular staff to get everything delivered on time and to the right recipient. (Well, mostly.) In Chicago, one busy florist claims that a man took advantage of the floral fracas to walk off with 21 flower arrangements worth a total of $2,000. [More]

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Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Kick Off The Holidays With Yearly Moratorium On Foreclosures

For three years in a row, we’ve been able to take note of a particularly heartwarming act by two of the country’s largest mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Just as the two companies did in 2011 and 2010, they announced today that they’ll suspend all bank repossessions of homes starting Dec. 19 and Dec. 17, respectively, running through January 2, 2013. That simple act could help homeowners ensure they can stay home for the holidays. [More]


Ditch The Hard Cookies & Tepid Eggnog — Workers Want Cash Instead Of Holiday Parties

Let’s pull up a scenario: You’re trying to weave your way through the gaudily decorated conference room toward the folding table holding a tiny tin tub with a few domestic beers still floating in it when suddenly, your boss appears dressed as Santa Claus and ho ho ho’ing it up in your face to demand you turn that frown upside down. Meanwhile, said beers disappear and all that’s left is the eggnog that’s been sitting there all afternoon and may or may not have rum in it. In another scenario: Cash. [More]

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Retailers Squeezed $25 More Out Of The Average Shopper With Extra Thanksgiving Sales

The Black Friday creep seems to have paid off for retailers (even as it casts a dubious shadow over Thanksgiving), as shoppers shelled out about $25 more per person during this year’s Thanksgiving-centered sales last week. Of course in many cases, Black Friday wasn’t even limited to just Friday, with plenty of retailers hosting sales and opening their doors on Thanksgiving. Overall, shoppers spent about 13% more than we did last year. [More]


Americans Will Be Taking Shorter Holiday Jaunts To Save On Gas This Year

For those of us who don’t want to battle the burgeoning crowds at the airports or fork over big wads of cash for the right seat on the right flight this Thanksgiving holiday, there’s always the option of driving. And even though hitting the road isn’t a cost-free option, more Americans will be doing so this year than last year. [More]

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FedEx Hiring 20,000 Seasonal Workers To Deal With Upcoming Holiday Rush

Tis the season to sit at home and click, click, click buy and send presents to loved ones around the world. This year, FedEx is expecting even more shipping traffic than it did last year and as such is hiring 20,000 seasonal workers to help make things run smoothly. [More]

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Amazon Says It’s Going To Add 50,000 Holiday Workers To Its Ranks This Season

This is the kind of Christmas Creep we can be down with: Although it’s still only mid-October, retailers have been announcing how many jobs they’ll be adding to the rolls this holiday season. And Amazon just dropped a doozy of a number, which should make plenty of people’s season’s bright — it says it will hire 50,000 workers this year as part of its seasonal hiring plan. [More]


Holiday Creep Is Inclusive: Bed, Bath, And Beyond’s Nightmare Before Hanukkah

Holiday Creep may be a retail scourge, but at least it’s an inclusive one. Reader Meredith spotted this seasonal display at Bed, Bath and Beyond, demonstrating that in the end, we’re all really supposed to follow one national religion: retail. [More]

Have You Finished Buying All Your 'National HP Toner Month' Gifts Yet?

Have You Finished Buying All Your 'National HP Toner Month' Gifts Yet?

With so many things going on in this crazy world, it’s easy to lose track of the holidays. Luckily, Consumerist reader Mike recently received an e-mail from Office Depot reminding him that September is indeed National HP Toner Month, that time when families gather together by a bonfire to roast marshmallows, sip cider and swap tales of past National HP Toner Months. [More]

6 Weird Things You Probably Don't Have On Your Holiday Wish List

6 Weird Things You Probably Don't Have On Your Holiday Wish List

We’re not here to judge, but there are a few things floating around out there on the Internet that you probably won’t have on your wish list. But just in case you are searching for the perfect pre-need cremation package or perhaps an all-in-one ukulele band, this list is for you. [More]

Survey: We Tip The People That Clean Our Houses, But Not The Ones Who Collect Our Garbage

Survey: We Tip The People That Clean Our Houses, But Not The Ones Who Collect Our Garbage

For a lot of people in various facets of the service industry, this time of year means that some customers will brighten up your holidays with a gift or a tip to show their appreciation. But new numbers from our surveying siblings at Consumer Reports break down which particular people get the most end-of-year love. [More]

3 Tips On Holiday Tipping

3 Tips On Holiday Tipping

Now is the time of year when some people choose to add to the holiday cheer by leaving a little extra something out for the folks — doormen, mail carriers, garbage collectors — who make their lives easier during the other 49 weeks of the year. And if you’re going to hand out tips during the holiday season, there are some things you can do to make sure you’re doing it properly. [More]

Should You Go To A Restaurant For Thanksgiving?

Should You Go To A Restaurant For Thanksgiving?

If you’ve decided to ditch the turkey fryer and go to a restaurant for your Thanksgiving meal, you’re not alone. According to a new survey, 14 million Americans will eat out on Thanksgiving this year. [More]

Walmart Will Open At 10pm On Thanksgiving

Walmart Will Open At 10pm On Thanksgiving

The arms race of hours is on. Determined to top retailers like Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Best Buy who are all opening at midnight on Black Friday, Walmart has announced it will be opening at 10 pm on Thanksgiving night. [More]

Most Americans Giving Black Friday The Cold Shoulder

Most Americans Giving Black Friday The Cold Shoulder

Despite all the hype and hoopla and multi-page spreads, most Americans are planning on doing absolutely no shopping at all on Black Friday, according to a new survey. [More]

JCPenney's Black Friday Ad Is Out

JCPenney's Black Friday Ad Is Out

If you want to see what kind of deals JCPenney is offering for the Black Friday sale this year, their entire 72-page ad just got uploaded. [More]

Big Retailers Opening Doors Even Earlier On Black Friday

Big Retailers Opening Doors Even Earlier On Black Friday

Instead of the usual 3am Black Friday door opening, several retailers, including Target, Macy’s, and Kohls, announced they’re going to be open at midnight this year. [More]