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Now February and April Also Have Black Fridays

Traditionally, “Black Friday” refers to the day after Thanksgiving and the semi-official kickoff of the winter holiday shopping season in the United States. In modern times, however, traditions are meaningless and retailers have decided to just throw Black Friday sales whenever they want. Like July 12. Or even February. [More]

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Best Buy’s Holiday Sales Flatten Out, Which Is Not All That Horrible

Following a year in which the nation’s largest electronics retailer saw both its CEO resign under the cloud of scandal, its founder step down in order to attempt to buy the company back, and three quarters of declining sales, news of merely flat holiday sales is good news for Best Buy. [More]


How Was Your Price-Matching Experience This Holiday Season?

With only a few hours left before most stores close for the Christmas holiday and the only last-minute gift options you have left will be found on the shelves of convenience stores and 24-hour drugstores, it’s now time to reflect on the shopping season that was. [More]


Remember That The Gift You Packed Might Not Make It Through Airport Security With The Wrapping Intact

With Christmas a week away, we figured it was time to remind everyone who plans on traveling with gifts in their bags that the TSA might have to undo your handiwork at the airport. [More]


7 Roadblocks To Returning Gifts

Sure, right now is the season of gift-giving. But soon enough, we’ll change gears and consumers will be lined up to return some of the things they’ve been given. So there are some things you should be aware of before Dec. 26. [More]

Nothing says "I just realized today is Feb. 14" like a pink stuffed bear.

Forget Christmas. This Kmart Has Already Moved On To Valentine’s Day

By now, you’re all familiar with Christmas Creep, the insidious inching of the holiday shopping season earlier and earlier into the year. But there’s a lesser-known holiday creep that is already showing up on the shelves of at least one retailer. [More]

Postal inspectors are using photocopies and scans of packages to figure out which items are missing.

Hundreds Of FedEx Packages Missing After Driver Kicks Them Out Of His Truck

If you live in the area of Papillion, Nebraska, and you’ve been waiting on a FedEx package for a couple weeks now, you’re not alone, after a driver for the delivery service decided to simply dump hundreds of parcels in the road. [More]


Here’s Another Reason To Avoid Giving Gift Cards

By this point, we’ve probably all given or received gift cards during the holidays. But most consumers don’t know how easy it is for scammers to steal value from these cards, and what a pain in the butt in can be to get that money back. [More]


Home Depot Glitch Gives Unexpected Gift To Online Shoppers — Free Orders

If you were doing some shopping on HomeDepot.com yesterday morning, you should check your order summary because you might have been the beneficiary of an oopsy by the home improvement retailer that allowed some customers to place orders they didn’t get charged for. [More]


1-In-5 Americans Dreads Buying Gifts For The Holidays

If you’re avoiding looking at the calendar because you have yet to buy anyone on your list a gift this holiday season, you’re not alone. According to a new poll, a full 20% of U.S. shoppers simply dreads the experience of gift-buying at this time of year. [More]

No more e-mail customer service for Best Buy.

Best Buy No Longer Wants Customers Contacting It By E-Mail

Best Buy has never been the best at dealing with customer e-mails, but rather than invest in improving that facet of customer service, the retailer has decided to pull the option from its contact form on its customer service page. [More]

Not the Santa from this story.

‘Bad Santa’ Isn’t As Fun In Real Life, Gets Fired From Mall Gig

Dealing with throngs of little kids, parents, and holiday shoppers must require a high annoyance threshold, but one mall Santa in Maine is without a job because he apparently missed the memo mandating that Old Saint Nick be “jolly.” [More]


These Best Buy Customer Service E-Mails Would Be Hilarious If They Weren’t Real

On Thanksgiving, Consumerist reader Tom tried to buy a TV combo deal from Best Buy. This was just the beginning of a trip through a parallel universe where orders turn into ghosts that charge your credit card and customer service reps repeatedly use the phrase “Good day!” while reminding you of your duty to check BestBuy.com more frequently. [More]

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New Survey Shows Why Amazon Has Bricks-And-Mortar Retailers Worried

Many bricks-and-mortar retailers claim Amazon has an unfair advantage because it is not — in most states — yet required to collect sales tax on purchases, or that Amazon can offer huge discounts because it doesn’t have the overhead associated with running a retail store. But a new survey shows that people might just like Amazon more than other retailers. [More]


JCPenney Was Fastest To Answer Customer Calls On Black Friday Weekend; Costco Slowest

With Black Friday weekend being the busiest shopping spurt of the year, it’s also the time when customers call up retailers to complain or ask questions. But a new survey of 25 top retailers shows that consumers waited anywhere from 22 seconds to 12 minutes just to speak to customer service. [More]


Shoppers Are Not So Thrilled That Toys R Us Is Cancelling Orders And Not Answering Calls

Toys R Us went after customers in a big way this holiday weekend, opening early on Thanksgiving to compete with Walmart and Target, and offering deep discounts on coveted items. But the company may have overextended itself, as shoppers are complaining about canceled orders and having to wait ridiculously long times just to speak to a human. [More]


Why I Left Best Buy After Waiting In Line For Two Hours On Black Friday

Like many people in his Connecticut town, Consumerist reader RC thought he would pop by Best Buy when it opened at midnight on Black Friday to see if he could land a deal. But either the store management grossly underestimated how many customers would show up or they have no idea how to manage the checkout process. [More]

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Remember To Send Us Your Black Friday Photos And Horror Stories

Given the sheer number of people who will be out and about this weekend, it’s inevitable that some of you will have experiences ranging from the ridiculous to the horrifying to the horrifyingly ridiculous. But don’t just keep them to yourself, share them with Consumerist. [More]