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Prank Callers Trolling Comcast Twitter Feed For Victims

Comcast’s public image has sunk so low that customers now assume that a customer service rep who threatens you with violence or calls you a “b*tch” is actually someone working for the nation’s largest cable provider and not a prank caller. [More]

Facebook Launches Effort To Cut Down On Those Annoying Hoax Stories Your Friends Can’t Stop Believing


No, Betty White is not dead (and neither is Eddie Murphy, Celine Dion, Jon Bon Jovi, etc). No, a bunch of worms didn’t burst out of a woman’s chest. But because your friends on Facebook are easily fooled and don’t know about the existence of Snopes.com, it’s up to you to run through that gauntlet of idiocy on your news feed. Since those gullible folks will never learn, Facebook says now it’s going to help crack down on bogus, hoax and otherwise fake Internet stories clogging up what you read on the social media site. [More]

The real McDonald's Twitter account is having to deal with the fallout of the faked Tweet declaring the death of the Big Mac.

For The Love Of God, McDonald’s Is Not Getting Rid Of The Big Mac Or Apple Pie

You’ve probably seen your Facebook news feed overrun in recent days with people bemoaning the death of the McDonald’s Big Mac and apple pie. But there’s no need to start a petition or put on mourning garb, it’s just another hoax. [More]


Shocker: Those Fake-Looking Fried Chicken Oreos Are Indeed Fake

Given the sheer number of Oreo varieties that have been dumped on store shelves in the past year — from sherbet to peanut butter cup to fruit punch to lemon and limeade — it’s almost not beyond belief that Nabisco would give fried chicken Oreos a go. Almost, but not quite. [More]

Facebook? What's a Facebook?

Ed Asner & Manager Of Struggling Movie Theater Equally Surprised To Hear He’d Pledged To Help

In a scenario prime for the movies its theater shows, a struggling movie theater in Pittsburgh needs to raise $75,000 to afford the switchover to digital projectors, and as such, is facing extinction at the end of the year. But then in a move that surprised the theater’s manager, legendary actor Ed Asner, he of the lovable grumpy roles, stepped in to save the day with a Facebook campaign dedicated to fundraising efforts! Except he didn’t, not really. [More]

Turns Out It Was An Angry (Now Arrested) Ex-Girlfriend Who Called In Security Threat To U.S. Airways

Turns Out It Was An Angry (Now Arrested) Ex-Girlfriend Who Called In Security Threat To U.S. Airways

I do have to say that while there is no direct evidence that it was an angry ex-girlfriend who was responsible for calling in a security threat and naming her former boyfriend as a bad guy smuggling bad things on a flight to Dallas-Fort Worth this week, someone who isn’t upset doesn’t do that to another person. She and a reportedly current boyfriend are now in custody, and in an odd twist, so is the guy who was originally cleared of being linked to explosives when he was removed from the flight. [More]

Restaurant Says 1% Tip Receipt Is A Fake

You know that receipt with the 1% tip and the handwritten “get a real job” note? Well, in a case of too-funny-to-be-true, it’s apparently a hoax. [More]

Viral Facebook Status Update Hoax Won't Protect Your Privacy

A generally harmless but misleading — as well as quite annoying — status update is worming its way through Facebook, imploring contacts to perform a ritual that will supposedly stop strangers from seeing their comments on the sidebar. (It won’t). [More]

Don't Fall For Facebook Fee Hoax

Don't Fall For Facebook Fee Hoax

It turns out you can’t trust all the news that reaches you via email forwards. A hoax that declares Facebook is about to start charging for its services is reportedly circulating, involving a request for users to post messages on their walls that will allow them to continue using Facebook for free. [More]

Chevron Calls Out Pranksters Who Put Up Fake Site (Update:
It Was All A Hoax)

Chevron Calls Out Pranksters Who Put Up Fake Site (Update: It Was All A Hoax)

UPDATE: This post was based on a hoax perpetrated by the corporate pranksters/filmmakers the Yes Men, who put out a fake press release under the Chevron name. The quote attributed to Chevron in the post came from the fake release. Thanks to Sara for pointing this out. [More]

Hot Dog Found At Coney Island May Be 140 Years Old, But Definitely A Hoax

Hot Dog Found At Coney Island May Be 140 Years Old, But Definitely A Hoax

Update: As several readers have pointed out, it’s a Coney Island publicity hoax, which probably explains why CNN yanked the clip.   *   People are calling it the caveman hot dog. Okay, nobody is calling it that. But one person interviewed by CNN News12 Brooklyn said, “That’s unbelievable, finding hot dogs that are 140 years old. That’s crazy, to me it’s crazy.” Another person said, “These things are irreplaceable, they’re priceless. And it’s great that they found it, and that it will be here for generations to come and see and learn.” [More]

H1N1 Phishing Email Making The Rounds

H1N1 Phishing Email Making The Rounds

The Centers for Disease Control have issued a warning that there’s a new, swine flu-themed phishing email going around. It says something about an imaginary State Vaccination H1N1 Program, and asks you to create an account on the cdc.gov website–and if you click the link, malicious code may be installed on your system. Obviously you have brain worms if you fall for this. [More]

Scammers Get Over-Ambitious With Fake FBI Letter

Scammers Get Over-Ambitious With Fake FBI Letter

We guess if you’re gonna create a failure pile, make it a big one. This email that pretends to be from FBI director Robert S. Mueller has the typical scammy touches: strange grammatical issues, unexpected shifts between formal and casual voices, a complete lack of understanding of how US government offices actually work, and an “official” gmail address. We were ready to send our information to them until we got to the end, where the letter threatens you with arrest if you don’t play along. Now they’re just getting silly.

Wannabe Supervillain Who Claimed He Poisoned Baby Food Is Arrested

Wannabe Supervillain Who Claimed He Poisoned Baby Food Is Arrested

Police have arrested Anton Dunn, a 42-year-old New Yorker who uploaded videos to YouTube and other sites in which he wears a black mask and calls himself “Trashman.” In the videos, Mr. Trashman announces that he’s managed to poison “millions of bottles of baby food” with cyanide. Gerber, the company he names in his threats, says it’s found no evidence that any food has been tampered with.