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H&M Realizes Menacing Skull Emblazoned On A Star Of David Maybe Isn’t Appropriate, Pulls Shirt

When it comes to choosing designs for clothing sold globally by a major retailer, there should be one simple rule asked before said item hits shelves: Is this possibly offensive? Whoever is responsible at H&M for asking that question must’ve been on vacation, as the retailer is now apologizing for a tank top featuring a menacing skull emblazoned over a Star of David. [More]

H&M Plans To Pay Textile Workers “Fair Living Wage” By 2018

H&M Plans To Pay Textile Workers “Fair Living Wage” By 2018

Amidst growing public concern over potential exploitation of overseas garment factory workers, the world’s second-largest clothing retailer, Sweden-based H&M, has announced what it believes is a roadmap toward paying a “fair living wage” by 2018 to approximately 850,000 of the textile workers who make its products. [More]


H&M Has Finally Realized It’s 2013, Might Try This Whole “Online Store” Idea In U.S.

What’s a person to do when she needs an outfit for that one thing she’s going to but can’t possibly be bothered to go to a store? There’s this little thing called the Internet and online shopping, a phenomenon that thus far has appeared to stymie H&M’s efforts to join the rest of us here in 2013. H&M (which stands for Hennes & Mauritz [the theater critics in the Muppet movies, right?]) has been peddling its wares online in Sweden for over 15 years. But there’s no such tool for American shoppers, unless the current rumors churning out of the mill are to believed. [More]

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Parent Co. Of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger Is First U.S. Apparel Maker To Join Bangladesh Factory Safety Accord

Weeks after a garment factory outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapse, injuring thousands and taking the lives of more than 1,100, a number of large, global apparel and retail companies have signed on to an accord aimed at improving conditions for garment workers in the area and preventing future tragedies. [More]


H&M Will Take Your Old Clothes So You Can Buy New Stuff For A Discount

Many Americans just have too many clothes — our collective closets are stuffed with mid-range to cheapie clothing brands that we can tire of quickly and replace without breaking the proverbial bank. Like that sweater? Buy it in two colors! Need new jeans? There’s a sale so you can get three pairs! H&M has hatched a crazy-like-a-fox plan to help rid customers of their old duds while giving them incentive to shop for new stuff with a recently announced clothing recycling plan. [More]

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October Recall Roundup: High Chairs, Herring, And Metal Shards

In this months’ recalls: wood cleaner sprays users in the face, wooden porch swings collapse, there’s Listeria everywhere, and an unusual number of herring products are recalled for unrelated reasons That number: two. [More]

H&M Comes Up With Charitable Settlement Over Stolen Design

You may remember a story from a few weeks back about Atlanta-area artist Tori LaConsay whose “You Look Nice Today” sign was plastered all over everything from shirts to bags to doormats by the folks at H&M, all without even making an attempt to notify LaConsay. At the time, the retailer said it was looking into the matter and was in touch with the artist’s lawyer. Now the sides have worked out an agreement that should help out organizations that are in need of money. [More]

H&M Thinks Being "Inspired By" Artwork Is Different From "Copying It Exactly"

H&M Thinks Being "Inspired By" Artwork Is Different From "Copying It Exactly"

H&M, better known as the store you go to when you need a decent-looking shirt that you don’t expect to make it through the wash more than twice, is feeling some Internet heat today over allegations that it’s cashing in on the work of a Georgia-based artist without permission or payment. [More]

H&M Plays Frankenmodel Game, Puts Real Heads On Digital Lady Bodies

H&M Plays Frankenmodel Game, Puts Real Heads On Digital Lady Bodies

When you’re looking to buy clothes, heaven forbid the models showing off apparel all have different, imperfect bodies! That apparent disgust with the human form is perhaps why H&M has admitted to using digital bodies on many of its models on the website, with the heads of real women placed on top. [More]

Old Navy 36" Pants Actually 41"

Old Navy 36" Pants Actually 41"

Your pants are lying to you. An Esquire investigation found that different clothing stores have greatly varying definitions of waistline size. Old Navy was the worst offender. Their “36 inch” pants measured actually at 41 inches. At the GAP, 36 inches actually means 39. Guess we need to start going to stores with conversion charts in hand. [More]

H&M And Zara To Launch Online Shopping — But Only In Europe

Been waiting for H&M and Zara to launch real e-commerce ventures? Well, unless you move to Europe you’ll be waiting a little bit longer. [More]

Evil Mutant Cotton Sneaks Into H&M "Organic" Clothing

Evil Mutant Cotton Sneaks Into H&M "Organic" Clothing

Global fast fashion retailer H&M and European chains C&A and Tchibo have been caught selling misleading “organic cotton” products to consumers. Independent testing done by Germany’s Financial Times showed that 30% of the samples contained genetically modified strains of cotton. Oops. [More]

NYC Police Dept Stops Giving Counterfeit Clothing To Charity

NYC Police Dept Stops Giving Counterfeit Clothing To Charity

It turns out H&M and Walmart aren’t the only two organizations caught destroying clothes they couldn’t sell. Yesterday the New York Times reported that the NYC Police Department has also been destroying clothing that would otherwise be wearable. The big difference this time is that the clothing is counterfeit. [More]

H&M Insists That All Unsold Clothing Is Donated, Manhattan Store Went Rogue

H&M Insists That All Unsold Clothing Is Donated, Manhattan Store Went Rogue

After last week’s uproar and public shaming, over unsold clothing that was intentionally destroyed, then thrown in the trash behind the chain’s Herald Square location, clothing retailer H&M insists that the incident was against company policy and a fluke. Then TV station WPIX caught an employee throwing away a giant bag of shoes a few days later. [More]

H&M Store Cuts Up Unsold Clothing, Throws It Away

H&M Store Cuts Up Unsold Clothing, Throws It Away

Some retailers donate unsold clothing to charity, or discount it by the palletful and sell it to thrift stores or closeout retailers. But the New York Times reports that the H&M at Herald Square in Manhattan gets rid of their unsold clothing by cutting holes in it to render it unwearable, then throwing it away. [More]

H&M’s Stella McCartney Collection: Cheap Clothes You Can’t Have

H&M’s Stella McCartney Collection: Cheap Clothes You Can’t Have

H&M is the latest of the bargain clothing retailers to play the ‘limited edition’ game. A recent collection by Stella McCartney sold out at H&M hours after its debut—with no plans for restocking. It’s not the first time H&M has played the game: A collection last year by Karl Lagerfeld was also snapped up in hours.