(Shawn Toohey)

We can only imagine birthday party clowns everywhere breaking out into huge, comic sighs of relief after the U.S. House of Representatives voted 394-1 today to avoid a looming helium shortage. We’re going to go ahead and guess that the person who voted against the measure is terrified of clowns. [via the Wall Street Journal]

Nationwide Helium Shortage Could Sink Your Summertime Party Decorations

Nationwide Helium Shortage Could Sink Your Summertime Party Decorations

While some people think of helium as being a never-ending source of floating balloons and chipmunk voices, the relatively warm winter of 2012 has apparently resulted in a nationwide helium shortage that could leave summer weddings and parties with fewer floating decorations than people had hoped for. [More]

Helium Shortage Makes Clowns Cry on the Inside

Pity the clowning industry. Thanks to a global helium shortage, helium balloons, mainstay of spoiled children’s birthday parties, will be hard to come by in coming weeks.