Yes, We Want Fries With That: Americans Get 11% Of Their Calories From Fast Food

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control is pointing a greasy finger at Americans’ eating habits, finding that on average we get 11% of our calories in a day from fast food. But hey, that’s down from 13% since the last time the government poked around in our fast food eating habits. [More]

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Restaurants Making Big Money Off Diners’ Decisions To Eat Healthy

“Do you want fries with that?” used to be sort of a no-brainer question because, yes, of course, we all want fries with that, no matter what “that” is because fries are delicious. They’re what you eat at a fast food joint, right? Not so much anymore. Sure, people still love fries, but they also love healthier items and non-sugary drinks. And that’s actually profitable for fast food chains, so everyone’s happy. [More]

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So You’ve Managed To Escape The Flu, Congrats! Here’s A Norovirus Fresh From Australia

The flu? That is so last week (although probably it’s still actually very this week)! The new illness set to sweep the nation is fresh off the boat and/or plane from Australia, and it sounds like a nasty bit of work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today that a new strain of the vomiting disease norovirus has landed on our shores and is making its awful way through the nation. [More]


If You Don’t Want Bed Bugs You Might Want To Reconsider Living In These Cities

Yes, we know, that headline is silly. Because the truth is? No one wants bedbugs and if you say you do you are a dirty liar. Just the mention of the critters sends shivers skittering over many people’s spines because well, bed bugs are awful, itchy, expensive to get rid of and a flat-out nightmare. And there are some cities who have it worse than others [More]

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You Don’t Have To Face Fitness Resolutions Alone: 5 Apps That Help You Work It Out

If the thought of heading to the gym where it might reek of body odor like the cellars at the coliseum in the heyday of gladiators, where you inevitably end up in a standoff with a huffy, tiny woman in yoga pants who thinks you’ve spent enough time on the treadmill makes you shudder, maybe you’d prefer to fulfill your New Year’s fitness resolution at home. But that ain’t easy, either, which is why a slew of apps on the market are offering to help. [More]


Coca-Cola Taking Its Head Out Of The Sand, Addressing Obesity For The First Time In Ads

We thought we might never see the day when Coca-Cola finally decided to join the obesity conversation, but as health advocates rail against high-calorie drinks, the company is stepping into the fray with an ad campaign addressing obesity. The first TV spot will air for two minutes today on a smattering of networks, and will highlight Coca-Cola’s drinks with fewer calories. [More]


Study Links Consumption Of Diet Drinks To Depression

It’s been a long day. You need a pick-me-up, but calories? Those are for chumps. So you grab a diet soda and guzzle your way to a little caffeine jolt. Or if it’s caffeine-free, a faux sweet treat. But according to a new study, even if you’re winning the war on extra calories, you could be running the risk of depression. Usually I’m just sad when I get to the bottom of the can, but this sounds a lot more serious. [More]

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Dr. Oz Is Still Handing Out Questionable Medical Advice That Critics Say “Borders On Quackery”

Back in 2010 we looked at Dr. Mehmet Oz, he of Oprah Winfrey-endorsed gilded TV fame and the king of a fan base that will run out and buy anything he endorses. Even then he had a solid gallery of critics who were ready to call shenanigans on his various medical pronouncements, and even while his popularity has remained widespread, there are still plenty of of people who question his brand of health advice. [More]

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Flavoring Company Agrees To Reduce Use Of Ingredient Blamed For “Popcorn Lung”

The backlash against popcorn flavoring diacetyl continues, as one Indianapolis company has agreed to reduce its use of the chemical in popcorn flavoring in order to pay a smaller fine in a settlement with state regulators. As part of the agreement, the company also wrapped up its claims that the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration had been harassing it over the potential health risks at the plant. [More]


Biotech Biggie Amgen To Pay $762 Million Over Improper Marketing Of Anemia Drug

The world’s largest biotechnology company pleaded guilty in federal court today for improper marketing practices involving its anemia drug Aranesp, and says it will pay $762 million in a combination of civil settlements and criminal fines. It won’t lose out on any federal business or contracts, however, which would’ve been a veritable death knell for the company. [More]


Study Suggests That A Bracing Regimen Of Beer Could Ward Off The Winter Sniffles

If you want to keep winter colds at bay and also enjoy a nice, hoppy beer, well, you’re a lucky person. A new study by scientists at Sapporo Medical University (and sponsored by the Sapporo brewery, natch) says a key ingredient in beer can ward off colds in adults. Beyond that, if it weren’t for that whole “underage” thing, the stuff is reportedly effective in blocking a virus that causes pneumonia and bronchitis in young children. [More]


Guilt Makes For A Delicious Addition To Forbidden Foods When You’re On A Diet

When all you want, all you need is just a bite of smooth, creamy, calorie-laden chocolate ice cream and you’re not supposed to have it for whatever reason (dieting, it doesn’t belong to you), giving in to that impulse feel so guilty. And it’s so tasty, partly because it is forbidden, says a new study. Guilt makes for quite a heady addition to your favorite foods. Hence, guilty pleasures. [More]


FDA Replies To Lawsuit Over Food Regulation Deadlines: Slow Your Roll, We’re Working On It

Back in January 2011, the government signed a law that said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would have to undertake an overhaul in food safety regulations, the first of its kind in about 70 years. Well, time’s been a-ticking and now a new lawsuit leveled at the agency claims the FDA has missed a bunch of deadlines required by the Food Safety Modernization Act. But the FDA says that’s not the case, it’s just that it’s a big job that it’ll take time. [More]


Man Blinded By Drinking Vodka Regains His Sight After Doctors Administer A Dose Of Whiskey

We’ve all heard of the phrase “blacked out” in relation to drinking alcohol. While that frat bro talking too loudly about his weekend in the coffee shop might be throwing out the phrase to indicate an unhealthy amount of booze consumed, in the case of one man who had a little bit of vodka, the liquor actually made him lose his eyesight. At first, doctors were stumped. Then they came to the rescue with a very odd prescription. More booze! [More]


Number Of Drugs You Shouldn’t Mix With Grapefruit Climbs From 17 To 43

If you’re one of those people who don’t really read all those boring warning labels on your medications because come on, you know how to take a pill (guilty), well you might want to pay attention, especially if you like grapefruit. Researchers say taking certain medications with the fruit can cause a person to overdose accidentally. [More]


How Many Calories Will We Really Eat On Thanksgiving Day?

The diet always starts the day after Thanksgiving, right? Because we know that every year, we’re going to stuff a large amount of fowl, potatoes, pies, dressing, rollscakesgreenbeancasserolewhippedcream etc. into our stomachs until it feels like the universe will explode into a huge, gravy-covered mess. Part of our collective overeating shame could be tied to the oft-cited statistic that the average person will eat more than 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. But is that really how much we’ll ingest? [More]


Dentist’s License Suspended Because She Shouldn’t Be The One On Laughing Gas

If you’ve ever been lying in the dentist’s chair facing the prospect of painful drilling and sticking needles in gums and oh god why, you might be familiar with the welcome relief nitrous oxide, aka “laughing gas” can bring. For the patient, of course. One dentist has had her license suspended for allegedly partaking in the silly gas in front of patients. [More]


Study: If You’ve Got Asthma, Drying Laundry Inside Your Home Might Be Unhealthy

If you’ve got asthma, hay fever or other allergies, you already know what less-than-ideal air conditions can do to those problems. But you might not know that you could possibly be exacerbating the issue just by doing your everyday chores. A new study says that drying your laundry inside the home can pose a health risk to people who are prone to have such conditions. [More]