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Not All Neti Pots Explain How To Avoid Brain-Eating Amoebas

A neti pot is a little pitcher that you use to gently blast warm saline solution through your sinuses to remove dust, pollen, mucus, and other nastiness. This all seems very gentle and healthy, until you learn that incomplete instructions that come with some pots may lead to you delivering pathogens to your brain rather than sweet relief to your congested sinuses. [More]


Should You Take Glucosamine And Chondroitin? Meh

Americans are buying a lot of glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, which are intended to help ease the pain of or prevent symptoms from arthritis. The problem is that there’s no proof that the pills do any good…and tests from our lab-coated cousins down the hall at Consumer Reports showed that many brands don’t even contain the whole dose claimed on the label. [More]

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Water, Water, Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink (Unless You Like Swallowing Worms)

Residents of a northeast Oklahoma town are turning off the tap and reaching for bottled water after some unwelcome visitors decided to take a dip in the city’s filtering system: Little red worms have been found in the filtering system. As such, city officials are asking citizens not to drink the water or use it for cooking while the problem gets sorted out. [More]


Tainted Guinea Pig Street Meat Suspected Of Sending 81 To The Hospital

While you might see a guinea pig and think, “Oh, I used to have one of those as a pet and it made funny grunting sounds,” there are plenty of people who see a guinea pig and think, “Mmm, dinner.” Health officials in Minnesota say 81 of the latter kind of people were felled by tainted guinea pig meat and other food at a street fair this month in big case of suspected salmonella poisoning. [More]

eBay no longer crazy for Craze.

eBay Pulls Craze Sports Supplement Amid Concerns Of Amphetamine-Like Ingredients

Following in the footsteps of Walmart.com and Bodybuilding.com, eBay has announced it will stop selling a popular sports supplement accused of containing amphetamine-like compounds. This, after an investigation revealed some dark spots in the past of one of Driven Sports’ executives’ pasts, including a criminal conviction, a pending federal charge and repeated sales of allegedly risky products over the years. [More]


Just Because It’s Got The Word “Yogurt” In It Doesn’t Mean Fro Yo Is A Health Food

It’s not like anyone is walking into a frozen yogurt shop and shouting, “Bring me my vegetables!” but even the mere presence of the word “yogurt” might connote healthiness to some of us. And hey, it’s not ice cream, which everyone knows isn’t healthy, so it must be kinda good for you, right? All those yogurt cultures (depending on the store) and inherent dairy goodness? Alas, dear fro yo eaters,  the word “yogurt” does not a health food make. [More]

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Study: Skipping Breakfast Could Increase Risk Of Heart Attack

This is usually where I’d say that my wise, older relative once told me the benefits of doing such and such a thing, but not this time. I always say: I don’t skip the morning meal because otherwise I’d be grumpier than a bear woken from hibernation by the blasting of a Justin Bieber CD straight into the ear holes by lunch if I didn’t eat, but a new study says you shouldn’t skimp on breakfast because it might increase your risk of having a heart attack. [More]


Study: Peaches From A Can (That Were Put There By A Man) As Nutritious As Fresh Counterparts

Cracking open a can of peaches and slurping down the syrupy, sticky sweet juice before eating the peaches inside always made me feel like I was getting away with something. How could something so tasty also be good for you? Surely this canned nectar of the gods isn’t as healthy as biting into a juicy fresh peach. But a new study says actually, canned peaches are just as nutritious as the fresh ones. [More]

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Report: There’s No Health Benefit In Drastically Cutting Your Salt Intake

Watching someone dump a whole lot of salt on their meal might make a person cluck in disapproval — “Don’t you know that too much salt is bad for you?” And while a person’s blood pressure can go up, leading to possible ill health effects like heart attacks and strokes, a new report says that there is no good reason for people to aim for the very lowest of the low levels recommended by national guidelines. [More]


Study: Taking Fish Oil Pills Doesn’t Help Prevent Heart Attacks If You’re Already On Meds

Those in the know have long recommended eating fish like salmon and tuna to get the benefits of its omega-3 fatty acids, or swallowing fish oil capsules to get the same good stuff. But a new study says that if you’re at high risk for heart problems and already taking medications to prevent them, fish oil won’t really do anything for you. [More]


Portland, Ore. Becomes Fourth U.S. City To Adopt Policy Requiring Paid Sick Leave

High fives all around in Portland, Ore. as the City Council unanimously voted yesterday to require that businesses offer sick leave. That makes Portland the fourth among its kind in the United States to mandate sick days, as the policy says workers must get up to five days off a year if they’re feeling under the weather. [More]


It seems like celebrities can convince their fans that basically anything is cool these days. To wit: a terrifying sounding beauty treatment called a “blood facial,” which involves taking blood from elsewhere in your body, separating out platelets and having them  injected into your face. We’ll pass this time and just deal with getting old. [CBS Miami]


Getting Paid To Lose Weight Possibly More Effective Than Throwing Cake In The Garbage

Instead of wasting money on perfectly good desserts by throwing them in the trash and dousing them with liquid dish soap just so you don’t eat them, getting paid to lose weight could be a much more rewarding dieting move. Earning cash and slimming down — in a perfect world, right? [More]


Yes, We Want Fries With That: Americans Get 11% Of Their Calories From Fast Food

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control is pointing a greasy finger at Americans’ eating habits, finding that on average we get 11% of our calories in a day from fast food. But hey, that’s down from 13% since the last time the government poked around in our fast food eating habits. [More]

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Restaurants Making Big Money Off Diners’ Decisions To Eat Healthy

“Do you want fries with that?” used to be sort of a no-brainer question because, yes, of course, we all want fries with that, no matter what “that” is because fries are delicious. They’re what you eat at a fast food joint, right? Not so much anymore. Sure, people still love fries, but they also love healthier items and non-sugary drinks. And that’s actually profitable for fast food chains, so everyone’s happy. [More]

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So You’ve Managed To Escape The Flu, Congrats! Here’s A Norovirus Fresh From Australia

The flu? That is so last week (although probably it’s still actually very this week)! The new illness set to sweep the nation is fresh off the boat and/or plane from Australia, and it sounds like a nasty bit of work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today that a new strain of the vomiting disease norovirus has landed on our shores and is making its awful way through the nation. [More]


If You Don’t Want Bed Bugs You Might Want To Reconsider Living In These Cities

Yes, we know, that headline is silly. Because the truth is? No one wants bedbugs and if you say you do you are a dirty liar. Just the mention of the critters sends shivers skittering over many people’s spines because well, bed bugs are awful, itchy, expensive to get rid of and a flat-out nightmare. And there are some cities who have it worse than others [More]

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You Don’t Have To Face Fitness Resolutions Alone: 5 Apps That Help You Work It Out

If the thought of heading to the gym where it might reek of body odor like the cellars at the coliseum in the heyday of gladiators, where you inevitably end up in a standoff with a huffy, tiny woman in yoga pants who thinks you’ve spent enough time on the treadmill makes you shudder, maybe you’d prefer to fulfill your New Year’s fitness resolution at home. But that ain’t easy, either, which is why a slew of apps on the market are offering to help. [More]