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“Healthy” Restaurant Meals Can Be Even Worse For You Than Hitting The Drive-Through

It’s no secret that dining out can be a poor choice for your health. A chain-restaurant entrée can be shockingly full not only of flavor but also of fats, calories, and sodium. [More]

Plane Full Of Passengers Reportedly Told To Get Tuberculosis Shots After Flight Lands

Plane Full Of Passengers Reportedly Told To Get Tuberculosis Shots After Flight Lands

It’s one thing to endure a flight full of your neighbor’s hacking and coughing (bring cough drops to share, you never know!) but it’s an entirely different matter to learn that you might need to get to the doctor for some shots because someone was flying with active tuberculosis. [More]

Princeton University Weighing Decision To Give Students Meningitis Vaccine Not Approved In U.S.

Princeton University Weighing Decision To Give Students Meningitis Vaccine Not Approved In U.S.

Officials at Princeton University are facing a bit of a medical dilemma over whether or not students should get an emergency vaccine against meningitis after a recent spate of the possibly fatal disease has sickened seven students. So what’s the big deal, if it could help stop a further outbreak at the school? The vaccine isn’t exactly approved for use in the United States. [More]

Let’s Not Freak Out, But A New Bird Flu Has Jumped To Humans For The First Time

Let’s Not Freak Out, But A New Bird Flu Has Jumped To Humans For The First Time

What we didn’t want to happen has happened — a strain of bird flu that scientists were pretty sure couldn’t infect people has gone and shown up in a human for the first time. This doesn’t necessarily mean a rush on face masks and antiseptic wipes, however, just that scientists have some work to do creating vaccines to protect everyone. [More]


Report: Nation’s Top Hospitals Not Pushing Baby Formula On New Moms

From diapers to formula to clothing and other infant-care items, newborns are a huge source of revenue to numerous industries. That’s why some of these businesses put together new-mom goodie bags to be handed out at maternity wards, hoping to create loyal customers from the start. Some people are concerned that the practice of including free formula in these bags makes it too easy for a new mom to avoid nursing her child. And according to a new survey, many of the nation’s best hospitals are saying no to the goodie bags. [More]

Not All Mall Snacks Are Created Equal — What Should You Eat If You’re Trying To Be Healthy?

Not All Mall Snacks Are Created Equal — What Should You Eat If You’re Trying To Be Healthy?

The siren smells of the mall food court can weaken even the most determined healthy eater worn down by a day at the mall. With the aroma of Auntie Anne’s tickling your nose and stirring a rumble in your tummy, it ain’t easy to avoid a calorie fest. Good thing our benevolent benefactors at Consumer Reports are on the case. The snack beat, as it were. [More]


Tobacco Companies Say Kids Shouldn’t Smoke — So What’s With Fruit-Flavored Cigars?

Tobacco companies have insisted in the past that they don’t think kids should smoke and aren’t marketing to them, but we can’t imagine as many adults go for fruity- or candy-flavored cigars as the younger set. Those are just as bad for your health as cigarettes, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and middle and high school kids just love’em. [More]


Blame Sleeptexting For That Message You Definitely Didn’t Want That Person To Get

You wake up, and you find that you sent a certain someone a text message that says, “The flugelhorn is ripe.” But wait! Before you allow the embarrassment to wash over and sink you into a pit of forever lonely despair — it could just be a case of sleeptexting which means it’s totally not your fault. [More]

Mexican Restaurant: Sorry We Gave You Bloody Diarrhea. Please Come Back, Have A Free Burrito!

Burrito bribery.

Much like a customer might be wary of returning to say, the Carnival Triumph aka Poop Cruise, we can’t imagine many of the 74 diners who endured bloody diarrhea after eating at Federico’s Mexican Food will be tempted to cross that restaurant’s threshold any time soon. But that isn’t stopping the eatery from begging people to return in the form of free burrito bribery. [More]

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Not All Neti Pots Explain How To Avoid Brain-Eating Amoebas

A neti pot is a little pitcher that you use to gently blast warm saline solution through your sinuses to remove dust, pollen, mucus, and other nastiness. This all seems very gentle and healthy, until you learn that incomplete instructions that come with some pots may lead to you delivering pathogens to your brain rather than sweet relief to your congested sinuses. [More]


Should You Take Glucosamine And Chondroitin? Meh

Americans are buying a lot of glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, which are intended to help ease the pain of or prevent symptoms from arthritis. The problem is that there’s no proof that the pills do any good…and tests from our lab-coated cousins down the hall at Consumer Reports showed that many brands don’t even contain the whole dose claimed on the label. [More]

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Water, Water, Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink (Unless You Like Swallowing Worms)

Residents of a northeast Oklahoma town are turning off the tap and reaching for bottled water after some unwelcome visitors decided to take a dip in the city’s filtering system: Little red worms have been found in the filtering system. As such, city officials are asking citizens not to drink the water or use it for cooking while the problem gets sorted out. [More]


Tainted Guinea Pig Street Meat Suspected Of Sending 81 To The Hospital

While you might see a guinea pig and think, “Oh, I used to have one of those as a pet and it made funny grunting sounds,” there are plenty of people who see a guinea pig and think, “Mmm, dinner.” Health officials in Minnesota say 81 of the latter kind of people were felled by tainted guinea pig meat and other food at a street fair this month in big case of suspected salmonella poisoning. [More]

eBay no longer crazy for Craze.

eBay Pulls Craze Sports Supplement Amid Concerns Of Amphetamine-Like Ingredients

Following in the footsteps of Walmart.com and Bodybuilding.com, eBay has announced it will stop selling a popular sports supplement accused of containing amphetamine-like compounds. This, after an investigation revealed some dark spots in the past of one of Driven Sports’ executives’ pasts, including a criminal conviction, a pending federal charge and repeated sales of allegedly risky products over the years. [More]


Just Because It’s Got The Word “Yogurt” In It Doesn’t Mean Fro Yo Is A Health Food

It’s not like anyone is walking into a frozen yogurt shop and shouting, “Bring me my vegetables!” but even the mere presence of the word “yogurt” might connote healthiness to some of us. And hey, it’s not ice cream, which everyone knows isn’t healthy, so it must be kinda good for you, right? All those yogurt cultures (depending on the store) and inherent dairy goodness? Alas, dear fro yo eaters,  the word “yogurt” does not a health food make. [More]

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Study: Skipping Breakfast Could Increase Risk Of Heart Attack

This is usually where I’d say that my wise, older relative once told me the benefits of doing such and such a thing, but not this time. I always say: I don’t skip the morning meal because otherwise I’d be grumpier than a bear woken from hibernation by the blasting of a Justin Bieber CD straight into the ear holes by lunch if I didn’t eat, but a new study says you shouldn’t skimp on breakfast because it might increase your risk of having a heart attack. [More]


Study: Peaches From A Can (That Were Put There By A Man) As Nutritious As Fresh Counterparts

Cracking open a can of peaches and slurping down the syrupy, sticky sweet juice before eating the peaches inside always made me feel like I was getting away with something. How could something so tasty also be good for you? Surely this canned nectar of the gods isn’t as healthy as biting into a juicy fresh peach. But a new study says actually, canned peaches are just as nutritious as the fresh ones. [More]

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Report: There’s No Health Benefit In Drastically Cutting Your Salt Intake

Watching someone dump a whole lot of salt on their meal might make a person cluck in disapproval — “Don’t you know that too much salt is bad for you?” And while a person’s blood pressure can go up, leading to possible ill health effects like heart attacks and strokes, a new report says that there is no good reason for people to aim for the very lowest of the low levels recommended by national guidelines. [More]