Study Suggests That A Bracing Regimen Of Beer Could Ward Off The Winter Sniffles

If you want to keep winter colds at bay and also enjoy a nice, hoppy beer, well, you’re a lucky person. A new study by scientists at Sapporo Medical University (and sponsored by the Sapporo brewery, natch) says a key ingredient in beer can ward off colds in adults. Beyond that, if it weren’t for that whole “underage” thing, the stuff is reportedly effective in blocking a virus that causes pneumonia and bronchitis in young children. [More]


Guilt Makes For A Delicious Addition To Forbidden Foods When You’re On A Diet

When all you want, all you need is just a bite of smooth, creamy, calorie-laden chocolate ice cream and you’re not supposed to have it for whatever reason (dieting, it doesn’t belong to you), giving in to that impulse feel so guilty. And it’s so tasty, partly because it is forbidden, says a new study. Guilt makes for quite a heady addition to your favorite foods. Hence, guilty pleasures. [More]


FDA Replies To Lawsuit Over Food Regulation Deadlines: Slow Your Roll, We’re Working On It

Back in January 2011, the government signed a law that said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would have to undertake an overhaul in food safety regulations, the first of its kind in about 70 years. Well, time’s been a-ticking and now a new lawsuit leveled at the agency claims the FDA has missed a bunch of deadlines required by the Food Safety Modernization Act. But the FDA says that’s not the case, it’s just that it’s a big job that it’ll take time. [More]


Man Blinded By Drinking Vodka Regains His Sight After Doctors Administer A Dose Of Whiskey

We’ve all heard of the phrase “blacked out” in relation to drinking alcohol. While that frat bro talking too loudly about his weekend in the coffee shop might be throwing out the phrase to indicate an unhealthy amount of booze consumed, in the case of one man who had a little bit of vodka, the liquor actually made him lose his eyesight. At first, doctors were stumped. Then they came to the rescue with a very odd prescription. More booze! [More]


Number Of Drugs You Shouldn’t Mix With Grapefruit Climbs From 17 To 43

If you’re one of those people who don’t really read all those boring warning labels on your medications because come on, you know how to take a pill (guilty), well you might want to pay attention, especially if you like grapefruit. Researchers say taking certain medications with the fruit can cause a person to overdose accidentally. [More]


How Many Calories Will We Really Eat On Thanksgiving Day?

The diet always starts the day after Thanksgiving, right? Because we know that every year, we’re going to stuff a large amount of fowl, potatoes, pies, dressing, rollscakesgreenbeancasserolewhippedcream etc. into our stomachs until it feels like the universe will explode into a huge, gravy-covered mess. Part of our collective overeating shame could be tied to the oft-cited statistic that the average person will eat more than 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. But is that really how much we’ll ingest? [More]


Dentist’s License Suspended Because She Shouldn’t Be The One On Laughing Gas

If you’ve ever been lying in the dentist’s chair facing the prospect of painful drilling and sticking needles in gums and oh god why, you might be familiar with the welcome relief nitrous oxide, aka “laughing gas” can bring. For the patient, of course. One dentist has had her license suspended for allegedly partaking in the silly gas in front of patients. [More]


Study: If You’ve Got Asthma, Drying Laundry Inside Your Home Might Be Unhealthy

If you’ve got asthma, hay fever or other allergies, you already know what less-than-ideal air conditions can do to those problems. But you might not know that you could possibly be exacerbating the issue just by doing your everyday chores. A new study says that drying your laundry inside the home can pose a health risk to people who are prone to have such conditions. [More]


Man’s Insurance Won’t Pay For Prosthetic Legs, He Turns To Selling Doughnuts To Raise Funds

What do you do if you need new legs and your insurance company won’t cover the cost? One man’s solution to such a quandary has led him to try and raise a whopping $120,000 for prosthetic legs by selling Krispe Kreme doughnuts in front of local stores in his South Carolina neighborhood. That’s a lot of doughnuts. [More]

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Kids Will Gorge Themselves On Anywhere From 3,500 To 7,000 Calories This Halloween

When you’re a kid at Halloween it’s like, “Calories? What’s a calorie? Sounds boring. I’m going to put more Reese’s in my mouth now.” Even if kids aren’t aware of what they’re ingesting, the reality is there’s a lot going into their young systems: The average child will eat 3,500 to 7,000 calories worth of treats on Halloween night. That explains the sugar-fueled laps I used to run around our house after trick-or-treating. [More]


Your Warm Little Smartphone Makes A Perfectly Cozy Incubator For Bacteria

Ladies and germs, you can wash your hands and refuse to touch the bathroom handle at work without a paper towel as often as you want, but you might be cradling a veritable incubator of bacteria right up to your face all day long anyway. Those warm little constant companions of ours, smartphones, could be spreading bugs nobody wants. [More]

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Flamin’ Hot Cheetos’ Red Dye Sending Parents Rushing Needlessly To ER With Snack-Happy Kids

“Honey, could you come to the bathroom for a minute and look at what Bobby’s done?” “Oh my, that is quite a vibrant shade of red, let’s panic and take him to the emergency room.” I don’t have kids but I imagine that’s how the conversation would go if your child’s bathroom output was an unnatural color, but it turns out it’d be an unnecessary visit. In fact, doctors are peeved at Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for sending parents needlessly rushing with their kids to the emergency room, all because of that pesky red food dye that’s used to show just how flaming hot those Cheetos really are. [More]

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Science Totally Ruins Things For Everyone By Saying The 5-Second Rule Isn’t Really True

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped food — on the floor at home mostly, maybe sometimes in the street — and depending on what kind of substance it was, shrugged, cited the “five-second rule” and picked it back up. I’ve never gotten sick from doing so, but now science has cracked that whole way of life wide open and said that actually, germs can totally stick to food within five seconds. Nooo! [More]

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San Francisco Suburb Bans Smoking In All Multi-Family Homes, Whether Rented Or Owned

In a move lauded by anti-smoking activists and destined to be fumed about by those who see it as an invasion of privacy, the San Francisco suburb of San Rafael has voted to ban smoking in any multi-family home. Doesn’t matter if you’re renting it or own it outright — the City Council voted unanimously to join nine other California municipalities who have outlawed smoking in such buildings. [More]


American Airlines Flight Grounded Because Typhoid Fever Apparently Still A Thing To Worry About

Add this odd incident to the litany of problems plaguing American Airlines lately: A plane coming in from Miami was held for two hours on the ground at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport last night after a passenger piped up to say she maybe kinda could be at risk for having typhoid fever. [More]


If Going Without Your Phone Makes You Want To Flip Out, You Might Be Nomophobic

Where is your cell phone right now? Is it right next to you? On the desk? In the other room? Where is it?!?!? If you find yourself mildly freaking out when you’re not near your phone, you might have nomophobia, otherwise known as the fear of losing or being unable to use a cellphone. Just another condition they didn’t have to deal with way back in yore. [More]


Florida Governor Inadvertently Gives Out Sex Line Number Instead Of Meningitis Hotline

Teaching all public figures an important lesson in triple-checking any phone numbers given out during press-attended events (as well as a reminder of the importance of fact-checking for news agencies), Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott inadvertently directed callers worried about the fungal meningitis outbreak to a sex phone line instead of the toll-free health hotline. [More]

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Study Says All Your Snuffling & Sneezing Could Give Mr. Whiskers McKittyton The Flu

You might want to think twice the next time you sneeze in the general direction of your beloved pet* — according to researchers, people underestimate their ability to pass on illnesses like seasonal flu to their furry friends. Instead of blithely breathing into Rover or Fluffy’s face, researchers say you should be as mindful of passing on bugs to your pets as you are with your friends, family and co-workers. [More]