Do Those Around You A Favor By Washing Your Hands The Right Way

Spend any amount of time in a public restroom and you’ll encounter some incredibly fast hand-washers. A typical ritual includes an optional dab of soap, a millisecond-long sprinkle of water and a cursory wipe on a paper towel. You can not only set a good example for others but actually get the nastiness off your hands and refuse to spread it to everything you touch by making it a point to wash your hands effectively. [More]

Practice Good Hygiene Or Be Shamed By The White House

Practice Good Hygiene Or Be Shamed By The White House

We at Consumerist understand the importance of washing your hands and practicing good hygiene. We’re also big fans of publicly humiliating people who endanger us with their gross germs. That’s why we love this video of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stopping a press briefing and scolding MSNBC reporter Chuck Todd for sneezing into his hand, instead of his elbow.

How To Wash Your Hands You’re probably not scrubbing and rinsing long enough; try singing the guitar riff to “Layla” while you wash. [Consumer Reports Safety]