Inside The Chinese Labor Camp That Made Halloween Decorations Sold At Kmart

Inside The Chinese Labor Camp That Made Halloween Decorations Sold At Kmart

Last year, reports surfaced of a woman in Oregon who bought Halloween decorations from at Kmart, pulled the unopened package out of storage a year later, and found a letter inside from the factory worker in China who packaged them. This was no lighthearted note. It was a desperate cry for help secretly written at night inside a Chinese labor camp. [More]

Now We Know What Happened To That Creepy Burger King Mascot

Now We Know What Happened To That Creepy Burger King Mascot

If, like me, you were plagued with nightmares of that super-creepy, mammoth-headed “King” character from those Burger King ads that ran on TV (and in print, and in video game form) for far too long, then you may be sad to know he hasn’t gone away. He just works behind the counter at Taco Bell now. [More]


Stop feeling guilty for that raid-and-binge operation you’ll inevitably embark upon tonight when your child is fast asleep: 81% of adults admit they steal treats from their hardworking children on Halloween. But it’s still not okay for parents to steal their kids’ costumes from last year and squeeze into them for the office’s All Hallows Eve party. [NPR]

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Why Do We Go Trick-Or-Treating On Halloween When Candy Is Tasty All Year?

Gazing out on the sea of Sexy So-And-Sos in knee socks and armed with excuses, amid the sound of the doorbell constantly ringing and shrilly demanding your candy sacrifice be made at the altar of yet another kid dressed as Buzz Lightyear, it can be hard to find a reason for it all. Why do we dress up? Why do we go begging for candy on this one night of the year, when candy is readily available all year round? [More]

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Very Important Halloween Question: Are Fun-Size Twix From The Left Or Right Side Factory?

After pawing through his kid’s Halloween candy stash, one inquisitive-minded consumer got to thinking: Mars has that whole Left Side Twix Factory vs. Right Side Twix Factory thing — but what about individual fun-size Twix? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? [More]

We Can’t Decide If These Halloween Candy Monster Portraits Make Us Hungry Or Scared

We Can’t Decide If These Halloween Candy Monster Portraits Make Us Hungry Or Scared

Candy and Halloween go together like, well, candy and Halloween. Whether you like getting the butternuts startled out of you at haunted houses or by watching scary movies when the moon is full and you can just imagine the delicious terror of seeing Frankstein’s monster lumber around the corner, you’re probably also just as excited for the candy avalanche that ensues every All Hallow’s Eve. Either way, artist Eric Millikin has got you covered. [More]

Woman Takes It Upon Herself To Hand Out Letters To “Obese” Trick-Or-Treaters

Woman Takes It Upon Herself To Hand Out Letters To “Obese” Trick-Or-Treaters

There is no greater slight in a child’s eyes on Halloween than when mean adults ruin it by refusing to hand out candy. But while sure, kids can deal with houses where they’re handing out dental floss or healthy snacks, here and there, children will probably want to avoid the home of the woman handing out letters to Trick-or-Treaters she deems “moderately obese.” [More]


Carve Your Pumpkin, Not Your Hands

Halloween is supposed to be a scary holiday and all, but the reason for the terror should not be “I severed an artery while carving the whiskers on my cat o’lantern.” You can create beautiful hollowed-out gourds without harming yourself or your family, whether it’s with the tools you already have in your knife drawer or with a special pumpkin-carving kit. [More]

Create Your Own Hideous Jack O’Lantern Pizza Abominations At Home Thanks To Papa Murphy’s

Create Your Own Hideous Jack O’Lantern Pizza Abominations At Home Thanks To Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is a chain where you pick up your pizza, then take it home and bake it yourself. If this seems like it is beside the point of getting takeout pizza, well, maybe it is. In the case of their jack o’lantern pizza, though, it might be secretly brilliant, since it puts responsibility for screwing up the pepperoni happy face squarely on the pizza-baking consumer. [More]

We Will Pretend These Nightmares Before Christmas Are Intentional

We Will Pretend These Nightmares Before Christmas Are Intentional

Maybe this “Nightmare Before Christmas” holiday mashup thing is becoming more popular in retail decor. It’s starting to grow on us, we have to admit. Maybe this should continue to be a thing, like Hobby Lobby’s Halloween trees. [More]

July 29, 2013

Here’s One Reason Why You Can Buy Plastic Skeletons In July

Reader Caiyyd wants to point something out regarding the Halloween Creep phenomenon that might make you feel better when you see plastic skeletons in July. Those decorations aren’t really for civilians: they’re for professional or semi-pro creators of haunted attractions. [More]

July 29, 2013

Halloween Started Creeping Up On Us In July

“Halloween Creep,” observes reader Jay. “It almost sounds like a dance some ghouls might do after the Monster Mash.” That’s not what the Halloween Creep is, though. It would be so much better if it were. Instead, it’s what happens when Consumerist readers are out enjoying their summer and stop in their tracks when they see Halloween merch out on store shelves. [More]

Why is the candy always gone?

CVS Skips Half-Price Halloween Candy, Goes Right To Full-On Christmas

Children trick-or-treat to get their Halloween sugar fix, but grown-ups know that November 1st is the day when we clean up, hitting half-price holiday-branded candy sales. That’s what Justin tried to do, and he was horrified when he stopped by CVS to hit the half-price sale and found only Santas and reindeer, as far as the eye could see. Or at least in the seasonal aisle. [More]

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Kids Will Gorge Themselves On Anywhere From 3,500 To 7,000 Calories This Halloween

When you’re a kid at Halloween it’s like, “Calories? What’s a calorie? Sounds boring. I’m going to put more Reese’s in my mouth now.” Even if kids aren’t aware of what they’re ingesting, the reality is there’s a lot going into their young systems: The average child will eat 3,500 to 7,000 calories worth of treats on Halloween night. That explains the sugar-fueled laps I used to run around our house after trick-or-treating. [More]

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The World Needs More People Like This Walmart Candy Sorter

The next time you’re shoulder deep in a big box store bargain bin, you can think about this guy and wish that he’d make an appearance. [More]

Happy Halloweenie!

The Wienermobile Is Decorated For Halloweenie And Kind Of Creepy

Admit it: almost everyone, even if they eschew processed meats, likes the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Sure, it’s a rolling advertisement, but so are most of the things we remember fondly from childhood. But when the motorized meat product rolled into my city, it was decked out for Halloween. That, combined with the weather that’s still cloudy and gloomy, makes the Weinermobile surprisingly creepy. [More]

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Turns Out Dressing Up Pot As 640 Lollipops For Halloween Doesn’t Fool The Cops

College students often treat Halloween as a very special rite of passage — the kind that involves scraps of fabric called “costumes” and throwing raging parties to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. We’ll tell you something, kids: Cops are wise to the fact that you love getting nutty on this holiday, so trying to disguise marijuana as simply 640 regular lollipops is not the cleverest of ruses. [More]


How To Treat Your Car Before It Gets Tricked With Messy Stuff This Halloween

Kids these days! Or actually, kids from any days! For them, Halloween is a time of candy and mischief-making. And by mischief we mean, tossing eggs, Silly String or pumpkins at your car and then hooting with glee as they dash back into the night. If you want to make it easier on yourself the day after Halloween, there are a few tips you can use to prepare your car before the onslaught. [More]