Chase Proactively Replacing Some Debit, Credit Cards Involved In Home Depot Breach

Home Depot has yet to confirm the estimated number of customer credit and debit card accounts that were compromised during the data breach that affected thousands of stores for five months, and it’s not known whether much of the stolen card info will ever be sold by the hackers now that everyone knows about the massive theft. Regardless, JPMorgan Chase has already begun the process of replacing some cards for customers who may have been affected. [More]

Senators Request Info From Home Depot, Apple On Recent Data Disasters

Senators Request Info From Home Depot, Apple On Recent Data Disasters

Following two serious violations of consumers’ privacy — the theft of potentially hundreds of millions of credit and debit card numbers from Home Depot, and the personal photos and information stolen from Apple iCloud accounts of numerous female celebrities — some lawmakers in D.C. are looking for some answers from the companies that were supposed to keep our data safe. [More]

ID Thieves Don’t Need PINs To Withdraw Cash From Debit Cards Stolen From Home Depot

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When Home Depot confirmed the potentially massive data breach of its in-store payment systems in the U.S. and Canada, it tried to quell some concerns by saying there was no evidence that PIN info for debit cards had been compromised in the attack. But it looks like enough other information was stolen in the hack that a clever ID thief wouldn’t need that PIN to drain the cash from a victim’s bank account. [More]

Home Depot Confirms Data Breach; Started As Far Back As April

Home Depot Confirms Data Breach; Started As Far Back As April

After nearly a week of only saying it was investigating reports of a massive data breach, Home Depot has confirmed that its in-store payment systems were indeed compromised by hackers. [More]

Report: Home Depot Victim Of Same Malware Used In Target Hack


While Home Depot continues to drag its feet on confirming reports that its in-store payment systems were recently hacked, it looks like the retailer might have fallen victim to the same malicious software used to steal credit/debit card and personal information for more than 100 million Target customers in 2013. [More]

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Home Depot Already Being Sued Over Apparent Data Breach

As of right now, Home Depot has yet to confirm multiple reports that its in-store payment system was hacked, or given any indication how extensive the breach might be. But that hasn’t stopped people from suing the retailer. [More]

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Apple CEO Promises To Improve Security Following Nude Photo Theft

While Apple maintains that the recent mass theft and publication of hundreds of revealing photos of female celebrities was a result of clever guessing and not an actual breach of the company’s iCloud service, CEO Tim Cook says Apple is adding safeguards to reduce the likelihood of another embarrassing incident. [More]

Evidence Shows That Nearly All U.S. Home Depots May Have Been Hit By Data Breach


While Home Depot has yet to confirm or deny whether it was indeed hit by a massive breach of its payment system, a look at the data for a huge batch of stolen credit cards that recently went up for sale on the black market seems to indicate that the hack could have hit nearly all Home Depot stores in the U.S. [More]

Apple: Stolen Celeb Nudes Were Result Of Good Guessing, Not Data Breach


In what amounts to a “don’t blame us” statement, Apple appears to be trying to shake off any culpability it might have in this weekend’s massive posting of hundreds of stolen photos of a female celebrities in various states of undress (Again — no, we’re not linking to them). The company is saying there was no data breach on iCloud or Find My iPhone… but only in the sense that not everyone’s photos were stolen. [More]

Home Depot Joins The Data Breach Party, Investigating Possible Hack

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Did you shop at Home Depot recently? Then you will probably want to keep an eye on your bank and/or credit card account. The retailer has confirmed it is investigating the possibility of a data breach that may have resulted in customers’ information being stolen. [More]

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Apple & FBI Investigating Mass Leak Of Stolen Nude Celebrity Photos

As you undoubtedly read about over the long weekend, numerous female celebrities’ mobile accounts were recently breached, and the extremely revealing results were posted online for all to see (And no, we’re not posting any links here). In addition to the personal embarrassment this invasion might have caused for the people in these images, it’s a black eye for Apple, who has a lot of explaining to do about the security of its iCloud storage. [More]


Hackers Steal Info For 4.5 Million Hospital Patients

The new week begins much like the previous week ended – with news of another massive data breach. The latest hack victims are the millions of patients of Community Health Systems, which operates more than 200 hospitals in 29 states. [More]

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Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s Supermarkets Hit By Credit Card Data Breach

Welcome to the weekend everyone! What better way to kick things off than with the news that one of the nation’s largest supermarket operators has had its card payment system compromised at chains like Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, and ACME. [More]


1.2 Billion Stolen User Names, Passwords Reportedly Collected By Russian Hackers

Through hacks of hundreds of thousands of websites, a Russian crime ring has reportedly gained access to 1.2 billion user name and password combinations, along with hundreds of millions of e-mail addresses. [More]

Wall Street Journal’s Story On Wall Street Journal Hack May Be The Strangest Thing You Read Today

Wall Street Journal’s Story On Wall Street Journal Hack May Be The Strangest Thing You Read Today

As unpleasant as it is to read about another hack attack on a big-name company, there is something strangely amusing about the way in which the Wall Street Journal is reporting on a data breach of its own network. [More]

Target Says Glitch That Caused Sunday’s Long Lines Was Not Result Of Hack

Target Says Glitch That Caused Sunday’s Long Lines Was Not Result Of Hack

If you shopped at Target yesterday evening, there’s a chance your wait in the checkout line was longer than usual after a vague “glitch” caused long delays at a number of stores around the country. The retailer is now proactively trying to calm concerns by saying that the hiccup was not related to any sort of data breach. [More]

Spotify Hacked; Asking Android Users To Upgrade

Spotify Hacked; Asking Android Users To Upgrade

Welcome back from the holiday. What better way to celebrate that morning-after feeling with news that the popular music streaming service Spotify has been hacked and now you have to change your password and/or upgrade your app? [More]

eBay Asking Users To Change Passwords Following Hack

eBay Asking Users To Change Passwords Following Hack

Another day, another hack attempt on a major online business. This time it’s eBay, which announced this morning that it will be asking users of the online marketplace and auction site to change their passwords following an attack on its system by cyber criminals. [More]