TSA collage showing some of the guns discovered in 2014. (TSA.gov)

TSA: 2,212 Firearms Found In Carry-Ons Last Year, And Most Were Loaded

Although the average traveler should know by now that flying with guns in your carry-on bag is not going to fly with the Transportation Security Administration, the number of people trying to bring firearms through airport security is going up every year, the agency says in a report today. [More]

(Martin Rottler)

Delta Employee Arrested After Allegedly Helping To Smuggle Guns On Flight

Perhaps the Transportation Security Administration’s recent reminder that guns aren’t permitted in carry-on bags should have explicitly stated that this rule also applies to airline workers. But we doubt that would have stopped a Delta baggage handler from allegedly smuggling more than 100 guns onto flights with the help of a former co-worker.

Discovered by the TSA.

Reminder: TSA Has Magic Machines That Will Find Gun Parts Hidden In A PlayStation 2

This just in: X-ray machines used by the Transportation Security Administration have the power to see through plastic — yes, even the plastic used in gaming consoles! — and will be able to detect the presence of things that should not be in your carry-on bag. One traveler recently foiled by the TSA apparently thought all the camouflage needed to hide gun parts was a Playstation 2. [More]

(Martin Rottler)

TSA Would Like To Remind Everyone Flying For The Holidays That You Can’t Bring Guns In Your Carry-On

After a record year finding guns in travelers’ carry-on bags at the nation’s airports, the Transportation Security Administration wants to take a second to remind everyone flying for the holidays that weapons need to be in your checked baggage and declared to authorities. [More]


Panera CEO Asks Customers To Leave Guns At Home

Following the lead of Starbucks, Chipotle, Target, and others, sandwich chain Panera is asking that customers please refrain from bringing firearms into their restaurants, but says it won’t stop people from doing so where it’s legal. [More]

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Man Uses “I Wasn’t Robbing Anyone, Cashier Just Handed The Cash To Me” Defense

We’ve all had that weird experience when suddenly, the cashier will just force you to take a bunch of the cash from the cash register. And then, because that’s so weird, the instinct is to just flee, right? Wait, that’s not normal, you say? Weird. But that’s what one guy accused of robbing a local grocery store is claiming. [More]

(Ron Dauphin)

Target Asks Shoppers Not To Bring Guns Into Its Stores

Target added its name to the list of companies asking customers not to bring guns into its stores. [More]

Not a toy. (Myrtle Beach Police)

Target Security Officer Finds Loaded Gun In Toy Section

Playskool makes a wide variety of fun and adorable products, but they don’t make a 9mm Lugar pistol. Yet a Target employee found a loaded gun sitting out in the toy department last Friday, and want the public’s help to find a man who was in the toy department acting in a suspicious manner around the time that the gun was left behind. [More]

Group Petitions Target To Ban Guns Following Open-Carry Demonstrations

Group Petitions Target To Ban Guns Following Open-Carry Demonstrations

A petition to ban guns at Target stores has garnered thousands of signatures after recent open-carry demonstrations at the retail stores. [More]

Response To Chipotle’s “Please Don’t Bring Guns” Statement Is Predictably Divided

Response To Chipotle’s “Please Don’t Bring Guns” Statement Is Predictably Divided

Another chain eatery has put itself in the middle of the debate over gun rights after Chipotle announced yesterday that it would rather its customers didn’t bring firearms into their stores. Not surprisingly, the response to this decision has resulted in praise and condemnation, with little in between. [More]


Man Arrested At Airport Security: Wait, You Can’t Bring Guns In Your Carry-On?

There are some things you can see often without really seeing it, ya know? Like the plethora of signs at any airport anywhere telling you not to bring weapons like guns, knives or throwing stars on the plane. Maybe one guy just saw those too often — or not enough — as he reportedly didn’t know you can’t bring a handgun through airport security in your carry-on. [More]

Connecticut Walmarts Charged Sales Tax On Tax-Exempt Gun Safes

Connecticut Walmarts Charged Sales Tax On Tax-Exempt Gun Safes

Since 1999, shoppers in Connecticut have not had to pay the state’s 6.35% sales tax on gun safes and other firearms-safety items, but someone forgot to tell the Walmarts of Connecticut, which have been improperly charging the tax to customers. [More]

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Police: Man Pulled Gun On Cookie-Hawking Girl Scout

When you see a co-worker pass around the inevitable Girl Scout cookie order form and grumble about how you had to do door-to-door sales back when you were a kid, keep this story in mind. A family alleges that a Girl Scout selling cookies in a California neighborhood had a gun pulled on her by a potential customer. [More]

CEO Howard Schultz posted the letter below on the Starbucks blog late Tuesday night.

Starbucks CEO Asks Customers To Please Leave Guns At Home

For years, Starbucks has been stuck in the middle of the debate over whether businesses should let customers bring guns into stores in states and municipalities where it is legal to openly carry a firearm. CEO Howard Schultz had previously called it a “difficult, fragile” situation but said the company was not going to change its longstanding policy of following whatever the local laws allowed. Then last night, he issued an open letter to customers, asking them to please leave their guns at home. [More]

When Your Coupon Gets Rejected, Don’t Pull A Gun On Walmart Staff

When Your Coupon Gets Rejected, Don’t Pull A Gun On Walmart Staff

We know that some people like coupons and take their use very seriously, but don’t take things to extremes. For example, there’s the Florida woman who was so enraged that her local Walmart wouldn’t take a coupon that she printed out online that she rammed a manager with a cart, then retrieved her handgun from her car and threatened employees with it. [More]


Do People Go Gun Shopping With Zombies In Mind?

Between “The Walking Dead” and “Warm Bodies,” there’s a lot of zombie-related entertainment in the zeitgeist right now. But do people have a possible zombie apocalypse in mind when they’re looking for firearms to defend themselves in an emergency? Maybe. Sort of. Not really. [More]

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Warning: Do Not Store Your Glock And Ammo In The Oven

Sure, the oven seems like an ideal place to stash your handgun: it’s out of sight, but easily accessible in an emergency, and it’s not the first place an intruder would think to look for guns. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why this isn’t a common practice. Ovens get hot. That’s how a Florida woman got shot by the oven while making some waffles at a friend’s house. [More]


You Can’t Bring A Loaded Gun In Your Carry-On Even If You’re An NFL Player

The human brain is a shifty thing — you thought you put your keys in your pocket but really they’re in the freezer! — but there’s no way the Transportation Security Administration is going to accept “I forgot a gun was in my bag and/or that it was loaded” as an excuse without a little bit of digging. Even if you happen to be a defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [More]