Ex Trader Joe’s President To Sell Food Past Its Sell-By Date, But Don’t Call It ‘Expired’

Ex Trader Joe’s President To Sell Food Past Its Sell-By Date, But Don’t Call It ‘Expired’

For months, grocery business watchers have been waiting for the eventual opening of The Daily Table, a store created by former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch that will offer food items beyond their “sell by” dates. The problem, says Rauch, isn’t getting the food, it’s convincing consumers that it’s safe to eat. [More]

Bag Of Frozen Spinach Comes With Free Bird Head

Bag Of Frozen Spinach Comes With Free Bird Head

Poultry and spinach go well together, but that doesn’t mean that a Florida woman was happy to see that her frozen spinach came with some free meat. Mostly because it came in the form of the tiny skull (eyes included…well, one eye) of an unidentified bird. [More]

Introducing The Most Worthless Coupon Ever

Introducing The Most Worthless Coupon Ever

Coupons and promotions are great things to get customers into a store and to get our attention, but sometimes you have to stop and say, “Wait a minute.” Here are two cases of inauspicious promotions that readers have spotted lately: a stack of worthless coupons, and a gift card advertised at its face value. [More]

4 Things To Do Instead Of Pulling A Gun When You Can’t Get The Parking Spot You Want

4 Things To Do Instead Of Pulling A Gun When You Can’t Get The Parking Spot You Want

There are things in this world worth fighting over. And while for many a prime parking spot a the grocery store might be one such reason, that doesn’t mean you should pull a shotgun on your fellow shopper for a below par parking job. We’ve got some other ideas on how to handle such a situation. [More]


Winn-Dixie Thinks No One Will Want To Buy Groceries If A Strip Club Opens Next Door

A grocery store could have the freshest produce, tastiest selection of deli meats and aisles fairly bursting with all kinds of items you’d want to buy — but does it matter who’s moved in next door? A Winn-Dixie in Florida thinks so, and is fighting to keep a strip club from opening its doors next to a location used by the store for 30 years. [More]


Get A Flu Shot, Get A Giant Grocery Or Drug Coupon

Retail pharmacies really, really want customers to get their flu shots there this year. How badly? They’re offering giant coupons to customers who get their shots there, ranging from 10% at grocer Safeway to 20% at pharmacy chain CVS. [More]


Shoppers Find $100 Bills Hidden Throughout Portland Grocery Stores

Buying some coffee at the grocery store? How about an extra $100 with that? Or perhaps you need cookies? Here’s $100 for your excellent dessert decision. Lucky shoppers in Portland grocery stores this week might’ve thought there was a band of money fairies roving the area, stuffing hundred-dollar bills into items on the shelves, but of course, it was a publicity stunt. At least, at first. [More]


Fuzzy Math At The Amusement Park And The Grocery Store

Look, Six Flags, it’s summer vacation. We’re here to eat terrible food and be hurled around at high speeds on rides. We’re not here to do math, and we’re really not here to figure out why your “family meal deal” for 4 costs a few cents more than four chicken dinners purchased separately. [More]

Check Out These Tasty Boneless Pork Bones

Check Out These Tasty Boneless Pork Bones

Reader RandomHookup was in the mood for an existential crisis, so he headed over to the meat section at Shaw’s. There he found a package of pork pieces that were labeled as boneless pork bones. Wait, what? [More]

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I Left My Phone At Safeway, Then Things Got Weird

Rachael absent-mindedly left her phone at Safeway, a grocery store chain. Leaving things behind is a normal thing: it happens to everyone, even if you won’t admit it. What isn’t normal is what happened between Rachael and Safeway in the days afterward. She was lucky that no other customers wandered off with her phone, and that the store held on to it for her in their safe. At least, that’s what they said part of the time. [More]


Woman Struck By Lightning While Cashing Out At The Grocery Store

Did you think that you were safe from lightning strikes while you’re indoors, paying for your groceries? Apparently not. A woman standing in line at a Louisiana supermarket was struck by lightning, a baffling event that a meteorologist called “one-in-a-million.” She ended up in the hospital, and business went on as usual in the store. [More]

Neighborhood Vons Store, I’m Really Worried About You

Neighborhood Vons Store, I’m Really Worried About You

David’s family are the very definition of loyal customers: they have shopped at the same Vons store for 50 years now. Not just “at Vons”: at the same location all that time. They know the layout of the store well. Now, David is worried. He’s worried that this venerable store has forgotten how prices work. [More]

Check Out These Exceptionally Large, Salmon-Colored Shrimp

Check Out These Exceptionally Large, Salmon-Colored Shrimp

Reader Griffin was shopping at Jewel when he discovered some exceptionally large and luscious shrimp. Which are also sort of salmon-colored. Hmm. [More]


Motorized Shopping Carts Are Not For Drunken Shoplifting

If you’re going to make a daring escape from a grocery store after a dessert shoplifting spree, it’s probably wise to use something other than one of the store’s own motorized shopping carts. It didn’t end well for an Alaska man who tried to do just that at a Fred Meyer store last week. [More]


English Grocery Store Offers Venison Special: Severed Deer Head At Checkout

You can encounter the weirdest stuff at the grocery store in the wee hours of the morning, but you probably haven’t seen anything weirder than what turned up in the self-checkout aisle of one of UK grocer Tesco’s stores at 1:30 in the morning: the severed head of a deer. [More]

Too Bad You Missed This Amazing Members-Only Sale At Safeway

You missed it? Too bad.

“Man oh man, I’m sure glad that we have a Safeway Club Member loyalty card!” writes reader Richard. Even if you have a card, dearest readers, you’re going to miss out: the sale ended on Saturday. [More]

Fuzzy Math: Why You Should Always Check Unit Prices

Fuzzy Math: Why You Should Always Check Unit Prices

Most of the time, when a vendor understands retail logic and basic math, an item costs less per unit when you buy more of it. Sometimes, due to errors or sale prices, things cost more per unit when you buy more. We call this phenomenon “Fuzzy Math,” and laugh at it. Reader K. found this great example of such fuzziness at a Harris Teeter store, where customers who buy the larger box are seriously missing out. [More]


Publix Feels Really Bad That They Decorated Your Cake With A Bug, Delivers New One

You might have had some nice celebrations this weekend, but we’d guess that none of them had the shocking level of true Above and Beyond customer service that karen experienced at a cookout on Saturday. Something as tiny as an insect can totally ruin the party, when that insect is a dead gnat lodged in the frosting of your birthday carrot cake. [More]