FTC Requires Safeway, Albertsons To Sell 168 Stores Before Completing $9.2B Merger

Last March Albertsons supermarket owners Cerberus Capital Management and AB Acquisition LLC announced that they would acquire the Safeway chain of stores in a merger valued at more than $9 billion, but as with most deals of such magnitude, the new coupling between the second- and fifth-largest grocers in the United States had to pass regulatory muster before they could proceed down the aisle. Today, the chains announced they would sell 168 stores in eight states in order to make their matrimonial dreams a reality. [More]

Bottom Dollar Food To Close Stores, Sell Chain To Aldi

Bottom Dollar Food To Close Stores, Sell Chain To Aldi

A fantastic, descriptive name wasn’t enough to save Bottom Dollar Food, a discount grocery chain with stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The company announced that it will close all of its stores on January 15th. However, fans of discount food may not need to despair: there’s a deal in progress to sell all of the locations and store leases to a competing discount grocery chain, Aldi. [More]


FDA Issues Sweeping New Calorie Requirements For Everything From Vending Machines To Chain Restaurants

If new requirements from the Food and Drug Administration end up sticking, you could be seeing calorie counts for most things you eat outside the home — from vending machines to chain restaurants, movie theater popcorn to pre-made sandwiches at the grocery store. [More]

Reduced-Price Meat Means You Pay 4 Cents Extra

Reduced-Price Meat Means You Pay 4 Cents Extra

When perishable items are close to their sell-by dates, retailers mark them down to get them off the shelves faster. When this happens, everyone wins: customers get cheaper meat, and the store still makes money from the product. That’s how this is supposed to work in theory, at least. [More]

Publix Has Had It With Your Extreme Couponing

Publix Has Had It With Your Extreme Couponing

Publix is a grocery chain that operates in six southern states, and couponers in those states got some terrible news yesterday along with their newspaper coupon inserts. The chain announced last week that they’re tightening their coupon policies in some sensible ways, so master couponers will reap some less extreme bonanzas. [More]

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Police: Grocery Store Worker Walked Out With $1,200 Worth Of Meat Stuffed In His Pants

There are often questions involved in shoplifting incidents — why that particular product? Or what makes a store employee steal from his or her place of employment? And how come meat seems to be the most popular product one can shove down one’s pants (and again, though sometimes it’s puppies)? More mysteries remain to be solved, I’m afraid. [More]

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Grocery Store Shopper Calls The Cops On A Mom For Dropping F-Bombs In Front Of Her Kids

Is it a crime to swear at your children? That’s the question in one South Carolina town right now, after a Kroger customer called the cops on her fellow shopper for allegedly dropping f-bombs in front of her children. [More]

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Man Uses “I Wasn’t Robbing Anyone, Cashier Just Handed The Cash To Me” Defense

We’ve all had that weird experience when suddenly, the cashier will just force you to take a bunch of the cash from the cash register. And then, because that’s so weird, the instinct is to just flee, right? Wait, that’s not normal, you say? Weird. But that’s what one guy accused of robbing a local grocery store is claiming. [More]

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Guy Accused Of Sticking Needles Into Grocery Store’s Packaged Meat “Just For The Hell Of It”

There are crusades, campaigns, and goals that some people are aiming for when they decided to cross the law. But then sometimes there’s no real reason to do others harm: Federal prosecutors say a 68-year-old Illinois man stuck sewing needles into packaged meat at the same grocery store near his home at least seven times “just for the hell of it.” [More]

Whole Foods Recalls Dozens Of Products Containing Potentially Listeria-Ridden Fruit

Whole Foods Recalls Dozens Of Products Containing Potentially Listeria-Ridden Fruit

Fruit from California’s Wawona Packing Company tested positive for Listeria contamination, and now consumers get to look on in horror as we learn how widely that fruit was distributed. Items like fruit tarts and mango-peach salsa made in-store at Whole Foods using the affected fruit were sold between June 1 and July 21, 2014. [More]

This Will Make You Feel Old: Bar Code Scanning Just Turned 40


Get a flaming cake out and take a deep breath, party people, because it’s time to feel old: The Universal Product Code was first put into use only 40 years ago, when a $0.67 10-pack of Wrigley’s gum was scanned by a cashier at an Ohio grocery store on June 26, 1974. Yes, bar codes have only been on the things we buy for 40 years. [More]

Without the unit pricing info, one might not see the huge difference in value between these two similar products on Walmart.com.

Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Costco Agree To Finally Put Unit Pricing Online

When shopping online, it can be difficult to compare prices between similar products because they come in slightly different size containers — or to see if you’re really getting a good deal by buying in bulk — because many e-tail websites don’t include unit pricing to tell you many dollars per ounce/gram/liter or other standard unit of measure. But today, some of the biggest names in retail agreed to start listing unit prices, while the biggest name in online shopping won’t commit. [More]

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Let’s All Move To Wisconsin, Land Of Plenty

Full disclosure: I grew up in Wisconsin (as some may have noticed due to frequent mentions of cheese and the almighty Green Bay Packers) but hear me out when I say everyone should just move there: According to a new report, Wisconsin has 2.7 times more bars than grocery stores. [More]


Woman Convicted Of Putting Pins And Needles In Food Sues Grocer For $8 Million

This story has the appearance of a wacky news story, but is just sad all around. Back in 2009, a grocery co-op in Calgary banned a woman from the premises for shoplifting. Authorities say that the following year, she began a campaign of malicious food adulteration, planting needles, pins, and nails in the store’s products. Now she’s suing the store for defamation. [More]

All Squash Weighs Four Ounces At Stop & Shop, Regardless Of Size

All Squash Weighs Four Ounces At Stop & Shop, Regardless Of Size

We all learned in elementary school that an object’s mass and its size are different things. A pound of cotton candy is much larger than a pound of, say, raisins, because raisins are so much denser. Yet this package of squash that reader Adam spotted at Stop & Shop would have us believe that some of the same vegetable are twice as dense as others. [More]

Safeway Has Limits For Soft Drink Purchases, Isn’t Sure What They Are

Safeway Has Limits For Soft Drink Purchases, Isn’t Sure What They Are

For some time now, we at Consumerist have been worried about Target, since the retailer’s pricing shows little to no grounding in reality. Now the disease has spread to Safeway, maybe. Reader David is still scratching his head over this shelf tag that he found last week. [More]

Free Rat Included In Supermarket Bakery Apple Cake

Free Rat Included In Supermarket Bakery Apple Cake

A Long Island man wanted only one thing for his 96th birthday celebration: a German apple ring cake from grocer King Kullen. Sounds festive and delicious. When the family cut into it during his party, though, they found something extra mixed in. Nope, not extra apple filling or a bonus cinnamon swirl. (Warning: there are photos after the jump.) [More]

Study: Most Supermarket Coupons Pile On The Savings For Junk Food, Sugary Drinks

Study: Most Supermarket Coupons Pile On The Savings For Junk Food, Sugary Drinks

There you are, making sure every single store coupon you can possibly use is going to cut down on that grocery bill. But while the prices are slimming down with the discounts offered by supermarkets, the foods with the most discounts could be expanding your waistline. [More]