Many remaining A&P stores are NYC-area Pathmark stores. (Morton Fox)

A&P Issues Layoff Notices To All Store Employees, Still Plans To Sell Stores

When layoffs are coming within 60 days, federal law requires employers to notify employees and their state labor department. An industry publication reports that yesterday, the venerable and bankrupt grocery chain A&P issued these layoff notifications, called Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notices, to employees at all of their stores. However, most of the stores remain on the market, and A&P hopes to sell them to competitors soon. [More]

Whole Foods Announces Five Cities Where It’s Opening Cheaper Stores

Whole Foods Announces Five Cities Where It’s Opening Cheaper Stores

Back in May, Whole Foods announced it’d be making a play for that coveted category of customers, the almighty millennials, by launching a new line of lower-cost stores. The company has now revealed which cities will see those first cheaper stores. [More]

Oh Great, Here’s Another Halloween Candy Display In July

Oh Great, Here’s Another Halloween Candy Display In July

Just in case you thought it might be some kind of fluke that Walgreens had their Halloween candy out on July 21, we assure you that Walgreens isn’t alone in this sort of wacky midsummer merchandising. Nope: John sent along this photo taken in a Giant Eagle store of a display of seasonally-themed M&Ms and Snickers bars. [More]

Historic grocery chain A&P filed for bankruptcy for the second time in five years on Sunday.

Historic A&P Grocery Chain Files For Bankruptcy Again, Plans To Sell Or Close Locations

For the second time in five years, 156-year-old grocery store operator Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P) filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, laying out plans to sell off or close many of its stores. [More]

(Jackie Alpers)

FDA Giving Businesses Another Year To Comply With Rules Requiring Calorie Counts On Menus

Restaurants and other businesses that were living under a deadline to include calorie counts on menus and displays will get a bit of wiggle room to comply with the rule passed by the Food and Drug Administration last fall. The agency now says food purveyors will have another year to get their acts together, extending the previous deadline from Dec. 1, 2015 to Dec. 1, 2016. [More]

Hawaii Becomes First State To Ban Plastic Bags At Grocery Stores

Hawaii Becomes First State To Ban Plastic Bags At Grocery Stores

While some cities in the U.S. have passed laws that ban plastic bags at grocery stores, Hawaii now stands alone as the first and only state that prohibits supermarkets from handing out the non-biodegradable carriers at the checkout. [More]

Whole Foods CEOs Admit To “Unintentional” Overcharging

Whole Foods CEOs Admit To “Unintentional” Overcharging

In 2014, California regulators caught Whole Foods overcharging customers, and things have only gotten worse for the upscale grocery store chain, which is currently under investigation for similar allegations in New York (where it also faces a civil suit from customers). That’s why Whole Foods’ co-CEOs issued a joint, heavily qualified, mea culpa about the situation. [More]


Customer Sues Whole Foods Over Alleged Overcharging In NYC

New York City officials accused Whole Foods of overcharging customers in the “the worst case of mislabeling” investigators have seen, a man filed a lawsuit against the upscale food purveyor. He’s seeking damages because he claims he bought several mispriced packages at the stores over the last three years. [More]

(Rick Takagi)

European Parent Companies Of Hannaford, Food Lion, Stop & Shop, Giant, And Peapod To Merge

You may not recognize the names Ahold and Delhaize, but you probably recognize some of the grocery brands that they own. Delhaize is the parent company of Hannaford and Food Lion, and Ahold is the parent company of U.S. chains Stop & Shop and Giant, as well as the online grocery delivery company Peapod. If regulators approve, the two companies will merge, and the transaction will become final in the middle of next year. [More]

NYC Officials Investigating Whole Foods For Allegedly Overcharging On Pre-Packaged Goods

NYC Officials Investigating Whole Foods For Allegedly Overcharging On Pre-Packaged Goods

After paying $800,000 in California last fall to settle allegations it was overcharging its customers, Whole Foods is once again in hot water for possibly overcharging customers, this time in New York City. [More]

Could Automated Grocery Stores Be In Our Future?

Could Automated Grocery Stores Be In Our Future?

Do future trips to the supermarket involve no lines, no human interaction and no endlessly searching the aisles to check items off your list? They might, and residents of Iowa could be the first to test out what is essentially an ATM-like grocery store. [More]


Whole Foods Naming New Line Of Stores After Its “365” Brand

If you have been waiting on the very edge of your seat to find out what Whole Foods would be branding its new line of smaller stores with lower prices, today is your day. After filing various trademark names to throw everyone off, the company says it’ll be calling the chain “365 by Whole Foods Market.” [More]

Grocery Store Marks Up Chicken, Not Sure How ‘Clearance’ Works

Grocery Store Marks Up Chicken, Not Sure How ‘Clearance’ Works

Here is how it works when something has been on the shelf for a while and you want to get rid of it. You lower the price slightly to entice someone to buy it, and…um, that should be about it. Unless you are grocer Ingles. Then putting something on clearance means raising the price per pound but decreasing the weight, decreasing the price slightly but not making anyone want to buy the chicken. [More]


Whole Foods Planning Lower-Cost Chain Aimed At — You Guessed It — Millennials

The magic “M” word is making changes in the consumer world yet again: This time that all-consuming desire to reach millennials that we’ve seen everywhere from fast food to department stores has struck Whole Foods, prompting the company to announce a lower-cost chain designed especially to lure in the younger set. [More]

(Alan Rappa)

Shoplifter Hiding In Grocery Store Ceiling After Allegedly Stealing $8 Worth Of Stuff Prompts SWAT Response

The natural instinct to flee when caught kicked into overload for one suspected shoplifter, who police say crawled into a supermarket’s ceiling after getting busted with $8.50 in stolen goods. Her urge for a refuge took a seven-hour police effort, complete with a SWAT team response and store evacuation. [More]

Consumers should check the bottom of their ice cream containers for a code that would link their product to a specific Blue Bell Plant. [CDC]

Walmart Joins List Of Retailers Removing All Blue Bell Ice Cream Products From Shelves

Yesterday, we reported that three major retailers removed Blue Bell Creameries products from shelves out of an abundance of caution following a link between the products and an outbreak of listeriosis. Now, the largest retailer in the country – Walmart – is following suit. [More]

Starbucks Finally Gets Around To Selling Yogurt-Based Cups, Smoothies, Parfaits After Two Years

Starbucks Finally Gets Around To Selling Yogurt-Based Cups, Smoothies, Parfaits After Two Years

The unlikely partnership between Starbucks and Dannon parent company Danone that Consumerist first reported on back in 2013 is finally coming to fruition with the launch of an exclusive line of yogurt-based smoothies, parfaits and fruit cups at 4,300 of the company’s coffee shops. [More]

(Jennifer Moo)

Remembering Reusable Grocery Bags Makes Us Buy More Junk Food

Reusable shopping bags: they’re environmentally friendly, earn you a discount, and let you express your loyalty to your favorite grocery store when there isn’t a Wegmans available within a two-hour drive. Yet here’s an interesting question: do they have an effect on our behavior? Are there any major differences between shoppers who bring their own bags and those who don’t? [More]