Walmart Entices Shoppers To Try Online Grocery Pickup With Discounts

Walmart Entices Shoppers To Try Online Grocery Pickup With Discounts

Does the idea of placing an online grocery order at Walmart and then simply visiting the store to pick it up appeal to you? Walmart is now experimenting with a few pilot stores where you can do just that, and now they’re experimenting with special discounts to get customers to try it out. [More]

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Target Wants To Sell More Groceries: Stocks Yogurt, Snacks, And Beer

If you want to sell more groceries, stock food that people want to buy. That’s logical enough, and it’s Target’s new strategy to draw younger customers to its stores to buy food…and pick up everything else they need along the way to the checkout. Now the company is looking for an experienced grocery executive to help them ride the Greek yogurt and granola bar train to being cool again. [More]

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Police Officer Buys Accused Shoplifter A Carton Of Eggs, Donations Follow By The Truckload

What started with a kind act from a police officer who bought a carton of eggs for an accused shoplifter instead of arresting her has turned into a veritable food and clothing mountain of generosity from strangers. [More]


USPS Wants To Leave Groceries, Other Stuff On Your Doorstep At 4 A.M.

Earlier this month it was announced that the U.S. Postal Service was testing out how badly it could screw up the delivery of Amazon Fresh grocery shipments in the San Francisco area. But a recent regulatory filing shows that USPS has hopes of bringing its laid-back, carefree delivery approach to groceries and other items all around the country. [More]

Walmart To Test New Store That’s Only For Picking Up Online Grocery Orders

Walmart To Test New Store That’s Only For Picking Up Online Grocery Orders

While many large retailers, allow customers to place orders online and then come pick them up at the store, Walmart is planning to test out a new depot format where customers don’t do any shopping, but only pick up groceries they has pre-ordered on Walmart’s website. [More]

Baby seems skeptical of this lint brush thing.

Amazon’s Dash Device: Speak Or Scan Grocery, Household Items Onto A Grocery List

In case your closet full of gadgets and gizmos isn’t quite stocked to the overflowing brim just yet, here’s another Internet connected doodad: Amazon has launched a device called the Amazon Dash that’s basically a stick you can talk into or use to scan groceries and household items to add them to your grocery list. [More]

Don’t Put Your Bread In The Fridge & Other Important Food Storage Tips

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We’ve all got a somewhat innate sense of where to store the foods we eat in our modern cultures — you’re not going to stick your ice cream in the pantry and expect it to stay frozen, or freeze your fresh apples. But what about butter — countertop or refrigerator? Should I really use that “eggs” slot on the inside of my fridge door? Answer us, oh kitchen gods! [More]

9 Tips For Buying Groceries Online Without Throwing Your Money Away

9 Tips For Buying Groceries Online Without Throwing Your Money Away

For those living in cities that lack convenient supermarkets, or for whom a trip to the supermarket is a huge pain in the rear-end, online grocery delivery services like FreshDirect or Peapod can be a godsend. But the ease of using these services also can result in some bad habits. [More]

Consumers Turning To One-Stop-Shop Stores Rather Than Traditional Grocery Stores

Consumers Turning To One-Stop-Shop Stores Rather Than Traditional Grocery Stores

When I was growing up, my mom would do our family’s grocery shopping at several different stores. She’d purchase fresh produce at one, meat at another and non-perishable items like cleaning supplies at another. Today, she only goes to one store. She’s part of a growing trend of consumers frequenting big box stores rather than traditional grocers to mark off items on their grocery list. [More]


Walmart Testing Online Grocery Ordering And Pickup In Denver

Ordering stuff online for in-store pickup is convenient and saves on delivery fees, but would you do it with groceries? Would you do it with groceries at Walmart? That’s what the mega-retailer hopes to find out by testing “Walmart To Go” service in Colorado. They’ve combined their grocery delivery and in-store pickup business models, which just might be the logical coc [More]


That incessant buzzing you hear emanating from the East Coast is a hive of gossipy grocery customers wondering if AmazonFresh will be coming to New York City. It would be a boon to citizens of the land where stocking up on food supplies is a thrice-weekly (at least) lesson in pain endurance due nine plastic bags cutting off your arm circulation/will to live. There’s mysterious hiring going on at a super secret Amazon New Jersey warehouse, so a whole bunch of tongues are wagging. [via All Things D]

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Presenting A Handy Map To Every Grocery Store

While this map may not physically match every grocery store you’ve ever been to, it certainly contains all the major elements, conveniences and annoyances. [More]


Survey: Target Beats Walmart For Cheaper Thanksgiving Dinner

Over the past decade, Walmart has quickly become the biggest seller of groceries in the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest. In fact, a new survey says that shoppers would save money this year by hitting up Target for their Thanksgiving feast. [More]


Grocery Store Gives Customers Free Food Rather Than Have Them Wait For Registers To Start Working

Pop quiz, hot shot: You’re the manager of a grocery store and a computer crash leaves your cashiers without any easy way to tally up customers’ purchases, let alone process payments. Do you (A) tell customers they’ll have to wait; (B) pull out the old calculator; (C) give them their food for free. [More]

There's More Sodium In Your Bread Than In Your Chips… Well, Maybe

It’s American Heart Month (some sort of Valentine’s-related synergy, we suppose) so the Centers for Disease Control has issued its latest report on how much sodium — a big contributor to high blood pressure — we’re eating and where we’re getting it from. [More]

The Most Shoplifted Food In The World? That's Right, "Cheese."

The Most Shoplifted Food In The World? That's Right, "Cheese."

The First WorldWide Shrinkage Survey is not about taking a scientific approach to a Seinfeld plot line. Instead, it measures shoplifting around the globe. “Shrinkage,” in retail parlance, is when people take things from stores without paying for them. And according to their study, the most shoplifted item in the world in 2011 was cheese. [More]

Save Money On Groceries By Avoiding Baskets, Carts

Save Money On Groceries By Avoiding Baskets, Carts

If your cupboards are anything like mine, they’re filled with food you have no intention of eating anytime soon and enticing snacks that you wish weren’t there. The reason you’ve got too much food is you were able to mindlessly toss too many extra items into your cart or basket. [More]

Walmart Says Vast Majority Of Its Products Are Made In USA; Experts Are Skeptical

Walmart Says Vast Majority Of Its Products Are Made In USA; Experts Are Skeptical

The CEO of Walmart recently announced that a majority of the products it sells are made in America. But retail industry experts say that, assuming it’s even true, this fact is not a sign that the nation’s largest retailer is making a greater shift toward purchasing American-made products. [More]