Hero Nurses Save Grandparents From Wiring Thousands Of Dollars To Scammers

Visiting nurses can make the lives of their patients easier and healthier, but “stopping scamsters who prey on the elderly” isn’t in their job description. Yet that’s exactly what two visiting nurses in Connecticut did in the last few weeks, both on their own time and while they were working. They weren’t afraid to butt in and save the near-victims thousands of dollars. [More]

(Tracy O)

The Good News: Your Grandson Isn’t In Peruvian Prison. The Bad News: You Just Lost $250K

Grandkids, kids, nieces and nephews: Now is a really good time for you to sit down your elders and tell them that you will likely never be locked up in a prison or stranded abroad and in need of large sums of money. Or heck, maybe set up a password — “Grandma, if I ever call and yell ‘BINGO!’ into the phone you’ll know it’s me and it’s safe to send me money.”  [More]