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Woman Who Chased Down Google Street View Car And Flashed It Could Now Be Facing Charges

While there are many people out there applauding the woman who chased down a Google Street View car so she could flash it and expose her chest to the world, thus, crossing that off her bucket list, local authorities in her Australian town aren’t quite so pleased with her public display. [More]


Google Street View Straps A Camera To A Camel’s Back To Capture Arabian Desert

The closest most of us will get to riding through an Arabian desert on a camel are those rides kids can take for free on a humped friend at the zoo (or if you’re like me, that time I fell asleep in the middle of reading Arabian Nights as a kid and swore I woke up with a sunburn).But at least now we can get a better idea of the experience with Google Street View’s new camel view of the Liwa Desert. [More]


Google Loses Appeal Over Street View Cars Snooping On Home Wi-Fi Connections

Google lost its appeal in federal court yesterday over whether or not its Street View cars invaded people’s privacy by collecting info through their home Wi-Fi systems as it drove through their neighborhoods. [More]

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Google To Pay States $7 Million For Privacy Violations Related To Street View

Remember way back in 2010 when people were up in arms about Google collecting and storing data — including e-mails, texts, browsing histories, and other fun, private stuff — while tooling around taking photos for Google Street View? Well, the multi-state lawsuit over that mess has finally been settled. [More]

Hey, donkey, you sleepin'?

Google Says Street View Car Didn’t Hit That Donkey Lying In The Road, It’s Just Sleeping

So there’s this donkey, on a road in Botswana, right? And like, it seemed as if he was just going along on his little donkey way when along comes Google’s Street View car and what’s this? Suddenly he’s lying on the ground. That is the sequence of events some are citing while accusing Google’s car of hitting — and gulp, maybe killing — the poor fella. But Google says its own set of pictures shows that’s not the case at all. [More]

Man Announces "Toyota Sucks" On Roof — And Google Maps Takes Notice

Man Announces "Toyota Sucks" On Roof — And Google Maps Takes Notice

Writing “Toyota Sucks” on your roof and turning your Toyota truck into an anti-Toyota billboard may seem like a slightly fruitless exercise. That is, until both of them end up on Google Maps, much to the amusement of the Internet. [More]