Court Throws Out Case Against Driver Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass

Court Throws Out Case Against Driver Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass

The saga of the California driver ticketed for wearing a Google Glass device while behind the wheel has come to an end, with the court throwing out the controversial charge, but leaving open the door for police to issue Google Glass-related tickets in the future. [More]

Driver Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass Goes On Trial Today

Driver Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass Goes On Trial Today

UPDATE: The San Diego traffic court commissioner in this case has thrown out the citation against the driver, saying the police officer had no proof that the driver’s Google Glass device was turned on while she was driving. [More]

Woman Ticketed For Driving With Google Glass Pleads Not Guilty

Woman Ticketed For Driving With Google Glass Pleads Not Guilty

Back in October, a California woman was given a ticket for driving while sporting a Google Glass device. Yesterday, she appeared in court to enter a plea of not guilty on the charge of distracted driving. [More]

Google Glass Prepping To Be More Than Geeky Headgear

Google Glass Prepping To Be More Than Geeky Headgear

Maybe you want to buy Google’s wearable Google Glass device when it hits the market, but don’t want to look like you’re dressed as Tech Engineer #3 from some episode of a late ’90s sci-fi movie? The company is reportedly talking with at least one eyewear company to come up with designs for Google Glass that would integrate prescription lenses and make the wearer slightly less conspicuous. [More]

It's hard to read, but the driver was cited for "Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass)" (Source: Google+)

This May Be The First Ticket For Wearing Google Glass While Driving

California law prohibits drivers from operating a vehicle when some sort of video screen is showing “entertainment or business applications” that are in the front seat area or otherwise visible to the driver. And at least one police officer in San Diego thinks this law applies to Google Glass. [More]

Geordi needs friends.

Google Wants You To Sell Your Friends On Its $1,500 Glass Devices

Is it lonely on the top of technology hill, where you sit gazing out over the landscape with your Google Glass perched saucily on your nose, surveying all you see? Instead of selling your friends the devices itself, Google wants you to be the one to convince your pals they also need a pair of $1,500 Google Glass spectacles. So you won’t be lonely! [More]


Siri Is Apparently Working Through Her Issues With Google Glass

So there’s Siri, holding court in the cafeteria and straight up lovin’ it: Everyone’s asking her questions, and how to do stuff and being like, “But what do you think about this, Siri?” Suddenly everyone is buzzing about the new kid, this Google Glass guy who says he knows a thing or two about this and that. And Siri, apparently, is not taking to sharing the virtual assistant throne well. Or rather she’s taking it with just a grain of sass. Glass sass. [More]


Add Casinos To The List Of Places You Can’t Wear Google Glass

I remember watching the movie Casino for the first time, where there’s an intricate scene involving card cheats who are trying to pull a fast one over the casino by way of some kind of electronic signals sent with the tap of a finger. “Wow!” I thought. “That’s so high-tech! Good thing Ace (Robert De Niro’s character) is so wily!” Now just imagine those guys had Google Glass — Ace would not be pleased. As such, New Jersey regulators (and other lawmakers around the country) are preparing against a potential for Glass gadgetry to enhance gambling. [More]


It Only Took A Few Hours After Sexytimes App Debuts For Google To Ban Porn On Google Glass

If you’re in the mood for love, simply because you’re near your heart’s desire, you better keep your clothes on if you happen to be sporting Google Glass. Just hours after the first porn app for the cyborg glasses was announced, Google officially banned any sexually explicit material on the devices. That’s one point of view Google seems to not be interested in. [More]

Google Says No (For Now) To Facial Recognition Apps For Glass

Google Says No (For Now) To Facial Recognition Apps For Glass

As consumers test Google’s Glass device on the streets and subways of America, many people have raised privacy concerns about the possibility of developers creating facial recognition apps for the wearable computers. But Google is trying to calm those fears by saying it won’t allow such apps… for the time-being. [More]

What's Geordi's is not yours.

Don’t Even Think Of Letting Anyone Buy Or Borrow Your New Google Glass Specs

So there you are, one of the first people to get their hands on the Google Glass. You’re tooling around like Geordi LaForge, taking photos or seeing maps or whatever, and your friend is all, “Hey, cool! Can I borrow those?” Stop right there, says Google. The first users of these specs are strictly forbidden from selling, loaning or otherwise letting anyone else touch them. [More]

What time is it? GEORDI TIME!

Google Glass Taking Applications To Become America’s Next Top Cyborg

If you’ve ever sat gazing out a window using just your own boring nature-given eyeballs and thought, “Oh, if only I were more like Geordi LaForge, and also I have lots of money to spare,” then Google Glass wants you. The company is taking the next step toward making its wearable computing devices a reality and is offering up the chance for tech-lovers to be among the first to try it. [More]


No, That’s Not A Cyborg — It’s Sergey Brin Riding The NYC Subway Rails Wearing Google Glass

While Star Trek: Next Generation actor LeVar Burton is no doubt waiting to take the Google Glass specs for a spin, it seems like for now Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin has taken it upon himself to test them out. He was snapped wearing the eyewear in the wild while cruising on the 3 train in New York City. [More]