This Video Comparison Of Broadband Vs. Google Fiber Isn’t Quite Accurate, But It Is Funny

This Video Comparison Of Broadband Vs. Google Fiber Isn’t Quite Accurate, But It Is Funny

Residents of Provo, UT, will soon be getting access to Google Fiber Internet service, so to illustrate the difference between Gigabit fiberoptic service and typical broadband, the mayor’s office cooked up a funny — if not entirely accurate — video. [More]

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What’s Behind Google Fiber’s Door No. 3? (Drumroll, Please)… It’s Provo, Utah!

Google Fiber is rolling on again across the United States: After announcing Austin, Texas as its second city to officially join the family, the super speedy gigabit network is set to spread into Provo, Utah. It’ll give customers there another option for watching TV and surfing the Internet, and if we know anything in this confusing world, it’s that choice is a beautiful thing. [More]


While the Google Fiber experiment is delivering super-high-speed broadband to people in the Kansas City area, Time Warner Cable says it has the ability to offer similar service, but “We just don’t see the need of delivering that to consumers.” [via]


Time Warner Boosts My Speed, Cuts My Bill: I Just Happen To Live Near Google Fiber

Rob is a Time Warner Cable customer, and he’s received two really interesting things from them lately. First, a 50% speed boost: they claim to have upgraded the speed of his home Internet connection. That’s neat. Oh, and they’ve also cut his bill, from $45 to $30. Wow! What has prompted this amazing treatment? Years of loyalty and on-time payments? No, not exactly…Rob lives in Kansas City, pilot site for Google Fiber, the gigabit broadband project that’s threatening to make current broadband providers almost care about competing. [More]


Netflix Now Posting Monthly Rankings Of ISP Speeds

If, during the course of watching a 50-hour marathon of Burn Notice on Netflix, you find yourself occasionally annoyed by drops in resolution or — heaven forefend — buffering, it might be your Internet service provider. Well, now you can get a better idea as Netflix intends to post monthly rankings of speed on 21 major ISPs. [More]

Google Files Applications To Offer TV Service In Kansas City

Google has been using the Kansas City area as a place to test out its high-speed internet service and now it looks like the internet giant may be ready to try its hand at offering TV service to customers. [More]