Boston PD is a fan of the backpack-returning hero.

Fundraising Campaign For Homeless Man Who Returned Backpack Full Of Money Hits $103K

There are surely plenty of Good Samaritans out there we never have the pleasure of hearing about, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting to know that one do-gooder is now the recipient of simple human kindness and generosity: After a homeless man made headlines this week by turning in a backpack he found with $41,900 worth of cash and travelers checks in it, the online community has rallied to his cause and raised a tidy chunk of money as his reward. [More]

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If You Can’t Find Your Winning $6.3M Lotto Ticket, Check The Lost & Found

You’ve checked your front pockets, back pockets, the nightstand, the kitchen junk drawer, even the freezer, but that pesky $6.27 million lottery ticket you know you purchased is nowhere to be found. If you happen to be the lucky Spaniard who won the lottery but then lost the ticket, you might want to head to the lost and found at your local police station. [More]

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Cleaners Track Down Former Homeowner To Return Long-Lost Jewelry Worth Thousands

What was lost can sometimes never be found again, as belongings have a habit of tumbling into the fiery chasm from whence they came. Or you know, they just go missing. One woman who thought her collection of jewelry worth thousands of dollars would never return three years after she’d lost it. But she didn’t realize there was a team of honest cleaners out there. [More]


Homeless Man Turns In Backpack He Found With $41,900 Inside To Mall Cops

Whenever we hear stories of people finding large sums of money out there a few things come to mind: Who are you people, wandering around with such riches? And also, it’s a good thing there are enough nice people in the world to find your stuff and give it back once you’ve inevitably misplaced your treasures. Like a homeless man in Boston who handed over a backpack containing $41,900 he found at a mall. [More]

One of the customers leaving money for sunglasses and batteries at the unmanned cash register.

Customers Accidentally Enter Closed Store, Leave Cash At Unmanned Counter

Back in college, I remember coming across an accidentally unlocked snack machine early one morning. It would have been so easy to just steal all the knock-off Doritos and not-quite-Oreos we wanted, but my university has a very strict honor code and we could have been kicked out of school for pilfering the bargain foodstuffs. And so we reluctantly chose to close the machine and secure the lock. On Sunday night, a group of young men in New Jersey faced a similar quandary, except they could have boosted everything from a store that had accidentally been left unlocked. [More]


Man Finds $6,900 On The Ground Near DMV, Returns It All To Rightful Owner

The truth is, it’s a tough world out there. And while we yearn for a time when people doing good things for each other isn’t a surprise, and is simply par for the course, those aren’t the times we live in. That’s why it makes our toes and fingers tingle with goodwill when we hear that a man who found $6,900 on the ground handed in the money so it could return to the person who misplaced it. [More]


Man Drops $900 In Home Depot Parking Lot, Actually Gets It Back

Too often we hear about unlucky souls who accidentally drop large amounts of cash, only to have it snatched up by some heartless goon who believes “finders keepers” is the law of the land. So on this lovely Friday afternoon, we bring you a story with a much happier ending. [More]

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Two Men Find $1,000 Blowing Around Parking Lot, But Only One Gives Money Back

Like a lesson in the difference between the dark and the light side of human character, two men found a wad of cash blowing around outside a Schnucks store in Missouri. One, filled with the spirit of human kindness, gathered up the money and gave it back to the elderly woman who had lost it. The other stuck around to argue but ultimately, took the money and ran. [More]

Taco Bell Customers Find $3,600 In Drive-Thru Order, Choose To Not Blow Cash On 3,000 Tacos

Taco Bell Customers Find $3,600 In Drive-Thru Order, Choose To Not Blow Cash On 3,000 Tacos

You may be familiar with the joy of getting home and finding an extra order of french fries in your fast food bag, so imagine how rad it would be to find $3,600 cash stashed in your to-go bag. [More]


Woman Returns $20,000 Bag O’ Cash To Chase Bank, Gets $500 As Reward

When a currently out-of-work schoolteacher in Texas came across a bag containing enough cash to buy a car, she did what some other wouldn’t even think of — she took it to the nearest bank and returned it. [More]

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Man To Move Out Of The Dog House After $23K Ring He Accidentally Sold Is Returned

If you love something, you should let it go and see if it comes back to you because that’s true love, right? But if the something happens to be a $23,000 diamond ring your husband accidentally sold for a couple bucks at a garage sale, letting it go is no fun. Luckily for one California couple, that valued item did return after the Internet caught wind of the situation. [More]


Homeless Man Reaps $145K Reward For Returning Engagement Ring Dropped In His Cup

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Honesty is the best policy when it comes to finding things that aren’t yours. A homeless man in Kansas City, Mo. found that out in quite a delightful way, after returning a diamond engagement ring he found in his change cup to the woman who’d dropped it. She and her fiancé have raised $145,000 in donations to reward him for his kindness. [More]

Man Reunited With His Wallet And The $800 Inside Three Years After He Lost It

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What’s lost is often gone for good, as anyone who’s ever misplaced a wallet or a phone has had the misfortune to discover. But perhaps it’s an even better to recover something  years after you figured you’d never see again, like a man who was reunited with his wallet full of $800 in cash three years after it went missing. [More]

I Want To Reunite Lost Kindle And Its Owner, But Amazon Won’t Help

I Want To Reunite Lost Kindle And Its Owner, But Amazon Won’t Help

Matt is trying to do a nice thing. The previous occupant of his seat on a plane left a Kindle behind in the seatback pocket. He took it with him, planning to reunite the device with its owner. But that person has a very common name, and Amazon has no interest in being a go-between to help reunite lost Kindles with their owners. [More]

I Lost My Bag Full Of Cash, Man Is Nice Enough To Return It Three Years Later

I Lost My Bag Full Of Cash, Man Is Nice Enough To Return It Three Years Later

Rebecca lost a bag chock full of cash, credit cards and camera equipment on a dirt road in Mississippi three years ago. So she was figuring she probably wouldn’t be getting that back, ever — after all, who finds a bag of cash and returns it to the rightful owner years after they find it? Turns out one man is just that kind of good Samaritan. [More]

Update: Missing iPad Recovered By U.S. Airways Pilot

Update: Missing iPad Recovered By U.S. Airways Pilot

Readers might remember last week’s story of Kate, an iPad owner who left her tablet on a U.S. Airways plane after an early morning flight, and was told by an airline employee that she’d never see her iPad again. We love delivering good news — she’s getting it back because of a good Samaritan. [More]

Man Finds $45,000 In New House, And Returns It

Man Finds $45,000 In New House, And Returns It

It turns out there are still some good people left in this world. The Deseret News has the story of a man who was inspecting his family’s first home when a piece of cloth attached to the attic door grabbed his attention. Climbing up the ladder and through the hatch he pulled out a WW II ammo case. He opened the box and discovered inside an amazing treasure, which he ended up giving away that night. [More]

Hands-Only CPR Works Just As Well As Mouth-To-Mouth

Hands-Only CPR Works Just As Well As Mouth-To-Mouth

Here’s something that could help you save the life of someone you’d rather not kiss. The American Heart Association says that hands-only CPR works just as well as mouth-to-mouth. [More]