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Police Officer Buys Accused Shoplifter A Carton Of Eggs, Donations Follow By The Truckload

What started with a kind act from a police officer who bought a carton of eggs for an accused shoplifter instead of arresting her has turned into a veritable food and clothing mountain of generosity from strangers. [More]


UPS Workers Credited With Saving Man’s Life In A Church On Their Route

Sometimes, a delivery person ends up bringing more than just a package or a pizza. And for a man who’d suffered a heart attack in a church, two UPS workers who were on the job happened gave him something much better, when they saved his life during their rounds. [More]

Cracker Barrel Waitress Scores Ultimate Tip: A Car

Cracker Barrel Waitress Scores Ultimate Tip: A Car

After seeing the woeful state of their waitress’s car parked outside the Branson, MO, Cracker Barrel where she worked, a couple from Arkansas decided to leave her a pretty nice tip — in the form of a car. [More]

Secret Santa Gifts $15K To Pay For Strangers’ Walmart Layaway Items

Secret Santa Gifts $15K To Pay For Strangers’ Walmart Layaway Items

It’s that time of year again, when generous folks around the country pop in to their local retailers and plunk down a pile of cash to make strangers’ holidays happier by paying for their layaway purchases. This time, some secret Santa in Ohio left a substantial $15,000 gift under shoppers’ trees. [More]

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Public Safety Officer Gives Mom A New Car Seat For Her Daughter Instead Of Writing Her A Ticket

Keeping everyone safe on the road is part of the job of all local law enforcement, so when a public safety officer in Michigan pulled over a young driver and saw that her child wasn’t strapped into a safety seat, he acted. But instead of writing her a ticket for the lack of a car seat, he brought her to a store and bought one for her. [More]

FIrefighter tidying up cut grass like a boss. A nice boss. (CBS Los Angeles)

Firefighters Rescue Unconscious Man, Finish Mowing The Lawn For Him

When something needs to get done, it needs to get done. And it’s awfully nice to hear that lately, local law enforcement have been stepping up to help finish jobs that can’t finish themselves. There were the cops who delivered a pizza after the delivery driver was in a car crash, and now some friendly firefighters have put themselves forward as lawn guys, mowing a man’s front yard after he lost consciousness. [More]


Woman Breaks Car Windshield With A Tire Iron To Rescue Child Left Inside

While reports of concerned strangers breaking into hot cars to rescue children trapped inside aren’t always what they seem, that didn’t stop one woman from breaking a car’s windshield with a tire iron to save a one-year-old child who’d reportedly been left in there for 40 minutes. [More]

Australian Commuters Work Together To Free Man Trapped Between A Train & The Platform


I can’t move a train. You can’t move a train. We’re not Superman (Superpeople?) but when a whole mess of humans gets together, we’ve got the power to maneuver huge hulking masses of metal to free one of our own. And it was the power of the crowd, not some fictional superhero, that freed an Australian commuter this morning, after his leg became trapped between the train and the platform during rush hour. Cue inspirational music! [More]

If the money had been attached to an adorable dog, would you have turned it into the bank? (photo: Dan Century)

Woman Finds $1,000 At Bank Drive-Thru, Doesn’t Give Into Temptation

You pull up to the bank drive-thru to make a deposit, only to find a stack of cash sitting on the ground next to the drop slot. Some may be tempted to blow that money on… well, honestly $1,000 doesn’t go very far, but it’s still free cash, right? Not so, says one good samaritan from Georgia. [More]

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Even 3-Year-Olds Know No One Should Be Stuck In A Hot Car

It’s discouraging to know that there are plenty of people out there who still think it’s perfectly fine to leave a child or an animal inside a closed car on a hot day. But then again, it’s refreshing when even three-year-olds understand it’s an emergency when someone’s stuck in a vehicle, like one very sharp Tennessee toddler. [More]

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Lowe’s Workers Fix Veteran’s Wheelchair After It Breaks In N.Y. Store

If you’ve got equipment that’s in the midst of breaking down, there’s perhaps nowhere more convenient to be than a huge warehouse filled with tools. So when a veteran’s wheelchair gave way during a shopping trip with his wife at Lowe’s, he didn’t panic. And neither did workers nearby, who put their fix-it expertise to use right there in the store. [More]

Costco Shopper Pays For Firefighters’ Groceries While They’re Out On Emergency Call

Costco Shopper Pays For Firefighters’ Groceries While They’re Out On Emergency Call

Firefighters might do the work of superheroes, but just like other humans, even they like to chow down during Memorial Day cookouts. So when a group of firefighters had to abandon their groceries at Costco to respond to an emergency call, one good Samaritan didn’t want to let them go hungry. [More]


Good Samaritan Says People She Helped Scammed Her Out Of $3,000 During A Hug

Remember how your parents told you never to talk to strangers and to definitely, definitely not let them hug you? One Good Samaritan re-learned that lesson recently, when she says a couple managed to scam her out of $3,000 with just a quick embrace of fake gratitude. [More]

Customer Leaves $1,000 Tip To Help Bartender Pay For Her Dog’s Emergency Surgery

Customer Leaves $1,000 Tip To Help Bartender Pay For Her Dog’s Emergency Surgery

Kindred spirits are a wily sort of spirit — you never know when you’re going to run into someone who has a lot in common with your life. And while it’s reward enough to share interests with a stranger, when that sharing leads to a whopper of a tip, well then, that’s extra nice. [More]

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So Your Mother Accidentally Stole Someone’s Car — Now What?

Because the Consumerist team is strong in the ways of the Force, I know you’re probably thinking something like, “How can someone accidentally steal a car?” Maybe if that person thinks they’re actually just moving the car they were told to move, because hey, these keys work so it must be the right one. Except that it wasn’t. [More]

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Did You Turn In A Lost Diamond Ring At Newark Airport? There’s A Free Flight Waiting For You

Most of the time, when you find something that’s not yours and you turn it in, it’s not like you’re expecting a huge thank you, a burst of applause or a ticker tape parade. You do the right thing because it’s the right thing — but if you did happen to turn in a lost diamond ring at Newark Airport? You’ve got a free flight. [More]

9 Things We Learned From The Interview With Supposed “Tips For Jesus” Ringleader

9 Things We Learned From The Interview With Supposed “Tips For Jesus” Ringleader

Where there’s smoke, there just has to be fire. Which is why we’ve all been stymied by the mysterious rash of overly generous tips that have been popping up in restaurants, coffee shops and bars across the nation. On a lot of those receipts, there’s a unifying addition scrawled after tips of $1,000 or $3,000: “Tips for Jesus.” So who is this big tipper — or tippers — making the fires?

Goodwill Worker Returns $43,000 In Cash Found Stuffed Into Pockets Of Donated Clothing

Goodwill Worker Returns $43,000 In Cash Found Stuffed Into Pockets Of Donated Clothing

You know the feeling when you reach into the pocket of some jeans or a jacket you haven’t worn in a while and come up with a $5 bill? Multiply that feeling by a whole lot and imagine what it’d be like to find a suit stuffed with cash for a grand total of $43,000. [More]