Top 5 Guerilla Marketing Mishaps

Top 5 Guerilla Marketing Mishaps

In the never-ending quest for free publicity, guerilla marketers have gone through great lengths to try to make a big splash. Many guerilla marketers will often concoct stunts that are risky or illegal to grab the publics’ attention. Some stunts go over better than others while a few completely backfire. As a tribute to these foolhardy souls, WebUrbanist has put together their top 5 mishaps in guerilla marketing. The list, inside…

William Shatner’s Kidney Stone Worth 25 G’s

William Shatner’s Kidney Stone Worth 25 G’s

Unfortunately, we at the Consumerist missed this last week, preventing us from actually posting it in our Morning Deal’s Round-Up – maybe one of you guys could have outbid. But coming soon to Golden Palace (appropriate, given the method of evacuation), a piece of William Shatner. Specifically, his passed kidneystone.