It’s Finally Happening: Men’s Wearhouse Will Buy Jos. A. Bank For $1.8 Billion

It’s here at long, long last! The wedding of the century. Forget those royals, forget that person on TV with a skating rink on her finger: After months of sparring, Men’s Wearhouse is buying Jos. A. Bank for $1.8 billion. Let’s hope the new couple doesn’t get into another fight over who will provide the tuxedos. [More]


U.S. Proposes Deal To Allow The American Airlines-US Airways Marriage To Finally Happen

An expensive wedding is by no means an unusual event these days, and when it comes to major airlines trying to get hitched, it’s no different. Just last week the Department of Justice was rumored to have a list of things it wanted the airlines to sell off if they wanted to walk down the aisle and now there’s a reported price for that wedded bliss. [More]

FTC Will Probably Approve Marriage Of OfficeMax & Office Depot

FTC Will Probably Approve Marriage Of OfficeMax & Office Depot

When Office Depot and OfficeMax showed up, sweaty, nervous hands entwined, to talk to the Federal Trade Commission, those two crazy kids were probably worried the agency wouldn’t give its blessing for their upcoming nuptials. But it looks like this wedding is going to happen, people. [More]

Think You Can Tell A $99 Wedding Dress From An $1,800 One?

Think You Can Tell A $99 Wedding Dress From An $1,800 One?

Times used to be, you wanted to buy a wedding dress, you had to go to bridal shops boasting designer creations, with the prices to match. But now retailers are getting into the wedding game, providing cheaper options for customers. Target just threw its veil into the ring with its new line of bridal gowns starting at the low price of $99, which made us wonder — can anyone even pick out the less expensive gowns from their pricier counterparts? [More]


Looks Like DOJ Is A-OK With T-Mobile/MetroPCS Merger

The proposed marriage of underdog T-Mobile and upstart MetroPCS is one step closer to the altar today, as the Justice Dept. was given the chance to speak out against the merger but appears to have decided to forever hold its peace. [More]