Grocery Groups Sue Vermont Over New GMO Food Labeling Requirement

Back in April, Vermont became the first state to require food companies to label their products if they contained genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Now various industry food groups are coming together to fight the rule with a lawsuit claiming the law is a “costly and misguided measure” that in the end, the groups say, won’t help consumers. [More]

Vermont Becomes First State To Pass A Bill Requiring GMO Food Labels

Vermont Becomes First State To Pass A Bill Requiring GMO Food Labels

Yesterday, Vermont’s House passed a bill that will make the state the first in the country to require labeling of foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. All it needs now is the governor’s signature, and he’s expected to slap his John Hancock on it soon. [More]


Food Industry Volunteers To Self-Regulate GMO Labeling By Doing It If They Feel Like It

Do you have any idea if the ingredients in that sandwich you just made for lunch were genetically modified? Probably not: there’s no federal rule requiring labeling of GMO ingredients one way or the other. Now, a group of food industry organizations is calling on Congress to take action about GMO labeling… but the request isn’t quite what it seems. [More]

Is Chipotle’s Anti-GMO Stance Resulting In Profits?

Is Chipotle’s Anti-GMO Stance Resulting In Profits?

Last year, gut-busting burrito chain Chipotle quietly became the first restaurant of its type to begin identifying which of its ingredients may contain genetically modified ingredients, while also publicly stating that its long-term goal is to eliminate GMO ingredients from its menu. This can be a costly move in a business with relatively thin margins, but it may be working in Chipotle’s favor. [More]

Monsanto Shareholders Fail To Convince Company To Disclose Info About Genetically Modified Seeds

Monsanto Shareholders Fail To Convince Company To Disclose Info About Genetically Modified Seeds

Earlier today, the world’s largest seed company, Monsanto, held its annual shareholders meeting outside of St. Louis. While there were a small number of protestors outside, the bigger story was going on inside the meeting, where shareholders were asked to vote on measures that would require more transparency about Monsanto and its genetically modified seeds. [More]

Original Cheerios Will Soon Be GMO-Free (There Aren’t Any Genetically Modified Oats Anyway)

Original Cheerios Will Soon Be GMO-Free (There Aren’t Any Genetically Modified Oats Anyway)

General Mills says it’s been making original-flavor Cheerios without genetically modified organisms and that they’ll be on store shelves soon after consumers piped up to ask for GMO-free products. It’s only doing so for the original flavor because that one is mostly oats and conveniently enough, there aren’t any genetically modified oats anyway. [More]

Some advocacy groups have expressed concern that the milk used in Chobani comes from cows who eat feed with genetically modified ingredients.

Whole Foods Reportedly Ditching Chobani Over GMO Concerns

If Chobani’s recall woes weren’t enough, the maker of the Greek-style yogurt may also be losing an important retail partner with Whole Foods reportedly planning to stop shelving the stuff in the coming year over concerns about genetically modified content. [More]


USDA Approves Label That Will Identify Products From Animals Fed A Non-GMO Diet

There will be a bit more transparency in the grocery aisle soon, at least for some products. The United State’s Agriculture Department has given the go-ahead to a label that will tout meat and liquid egg products as being free of genetically modified ingredients. This doesn’t mean, however, that the USDA is requiring all meat and poultry processors to do so, but it’s the first time the department has approved a non-GMO label. [More]


Chipotle Is The First U.S. Fast Food Chain To Identify Products With GMO Ingredients

Sure, you probably know the basic ingredients in your fast food lunch — chicken or beef, lettuce and tomato, whathaveyou — after all, you’re the one who ordered it. But if you, like many consumers, care whether or not those ingredients include genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the ingredient list usually is no help. Chipotle announced that it will now mark those ingredients on its website for discerning consumers. [More]

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Ben & Jerry’s Pledges To Stop Using Genetically Modified Ingredients

I scream, you scream, we all scream for non-genetically modified ingredients in our ice cream? Whether you’ve been screaming for a change or not, Ben & Jerry’s says it’ll remove all genetically-modified organisms from its list of ingredients in the company’s ice cream products by the end of the year. [More]

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Whole Foods To Begin Labeling Genetically Modified Products

Though legislative moves to require labels on food products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have failed, the folks at Whole Foods have decided to step up and announce a plan to sort through all of the items it sells to determine which ones may contain the controversial ingredients. [More]

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Do You Want To Know If Your Food Has Genetically Modified Ingredients?

There are different kinds of consumers out there. There are those who want to know everything there is to know about what they’re eating, and those who basically don’t want to know how their sausage is made. Californians in the first group of consumers saw their hopes dashed during last night’s election, where a voters defeated a proposition that would make it the law of the land to alert consumers by way of a label if food contained genetically modified ingredients. [More]

Evil Mutant Cotton Sneaks Into H&M "Organic" Clothing

Evil Mutant Cotton Sneaks Into H&M "Organic" Clothing

Global fast fashion retailer H&M and European chains C&A and Tchibo have been caught selling misleading “organic cotton” products to consumers. Independent testing done by Germany’s Financial Times showed that 30% of the samples contained genetically modified strains of cotton. Oops. [More]