Check Before You Send: Gmail Is Screwing Up Auto-Complete E-Mail Addresses

Check Before You Send: Gmail Is Screwing Up Auto-Complete E-Mail Addresses

When I go into Gmail to start an e-mail and type “D” in the address line, I know without even looking that it autocompletes to “Donny Donaldson,” my fictional best friend from summer camp. But if I typed in “D” today, it might autocomplete to “Debbie Debrason,” a fictional ex-girlfriend who I try to avoid. [More]

Google's looking at the man in the mirror.

Google Doesn’t Recognize Itself Anymore, Marks Own Email As Spam

Though it’s usually the place where fake Rolex offers, male enhancement drugs and princes from Ghana go to die, it’s always a good idea to check your spam folder. Because even Google will keep its own emails out of your Gmail inbox. [More]

Google’s Plan To Let Kids Have Accounts: Bad Idea Or Acknowledgement Of Reality?


A few years back, Facebook’s sweatshirt-in-chief Mark Zuckerberg caught a lot of heat when he said he’d be willing to fight for the right to peddle his social network to kids under the age of 13. He eventually backed off on this idea, but now Google appears to be taking up the cause. [More]


Google Beefs Up Gmail Security In Attempt To Keep Out Any Prying Eyes (Cough, NSA, Cough)

In a move that’s likely to make mass-surveillance of its email customers a whole lot harder to pull off, Google announced that it’s just beefed up security for Gmail by only using an encrypted HTTPS connection for all incoming and outgoing messages. [More]


Google Chat Goes Down, Stays Down, Everyone Panics At Being Cut Off From Rest Of The World

UPDATE 2:28 p.m. ET: Google posted an update about 10 minutes after the 2:15 ET target (though the post still bears a time stamp of 2:15 ET) saying some of you have been saved. [More]

Gmail Adds “Unsubscribe” Button To Make It Easier To Opt Out Of Marketing Emails

Gmail Adds “Unsubscribe” Button To Make It Easier To Opt Out Of Marketing Emails

Whether you don’t remember ever signing up in the first place or suspect that somehow a company sneaked you onto its marketing list, Gmail users hunting for that sometimes squirrelly “unsubscribe” link won’t find it so tricky. Google’s adding an additional way to opt out of marketing emails with an “unsubscribe” button at the top of messages. [More]

This is what happened when we clicked on the top search result on Google for "Gmail."

Google Glitch Is Resulting In Thousands Of People E-mailing Poor Hotmail User

Let’s get the obvious joke out of the way first — yes, someone out there still uses hotmail. Moving on… Something strange is happening this afternoon. People who click on the top Google search result for “Gmail” are automatically starting draft e-mails to some unfortunate hotmail user. [More]

Gmail Goes Down, World Wishes It Could Just Go Home Already

Gmail Goes Down, World Wishes It Could Just Go Home Already

You’re not imagining things. Shortly before 2 p.m. ET on Friday, Gmail service (along with Gchat and Google Hangouts) went down, leaving millions of Americans staring at their computers and phones and wondering how in the world they were going to survive the remaining hours of the work week without complaining over Gchat to Mark in accounting about how stupid their new boss is. UPDATE: As of 2:25 p.m., Gmail service is slowly returning to users. We appear to have made it through this brief national crisis. [More]

If You Don’t Want A Google+ Stranger You’ve Never Met To Email You, Opt Out Now

If You Don’t Want A Google+ Stranger You’ve Never Met To Email You, Opt Out Now

If you’re a Gmail user who likes to keep tight control of your inbox, with nary a missive gone unread, you probably noticed an announcement from Google last night waving the carrot of: “Contact more people you know.” Sounds great! But what it really means is that anyone on Google+ can email you, even if they don’t have your email address. [More]

For better or worse,  Anissa Chan and other Gmail users will never have to click "Display Images Below" again.

Why It May Not Be A Bad Thing That Gmail Will Automatically Display Images In Messages

If you have a Gmail account, you’re more than familiar with opening a commercial e-mail that looks like a strange wireframe with no images. Then you click “Display images below” and the blanks get filled in and (hopefully) it all makes much more sense. Google announced today that it will now automatically load these images, which is a move that has its pros and cons. [More]


Google Defends Scanning Users’ Emails Because Humans Aren’t Actually Reading Anything

Google’s attorneys are having their say in court documents as part of the months-long battle over whether or not it’s okay for Google to read users’ private emails. The company is defending itself against a class action lawsuit filed in May that alleged the company “unlawfully opens up reads, and acquires the content of people’s private email messages.” [More]

Newegg, Gap Beg Customers Not To Relegate Them To Gmail’s ‘Promotions’ Tab

Newegg, Gap Beg Customers Not To Relegate Them To Gmail’s ‘Promotions’ Tab

Even though some early studies have showed that Gmail’s recent effort to put all of our marketing e-mails in one folder for us hasn’t really affected response rates for the businesses that blast us with e-mails, some companies are desperate to persuade us to keep them in our inboxes. Desperate enough to walk us through changing our e-mail preferences. [More]

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Gmail’s Tabbed Layout: Won’t Someone Think Of The Marketers?!

Back in May, Gmail introduced a new way to sort our inboxes, automatically assigning messages to different tabs. The default setting sticks marketing emails into a “promotions” folder that you can ignore entirely if you want to. Seems like a great idea…unless you’re the person sending out those e-mails. [More]

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Google: Of Course We’re Going To See What’s In Emails Sent To Gmail Addresses, Don’t Be Silly

Raise your hand if you use Gmail. Now look around at your pals, who are ostensibly reading this with you and are perhaps one of 425 million Gmail users. Anyone sending email to those people apparently have no “reasonable expectation” that those communications are confidential, according to a court filing submitted by Google. [More]

You Can Now E-Mail Your Friends Money Through Gmail

You Can Now E-Mail Your Friends Money Through Gmail

While Google has made a big to-do about its new subscription music service, it has allowed a more interesting new wrinkle go virtually unmentioned, as yesterday the company integrated its Google Wallet payment system into Gmail, allowing users to send money to each other via e-mail. [More]


Google Introduces Dead Man’s Switch For Your Accounts

More than a decade ago, I had an online friend who abruptly disappeared, not answering e-mails or showing up on any of her favorite sites. Did she lock herself out of her accounts? Did her parents cancel their dialup? Did something happen to her? I never found out, and never would. What if you could prevent that? What if you could send a notice out to all of your contacts after you don’t log in to your accounts for a set period, and “will” your data to someone else? There are workarounds to do this, but now such a feature is built in to Google. [More]

Gmail Decides That Gmail Messages Are Spam

Gmail Decides That Gmail Messages Are Spam

Checking his spam folder, Richard was a little surprised at the reason that this mail service, Gmail, gave for tossing one message into the junk pile. How did they determine that he probably didn’t want this message? Well, because the return address was, and “[they’ve] found that lots of messages from are spam.” [More]