Baseball Teams Invite You To Stuff Your Face With Infinite Nachos

Baseball Teams Invite You To Stuff Your Face With Infinite Nachos

In an effort to ramp up slumping attendance, 19 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams are offering some sort of all-you-can-eat promotion this year. The feeding troughs keep fans happy as the teams slog through the dog days of the endless season. [More]

Restaurant Week Returns To New York City

Restaurant Week Returns To New York City

If you ever wanted a literal taste of the good life, this is your lucky week. Through the 27th, over 200 New York restaurants are throwing open their doors to New Yorkers on a budget. Participating restaurants offer a three-course prix fixe menu; $24.07 buys you lunch, while dinner costs $35.00. Some of the city’s top restaurants deign to welcome the relatively impoverished, including Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, Le Cirque, and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s Nobu. You can try to snag a reservation through OpenTable, but your best bet is to call restaurants directly. Don’t fret if traveling to New York is too much to sate your gluttony: Boston’s Restaurant Week starts on August 5th, with Washington’s starting the day after.

Eat A BK Octawhopper

The Burger King eat like a snake guy has nothing on this kid who eats eight slabs of meatburger.

In Which My Mother Consumes Five Gallons of Marshmallow Fluff

Summary: Massachusetts Senator Jarrett Barrios introduced anti-Marshmallow Fluff Legislation. It was widely ridiculed, then opposed by a measure to make the Fluffernutter the official State Sandwich. The proposed legislation has been withdrawn; Boston’s children again are safe to engorge themselves on the sticky, diabetes-inducing paste. Malden’s pornographers are similarly relieved. All is well with the world.