This Year’s Avalanche Of Online Orders Won’t Be So Great For Retailers When Everyone Starts Returning Gifts

This Year’s Avalanche Of Online Orders Won’t Be So Great For Retailers When Everyone Starts Returning Gifts

While many retailers were surely over the moon with an increase of online sales this year, that same burst in orders will have one effect that likely won’t make companies happy. Because when it comes time to return gifts purchased online, retailers are often on the hook to cover the costs involved. [More]

Here Are Some Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Last-Minute Gift-Givers


It’s December 21, shipping deadlines are winding down, and you have gifts left to arrange. What do you do? “Panic” isn’t a valid option, so here are some ideas for what you can do instead. [More]

Laundry, Newspapers, And Kink: Terrible Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Laundry, Newspapers, And Kink: Terrible Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Earlier this week, we asked you to send along poorly-thought-out ideas that marketers have presented as great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. Americans plan to spend a little more on their moms this year, and marketers want a part of it. [More]

The Hot Potato Principle: Why This Grandma’s Bank Stuck Her With Counterfeit Cash

The Hot Potato Principle: Why This Grandma’s Bank Stuck Her With Counterfeit Cash

Counterfeit currency operates on the “hot potato” principle. Like the children’s game, the last person caught with the object loses. Once you accept counterfeit cash–even if it’s from a financial institution–it’s yours. This made for a very disappointing birthday gift for a 14-year-old from his grandmother. [More]


18 Times Our Readers Got The Absolute Best Gift Ever

There’s nothing like the moment when you realize that you’ve just received your heart’s desire in the form of a gift from someone else. Not only does it mean adding something wonderful to your life — whether it’s that prized toy you’ve been coveting, freedom from tyranny or a new fuzzy friend. Speaking of fuzzy, we asked you, our wonderful, giving readers a few weeks ago to tell us about the best gift you’ve ever gotten, whether it was Christmas, Hanukkah or just a regular day. [More]


Tell Us About The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received

It was Christmas morning/eve. It was the best night of Hanukkah. There was that one gift, the thing you received from your mom/dad/sister/brother/spouse/whoever, that stood out from all the rest as the best thing you could have ever gotten. [More]


Which Popular Holiday Gifts Are The Worst To Get?

The moment of dread has arrived: You have to open gifts in front of your loved ones, and pretend you like what they’ve given you, no matter if it’s a bottle of peppermint schnapps or a candle shaped like a Christmas tree that smells like a car air freshener. But this year, perhaps if we reflect upon the gifts people hate getting the most, we can avoid those items and bring more cheer than fear. [More]

Cracker Barrel Waitress Scores Ultimate Tip: A Car

Cracker Barrel Waitress Scores Ultimate Tip: A Car

After seeing the woeful state of their waitress’s car parked outside the Branson, MO, Cracker Barrel where she worked, a couple from Arkansas decided to leave her a pretty nice tip — in the form of a car. [More]

1-800-Flowers Will Shell Out $143M To Buy Harry & David

1-800-Flowers Will Shell Out $143M To Buy Harry & David

Love is in the air, and in this case the couple-to-be has plenty of gift options to choose from to celebrate the occasion — Inc. says it’ll be buying Harry & David for $143 million in cash, in an effort to take on the gift-giving world and fill it with its wares. [More]

16 Ways To Not Suck At Making Mother’s Day Special

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Mother’s Day is almost here. The day to celebrate the woman who brought you into the world… Or to celebrate the woman who gave you children. Or both. Flowers are a lovely gift (in those instances where the recipient gets what you actually ordered) but they’re not exactly an original or personal gift and can be costly.

Here’s how to not suck at saying thanks to Mom with some frugal and creative ideas. [More]

How To Not Suck… At Valentine’s Day Gifts

How To Not Suck… At Valentine’s Day Gifts

Heads-up to everyone in a couple: Valentine’s Day is Friday and some of you will be expected to give some sort of gift to your loved ones. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with chocolates, jewelry, or flowers, but that special someone in your life is probably worth a little creativity and planning… right? [More]

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I Can’t Return This Christmas Gift Without Upsetting My Mom

Lies can get you in trouble. Even when you mean well, sometimes they catch up with you and you get stuck in an impossible position. That’s what John learned when he lied by omission about a Christmas gift to spare his mom’s feelings, and is now stuck with an expensive GoPro camera that he can’t return. [More]


Christmas Ordering Deadlines For 25 Top Online Retailers

Still working on your Christmas shopping? If you’re going online to buy those gifts, you need to be aware of the sites’ wildly varying cutoff dates for placing orders in time to get them under the tree on the big day. [More]


At Sports Authority, A Gift Receipt Doesn’t Mean Much

Marjorie received a Christmas gift from her sister from Sports Authority, and needs to take it back. No big deal: that’s why her sister included a gift receipt. The problem is that the item’s price has dropped, likely because it’s on clearance, and they want to give Marjorie $77 when her sister paid $101. That’s funny, because that’s against the chain’s stated holiday season return policy…on the web site. In retail stores, who knows? [More]

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Should You Take Back That GPS You Got For Christmas?

You might have ripped the wrapping paper off a shiny new GPS unit earlier this week, but should you keep it? A well-meaning loved one might have bought you a new one this week, but that doesn’t mean that they chose the best one for your needs or that you should keep it. How do you know whether the unit you have is the best for you? If only there were an entity out there that tested different models side-by-side and published the results…Oh, right, that would be our elder sister publication, Consumer Reports! [More]


Kmart Overcharged Me For Layaway Order, Then Their Servers Ate It

Caroline’s Kmart layaway order was wrong. After she placed the order online, the contract came back $92 more than it was supposed to be. Well, okay, no problem: she could just call up Kmart and straighten it out. That’s why stores have a huge customer service staff. Except for how she called up Kmart and they told her to direct her problems to her local store. For an online layaway order. She’s been struggling with Kmart for a month now. The staff at her local store have been extremely helpful, but that doesn’t solve her core problem: she’s been overcharged for an order that still hasn’t shipped after being paid in full. [More]


Remember That The Gift You Packed Might Not Make It Through Airport Security With The Wrapping Intact

With Christmas a week away, we figured it was time to remind everyone who plans on traveling with gifts in their bags that the TSA might have to undo your handiwork at the airport. [More]


7 Roadblocks To Returning Gifts

Sure, right now is the season of gift-giving. But soon enough, we’ll change gears and consumers will be lined up to return some of the things they’ve been given. So there are some things you should be aware of before Dec. 26. [More]