Need gift ideas? Curbly user ModHomeEcTeacher has put together a list of 45 different holiday gift guides from around the web. [Curbly]

Fleshbot’s Guide to Holiday Sexy Gift Guides

Fleshbot’s Guide to Holiday Sexy Gift Guides

In all the Gawker Empire, only one website is as forgotten as we: lovely Fleshbot. Of course, the difference is that Fleshbot is hugely popular and we’re not, but we support our comrades all the same. We pink websites have to stick together.

Slate Rates Magazine Wish Lists

Brendan I. Koerner, a filthy, treacherous rogue if ever one set lies to paper, disembowels a staple of the publishing world’s holiday half-assing it: Holiday Gift Guides. It’s an idea very similar in execution to our stunning, fully-assed efforts here at The Consumerist in our “The Bathroom Scale” series—eerily similar.

Worst Electronics Buys of 2005

If you think about it, it’s much more efficient to tell you what sucks, rather than point out exactly what to buy this Christmas. That gives you much more freedom to gift with your own personal, somewhat antagonistic flair. (“Yes, I’ve always yearned to play the electric bagpipe, Mother!”)