Fingers, they are a'pointing.

George Zimmer Clearly Hates The Way Men’s Wearhouse Board Is Trying To Make Him Look

Ever since George “You Only Liked The Way You Looked When I Was At The Company, Right?” Zimmer was booted from his spot as executive chairman of Men’s Wearhouse, he has not been a happy camper. Earlier this week he resigned from the board altogether, prompting his former colleagues at the retailer to issue a statement basically calling him a power-hungry grumpyface. That didn’t sit so well, it seems, as Zimmer has now fired off a letter full of zingers back at the board. [More]

Zimmer to MW: You can't fire me, I quit!

George Zimmer Resigns From Men’s Wearhouse Board; Company Says He Wanted All The Power

George Zimmer has emerged from what must have been a bit of a stewing session after getting fired from his position as executive chairman Men’s Wearhouse last week, the company he co-founded. He resigned from the company’s board of directors yesterday, effective immediately, saying he doesn’t like the way the company is going. [More]

There are no guarantees in life, people.

Men’s Wearhouse Fires The “I Guarantee It” Exec, Guys Unsure If They’ll Like The Way They Look

UPDATE: George Zimmer responded to getting the boot by issuing a statement that he’s far from pleased. In fact, he sounds pretty ticked off. [More]