The Former Face Of Men’s Wearhouse Re-Emerges With On-Demand Tailoring Business

He might not be able to guarantee you’ll like the way you look, but George Zimmer, the former face of Men’s Wearhouse, is back and pitching on behalf of his own clothing company, an on-demand tailoring business called zTailors that he thinks is “a hell of an idea.” [More]

Fingers, they are a'pointing.

George Zimmer Clearly Hates The Way Men’s Wearhouse Board Is Trying To Make Him Look

Ever since George “You Only Liked The Way You Looked When I Was At The Company, Right?” Zimmer was booted from his spot as executive chairman of Men’s Wearhouse, he has not been a happy camper. Earlier this week he resigned from the board altogether, prompting his former colleagues at the retailer to issue a statement basically calling him a power-hungry grumpyface. That didn’t sit so well, it seems, as Zimmer has now fired off a letter full of zingers back at the board. [More]

Zimmer to MW: You can't fire me, I quit!

George Zimmer Resigns From Men’s Wearhouse Board; Company Says He Wanted All The Power

George Zimmer has emerged from what must have been a bit of a stewing session after getting fired from his position as executive chairman Men’s Wearhouse last week, the company he co-founded. He resigned from the company’s board of directors yesterday, effective immediately, saying he doesn’t like the way the company is going. [More]

There are no guarantees in life, people.

Men’s Wearhouse Fires The “I Guarantee It” Exec, Guys Unsure If They’ll Like The Way They Look

UPDATE: George Zimmer responded to getting the boot by issuing a statement that he’s far from pleased. In fact, he sounds pretty ticked off. [More]