Gaming $5 CVS Coupons For $2 Purchases

CVS has a deal where you earn $5 gift certificates for every two Rolaids or Listerine PocketPacks a customer buys. These items cost about 99 cent each, meaning a profit of $3 per transaction. The deal is unlimited. After a two day wait, you can repeat the process, using the certificates from before to buy the new Rolaids and Listerine, repeat, repeat.

Our Computer Fixed Yay!

Today, our laptop was fixed. A wonderful man named Vinnie V. came to our apartment and all was right with the world.

Kotaku, Eater of Worlds, E3 Coverage

Kotaku, Eater of Worlds, E3 Coverage

It’s day 2 of the mega E3 gaming expo, and Kotaku has grown stronger and faster, previewing all the games and devices you’ll be begging for/awarding yourself this Christmas.

Hot Hot Kotaku on E3 Man Machine Love Association

Hot Hot Kotaku on E3 Man Machine Love Association

If you lovvvvvvvvve video games, go to Kotaku. They’re covering the E3 game conference with reckless abandon, fanboy intensity and of course, Gawker Media Network’s trademark wit and panache.

BUY: Thrifty Hi-Octane Laptops

BUY: Thrifty Hi-Octane Laptops

Save money without compromise on the ABS Mayhem G4 notebook for $1,999.

Dear Nvidia’s Mister Perez…

We’re passing on a message from our buddies over at Church of the Customer Blog:

Nvidia ‘Focus Group’ Member Details Hidden Program

For the record, while there are certainly “Manchurian Fans” being hired to promote products in the games and/or gaming hardware world, Nvidia and AEG have both clearly denied that they have hired stealth marketers to create personas to promote Nvidia products. We have no reason not to believe them and have stated that elsewhere on the site, but am putting it up again just to outline it. (Naturally, we’d like to know who is hiring these stealth marketers, so feel free to pass on anything regarding this you feel germane.)

Nvidia’s Perez: “They act as our ‘voice'”

Mr. Perez writes, in response to our previous questions:

I would hardly say ‘unwilling’ – I responed on Wed and Thursday.

Nvidia’s Derek Perez Responds

Prompted by our questions about Nvidia’s marketing practices, Public Relations Director Derek Perez sent us this response:

Hey Joel.

Did Nvidia Hire Online Actors to Promote Their Products?

About a week ago, The Consumerist stumbled upon claims made by various gaming websites (specifically, Elite Bastards and [Update: a poster on the forums at] Beyond3D) that graphics chip manufacturer Nvidia, in cooperation with the Arbuthnot Entertainment Group (AEG), had seeded various gaming and PC hardware enthusiast sites with pro-Nvidia shills. That is to say, that AEG would hire employees to create ‘personas’ in various gaming communities, slowly building up the trust of other members by frequent posting unrelated to Nvidia, to later cash in that trust with message board postings talking up the positive qualities of Nvidia’s products.