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State Of Indiana Does Not Think Senior Center Card Games Are Secret Gambling Den

Last week, the Indiana Gaming Commission contacted a senior center in Muncie to let them know that a popular activity, thrice-weekly games of euchre (a four-player card game) was possibly breaking the state’s gambling law. The seniors shut down their game, not wanting to run afoul of gambling regulations. When the story hit local news, the state government clarified that this type of card game was not really what they had in mind for a crackdown on informal gambling venues. [More]

It’s Getting Harder To Win The Powerball Jackpot — But Smaller Rewards May Be Within Reach

It’s Getting Harder To Win The Powerball Jackpot — But Smaller Rewards May Be Within Reach

If you’ve been basing your lottery dreams on the same Powerball odds that have been in place, you better prepare for an adjustment in your sleep-time calculations: The folks behind the curtain are changing the rules, making it tougher to win the Powerball jackpot. [More]

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Gamblers Who Won $1.5M Must Return Winnings Over Unshuffled Cards

Back in 2012, some gamblers in Atlantic City realized there was a pattern to the way the cards were coming out while playing mini-baccarat and won 41 straight hands worth around $1.5 million in total. But this week a court ruled the winnings must be returned because the cards had not been shuffled. [More]


$14M Slots Jackpot Win Is All Going To Charity, Says Awesome Human Being

A fountain of liquid cheddar, burbling in a green and gold garden, wherein Aaron Rodgers awaits, ready with all the fondue fixings a heart could desire and the collector’s edition of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy all cued up and ready to go — that’s what I’d go for if I had $14 million. But alas, I am not the lucky gambler in Las Vegas who spent $20 and won a slot machine jackpot. Nope, he’s giving all his newly-won loot to charity. [More]

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Casino E-Mails Problem Gamblers Who Specifically Asked To Be Left Alone

If you have a gambling problem, you can do something drastic but ultimately helpful: you can put yourself on a “self-exclusion” list that means you no longer receive e-mails or promotions from gambling companies. You can self-exclude from both real-life casinos and their online counterparts, so you won’t be allowed to play. The problem comes when something goes wrong, and those customers receive an e-mail blast. [More]

Gambler Sues Casino After He Loses $500,000 In One Night

Gambler Sues Casino After He Loses $500,000 In One Night

Imagine waking up on Super Bowl Sunday in Las Vegas and finding out that you had lost $500,000 playing blackjack and pai gow the night before. Making matters worse, some of that money you lost was borrowed from the casino, which would now like to discuss repayment. [More]

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Here Is A Guaranteed Strategy To Win The Lottery

There was only one winner of the $425 million Powerball drawing this week, and the ticket was sold at a gas station in California’s Bay Area. As you spend that money in your head, as we inevitably all do, you might wonder how you could win the lottery. You don’t need luck. Here’s a guaranteed winning strategy. [More]

Sick Of Husband’s Gambling, Wife Alerts Authorities To $600K Super Bowl Pools At Local Bar

Sick Of Husband’s Gambling, Wife Alerts Authorities To $600K Super Bowl Pools At Local Bar

All around the country, local bars operate betting pools where patrons pay a set fee to buy a shot at taking home everyone else’s cash. At lots of bars, the price for a box is reasonable, but some pools charge thousands of dollars to check off a single box. These pools often go ignored by police and other authorities, but after the wife of a Staten Island gambler complained to the state about the large sums being wagered at a local bar, that establishment is no longer accepting bets. [More]


Would-Be Armed Robbers Learn Not To Mess With Bingo Players

When you think about it, the combination of volunteer labor and piles of cash means that It’s kind of surprising bingo games don’t get robbed more often. A game at a New Hampshire church was going normally when two men entered the office and pointed a gun at the volunteers. He asked them to fill it with cash.  [More]

Revel's ads say the casino will refund all slot losses during the month of July, but don't say you'll get the refund over the course of 20 weeks, and that it's in the form of slot machine credit, not cash.

Casino’s “You Can’t Lose” Refund Promotion Is Really Just Meant To Keep You Gambling

The casino always wins in the end. If it didn’t, we’d all be rich and casino-owners would be smashing open piggy banks to pay the bills. So when a house of gambling tells customers that it really wants to do something nice and will refund their slot-machine losses, you should expect that there is more to the offer than meets the eye. [More]


The Bells & Whistles On Casino Slot Machines Don’t Mean You’re Actually Winning Anything

The screen is flashing and blinking as brightly colored whozits and whatzits galore stream across the screen, all while dings, beeps, kachings and other exciting noises blare out at you from the casino slot machine. With all that hullabaloo, you  must be winning, right? Well, no. Not really. [More]

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Nevada Becomes First State To Debut Online Gambling

Nevada has long been the mecca of gambling, with its casinos filled to the brim with blinking games, whirring roulette wheels and the shuffling noises of thousands of decks of cards. But who needs all that noise now that you can gamble online legally in the state? It’s the first state to open its virtual doors to legal gamblers, starting today. [More]

Ask Tax Dad: Should I Hire A Tax Preparer? What If I Win The Lottery?

Ask Tax Dad: Should I Hire A Tax Preparer? What If I Win The Lottery?

Usually, our staff Certified Tax Cat handles questions about taxes, but he got into some really bad ‘nip and is taking the year off. Filling in for him is Laura’s dad, a retired accountant and real live independent tax preparer. Exclusively on Consumerist, Tax Dad answers your questions. [More]


NJ Lottery: Gambling Addiction Is Not A Merry Holiday Gift For Your Child

Sure, you can’t take your favorite 10-year-old niece with you to your favorite casino to feed electronic quarters into a dazzling slot machine until her eyes glaze over and she enters a gambling-induced trance. That’s generally illegal. What’s perfectly legal, though, is buying her a nice pile of instant lottery tickets to play. You have to be 18 years old to buy scratchers, but not to play them. Which is why the New Jersey State Lottery and the state Council on Compulsive Gambling put out a statement this week warning that giving lottery tickets to kids might just win them a lifetime of gambling addiction. [More]


Zynga Files For Nevada Gambling License So Players Can Gamble Away The Virtual Farm

Thinking of all my hardworking ancestors toiling away on family farms, trying to provide enough food for their sprawling German- and Irish-Catholic families makes me wonder: What would they think of an immensely popular game about farming where players can risk virtual cows for cash? Zynga, the makers of popular online game FarmVille, is taking the next step in gaming by applying for a license to gamble in Nevada. [More]

Is This 9/11 Casino Promotion A Nice Tribute, Or Just Tacky?

Is This 9/11 Casino Promotion A Nice Tribute, Or Just Tacky?

Reader Bearcat44 spotted this ad in the Spokane, Wash. Spokesman-Review. It’s from an Idaho casino running a promotion tomorrow, September 11th. To honor the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, they’re offering special rates to law enforcement, medical personnel, and other first responders in order to honor “heroes who protect and serve our community.” [More]

New Branch Promotion Turns ATMs Into No-Lose Slot Machines

New Branch Promotion Turns ATMs Into No-Lose Slot Machines

How can you spice up a routine visit to the ATM? Easthampton Savings Bank in Massachusetts is promoting a new branch by turning its ATM into a sort of no-lose slot machine. They call it the “ATM Gone Mad,” because sometimes it will dispense $50 bills in place of the normal $20 bills. Cute promo. One local blogger finds it amusing that this is going on around the same time that the nearby city of Springfield is considering a downtown casino proposal from MGM Grand. All of the fun of gambling, none of the risk of financial ruin. But what’s the fun if there’s no chance of destroying your family’s future? [More]

Casino Deals Unshuffled Cards, Wants Gamblers' Winnings Back

Casino Deals Unshuffled Cards, Wants Gamblers' Winnings Back

When the same sequence of cards was dealt at a mini-baccarat table at Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget casino twice in a row, was it just probability in action. Out of all the packs of shuffled cards in the world, the cards ending up in the same order happens now and then. Then the cards came up in the same sequence a third time. Fourth. Fifth. The players played forty-one hands where the cards came up in the same order, betting larger and larger amounts each hand. Wouldn’t you? They ultimately won more than $1.5 million. Casino security staff swarmed the table, trying to figure out how the fourteen players at the table were cheating. They weren’t. A vendor allegedly supplied the casino with packs of unshuffled cards, which were dealt as-is. Now the casino is suing the fourteen gamblers and the playing card company, and the gamblers are countersuing the casino. [More]