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Yelpers Divided On Recent Management Change At Los Pollos Hermanos

As you may have heard, Albuquerque-based fried chicken chain Los Pollos Hermanos has recently undergone a change in management after the departure of longtime company figurehead Gustavo “Gus” Fring, and some shakeups at corporate parent, Madrigal Elektromotoren GmbH. Now some Yelp reviewers claim the restaurant hasn’t stopped dishing out some addictive eats, while others say it just isn’t the same anymore. In related Albuquerque news, folks seem pleased so far with the new owners of the A1A car wash across town. [More]

So simple, and so perfect.

Here’s Another Dose Of Chuckleworthy Amazon Reviews From The Reader Hall Of Fame

If there’s one thing we know about or Consumerist readers, it’s that you like to make yourselves laugh, and by extension, the rest of us. Last week’s call for more hilarious Amazon product reviews was more than heeded — our cup basically overfloweth and by cup of course we mean the tipline. Keep’em coming, and enjoy this fresh round of chuckles for the time being. [More]

Finally, an opportunity to use one of the many Doctor Who pics in our Flickr pool (Photo: Great Beyond)

When UPS Teams Up With USPS, Your Package Magically Travels To 29 States And Back-And-Forth Through Time

Consumerist Reader Jocelyn went online today to check on the shipping status of her Shutterfly order, only to find that UPS and the U.S. Postal Service had managed to fold space and time, somehow sending her package to 78 different locations in 29 states (and Washington, D.C.), all while going back and forth through time. [More]

Domino’s Has A Very Limited Notion Of What “All Your Favorite Toppings” Means

Domino’s Has A Very Limited Notion Of What “All Your Favorite Toppings” Means

Given that Domino’s has around two dozen toppings to choose from, and that some folks love to layer their pizza with multiple toppings, a franchisee could lose big by offering a pizza with “all your favorite toppings” for as little as $9. That is, until you see that Domino’s thinks you wouldn’t possibly want more than three toppings. [More]


You Could Steal A Lot In The Time It Takes To Read This 7-Eleven Anti-Shoplifting Sign (But It’s Worth It)

Usually, the signs you see posted at stores intended to identify, shame and/or deter known shoplifters are nothing more than a Polaroid with a name, maybe height and age. But this poster at a 7-Eleven store takes shaming up a notch, and introduces us to our new favorite phrase “sub sandwich erection.” [More]

Target, Where You’ll Pay Just A Little More For A Repackaged Xbox Accessory

Maybe someone dropped a few pennies in the box when it was being repackaged?

Consumerist reader Christopher was strolling through the video game section of his local Target in Connecticut when he noticed something strange about the price tag for an Xbox accessory that was labeled as “Repackaged” with a big red sticker. Usually, that means the price would be lower, but as we all know when it comes to Target and price tags, logic goes right out the window. [More]

Petco may not understand that all the states beginning with "M" are located near each other.

Petco Really Wants Me To Visit My Brand New Local Store… 850 Miles Away

At first, Consumerist reader Steven was pleasantly surprised to get a 10% coupon from the folks at Petco to celebrate the opening of a new store. Then when he saw the address of that particular store he just had to laugh. [More]


Coffee Shop Paraphrases Jay-Z To Explain Why You Should Stop Talking On Your Phone When You Order

Among the complaints we hear from people on the other side of the foodservice counter is that there are always some customers who won’t stop talking on the phone when it’s their time to order. [More]

We would not be shocked if someone took this person up on their offer to rent out their Subaru for $1,800/night.

Sleeping In This Guy’s Car For $1,800/Night Might Be A Better Deal Than Other Super Bowl Rentals

Though this year’s Super Bowl is irrelevant because of its lack of Eagles, there are apparently still enough people out there who want to attend the festivities that the illegal short-term lease market is booming in New Orleans. [More]

Someone at Kmart needs a refresher course on the difference between dollars and cents.

Kmart, Where A $75 Pair Of Socks Now Only Costs 37 Cents

You know those pricey $75 socks you’ve been saving up to buy from Kmart? Consumerist reader Jon found them on sale for a huge discount at his local store. [More]

This truly is the price of the season.

Target Sells Most Awesome Router Ever For Only $29.99

Consumerist reader Cameron was recently looking for a router at his local Target when he was intrigued by the “Weekly WOW” sale on a Belkin model. But when he looked at the specs, he was just blown away. [More]

Now you can bathe with your favorite singers' colon -- at a discount.

Rite-Aid Sells Your Favorite Celebrity Colons At Clearance Prices

Have you ever been ogling Usher, or Faith Hill, or Beyonce, Halle Berry, Celine Dion, or Britney Spears and thought, “I would just love to have some of this celebrity’s colon, but I simply can’t afford it”? Well, you might want to check out this offering from Rite-Aid. [More]


Waitress Gets Crafty, Creates Sippy Cup For Adult Who Spilled Drink

Anyone who has ever spilled a large drink at a restaurant knows how humiliating it can be as everyone flees the spill and then dives in to mop up the mess. But is it a good or bad thing when the waitress brings you a replacement drink with a lid secured by tape? [More]

This Power Strip Is Ideal For Outdoor Use, Just Maybe Don't Use It Outdoors

This Power Strip Is Ideal For Outdoor Use, Just Maybe Don't Use It Outdoors

Consumerist reader Fred was strolling through his local Home Depot in Connecticut when he checked out this Belkin power strip, which says right on the front of the package that it is “ideal” for outdoor use. Apparently, “ideal” is Belkin-ese for “not advised.” [More]

This Tasty Looking Breakfast Is Actually Dessert

This Tasty Looking Breakfast Is Actually Dessert

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the clock says — you just want dessert. Well here’s a plate of delectable treats that won’t have people asking you why you’re eating dessert for breakfast. [More]

New Yorker Finds Out What People Will Do For A Free Cab Ride

New Yorker Finds Out What People Will Do For A Free Cab Ride

Many of you may remember comedian Mark Malkoff as the guy who raced — and beat — a New York City bus while riding a big wheel or the man who tested the limits of Apple Store employees’ hospitality using a goat and a Darth Vader costume. Recently, he hired a NYC taxi for 14 hours and offered to pay the fare of anyone who Tweeted him for a ride. [More]

Costco Shopper Writes Insane Fake Shopping Lists For The
Amusement Of Others

Costco Shopper Writes Insane Fake Shopping Lists For The Amusement Of Others

Over at Reddit, a contributor says they have discovered a new way to amuse themselves — and hopefully others — while shopping at Costco. [More]

This Chipotle Gift Card Is Kinda Chuckle-Worthy

This Chipotle Gift Card Is Kinda Chuckle-Worthy

You can say what you want about Chipotle’s food, but whoever put together the legalese on the back of their gift cards has a pretty good sense of humor. [More]