Devotees Of Deep-Fried Food Could Be Facing Price Hikes For Their Favorite Fare

Take a look at that fried chicken sandwich/French fry/potato chip you’re about to eat. It could soon cost you more money to reach deep-fried satisfaction, as the crops necessary to make the vegetable oil used by many companies to fry your favorite foods to a golden crisp are struggling in Canada. [More]

Police In New Hampshire Town Issuing Tickets Good For Free Pizza And French Fries

This is what fries look like, sometimes. (Dyanna Hyde)

I’m halfway out the door already: Police in a New Hampshire town are rewarding residents for good behavior by issuing them with tickets that are good for free pizza and French fries. I repeat: FREE PIZZA AND FRENCH FRIES. [More]

McDonald’s Testing “Shakin’ Flavor” Seasoning On Both McNuggets And Fries In Nevada

McDonald’s Testing “Shakin’ Flavor” Seasoning On Both McNuggets And Fries In Nevada

Not content to let seasoned dust fall only on French fries in California, McDonald’s has now expanded its test of Shakin’ Flavors to its chicken McNuggets in some Nevada locations as well. Again, this just sounds like a great big salty mess waiting to get all over our hands. [More]

Venezuela Is Not Coping Well With McDonald’s French Fry Shortage

Venezuela Is Not Coping Well With McDonald’s French Fry Shortage

Japan isn’t the only country coping with a shortage of French fries in their McDonald’s restaurants right now. In Japan, restaurants are limiting quantities of fries for sale, but Venezuela isn’t coping with a McDonald’s fry shortage in that country very well. [More]


McDonald’s Customers In Japan Can Only Order Small Orders Of Fries Due To Potato Shortage

The next time you pull up to a McDonald’s drive-thru window and order a large serving of French fries, drop one on the ground for our comrades in Japan, where customers can only get small orders of fries right now. What fresh hell is this? [More]

Woman Sues McDonald’s After Chowing Down On Nametag Instead Of French Fries

Woman Sues McDonald’s After Chowing Down On Nametag Instead Of French Fries

It’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to grab a handful of french fries after making your way through the McDonald’s drive-thru on your way home. But as one woman found out recently, patience is indeed a virtue, and it might stop you from munching on a plastic nametag instead of a french fry. [More]

McDonald’s DIY Seasoned Fries Seem Like A Big Mess Waiting To Happen

McDonald’s DIY Seasoned Fries Seem Like A Big Mess Waiting To Happen

We’re not against the idea of seasoning french fries with flavors like “garlic parmesan” or “zesty ranch” (much better than the failed “blasé ranch”), but we are a bit concerned that the DIY seasoned fries being tested by McDonald’s might result in a huge mess. [More]

(Waterville Fire Department)

Pour Out A Bottle Of Ketchup For 40,000 Pounds Of Fries Destroyed In Fire

These fries are a little overcooked. In a Walmart parking lot in Maine on Tuesday evening, a tractor-trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of frozen Burger King French fries caught fire. destroying the cargo, the truck, and the dreams of the fast food-loving people of New Jersey. [More]

Dig in. (Tampa Bay Rays on Twitter)

Want Free Tickets To A Tampa Bay Rays Game? Eat This 4-Pound Burger And A Pound Of Fries

Over at the Tampa Bay Rays clubhouse, or wherever baseball people hang out (a clubhouse makes sense, right?) I imagine there was a conversation after the Arizona Diamondbacks revealed its 18-inch, $25 corndog stuffed with cheese and bacon. And it went a little something like this… [More]

Burger King Adding Satisfries To Kids’ Menu Because Children Like French Fries

Having healthier menu options for kids is one thing, but convincing them that they want to eat apple slices or carrot sticks instead of fries? That’s an uphill battle for parents, says the girl whose first two words were “French fries.” As another option, Burger King is adding its healthier Satisfries option for kids’ meals. [via BurgerBusiness.com]

According to the FDA, the darker you like your fried foods, the higher likelihood of finding acrylamide. (photo: Dyanna Hyde)

FDA Ruins Everyone’s Weekend With French Fry Health Notice

Like many of you, I plan on enjoying yummy french fries this weekend, because they taste good. But in doing so, I’ll have to ignore the downer of a reminder from the FDA about how fries and other fried foods may contain an animal carcinogen called acrylamide. [More]

Some People Actually Believe Burger King Changed Its Name And Are Really Angry About It

This concerned citizen is worried about the name-change epidemic that is sure to follow.

We’re constantly being told that we are a jaded and cynical people who are unwilling to believe anything at face value and read signs of predatory marketing attempts in even the most innocent of gestures. But leave it to social media and one of the world’s largest fast food chains to show that some folks will be taken in by even the most blatant marketing gimmick. [More]

Not so satisfrying after all?

Satisfries “Fairly Similar” To Regular BK Fries, But That’s “Not Necessarily A Good Thing”

While we have our share of shenanigans over here at Consumerist HQ, our benevolent benefactors at Consumer Reports get the fun task of eating french fries and calling it work. They’ve already bent their minds and mouths to the task of tasting and reviewing Burger King’s new lower-calorie Satisfries (and we’re kind of bummed we weren’t there for it). How did they do? [More]

Burger King Unveils New Lower-Calorie French Fries: “Satisfries” (Get It?)

Burger King Unveils New Lower-Calorie French Fries: “Satisfries” (Get It?)

The thing about french fries is that they’re pieces of potato, fried in oil, dipped in whichever substance you choose (ketchup, mayo, chocolate ice cream, oh my) and gobbled up by fry-loving Americans across this great land. But what if they packed less of a caloric punch? Burger King thinks it has what you want with its new “Satisfries.” [More]

Burger King, saving you the few seconds of just putting fries on your burger anyway.

Burger King To Offer $1 “French Fry Burger” Because Why Not

Because customers were apparently too tired — or had never thought — to lift up the bun on their hamburgers and insert a few french fries for added fun and flavor, Burger King has announced it will begin selling a $1 “French Fry Burger” starting Sept. 1. [More]

Magical Vending Machine Makes Fries For You In 90 Seconds

Magical Vending Machine Makes Fries For You In 90 Seconds

Want a snack? Vending machines that cook various foods for you are existed for years, but outside of a grocery store in Brussels, there is a machine that cuts and cooks French fries for you in only 90 seconds. The fries cook in beef fat and vegetable oil, since Belgium is the land where French fries were invented and anything not cooked in beef fat is a waste of perfectly good potatoes. [More]

Behold, the agony and the ecstasy.

McDonald’s Outdoes Itself With Highest-Calorie Menu Item Ever: The Mega Potato

Yes, the people in Japan want fries with that — lots and lots and lots of fries, apparently, as McDonald’s is serving up its (reportedly) highest-calorie count item ever: A 1,142 calorie container of fries double the size of a regular large fries, dubbed The Mega Potato. What, not the McMega Potato or Mega McPotato? [More]

(Morton Fox)

Restaurants Making Big Money Off Diners’ Decisions To Eat Healthy

“Do you want fries with that?” used to be sort of a no-brainer question because, yes, of course, we all want fries with that, no matter what “that” is because fries are delicious. They’re what you eat at a fast food joint, right? Not so much anymore. Sure, people still love fries, but they also love healthier items and non-sugary drinks. And that’s actually profitable for fast food chains, so everyone’s happy. [More]