Not stoked for this lasagna.

Healthy Choice Lasagna Disappoints Hungry Office Worker

Amanda keeps some frozen meals stashed in her office freezer for emergency healthy lunch options. Her latest Healthy Choice meal isn’t really so “healthy,” and more “icky. Not that she expects her meal to look like the expertly-styled one on the box, but she does expect it to look and taste edible. That’s an unreasonable expectation, as it turns out. [More]

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Court: Texas Roadhouse Doesn’t Owe Customer $150K For Hair-Stuffed Steak

A customer at a Wisconsin Texas Roadhouse restaurant complained that his steak was overcooked, and a spiteful staffer who thought he was lying to scam free food stuffed pieces of his facial hair inside the meat. The same employee later claimed to have stuffed a steak with pubic hair. This story may sound familiar to old-school Consumerist fans: we posted it in 2008, and it appeared on our list of all-time grossest food stories. The hairy steaks are in the news again. What’s happened in the intervening four years? Lawsuits. [More]


Guilt Makes For A Delicious Addition To Forbidden Foods When You’re On A Diet

When all you want, all you need is just a bite of smooth, creamy, calorie-laden chocolate ice cream and you’re not supposed to have it for whatever reason (dieting, it doesn’t belong to you), giving in to that impulse feel so guilty. And it’s so tasty, partly because it is forbidden, says a new study. Guilt makes for quite a heady addition to your favorite foods. Hence, guilty pleasures. [More]

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Stockpiling Groceries Saves Money And Doesn’t Mean You’re A Crazy Person

When you hear someone mention that stockpiling food and toiletries might be a good idea, it’s not just because they’re watching a “Doomsday Preppers” marathon. I mean, they might be, but that’s not why creating your own grocery stockpile is a good idea. Building your own stash of food and toiletries keeps you prepared for natural disasters and financial crises, and lets you take advantage of stores’ normal sale cycles. [More]

Spicy Chorizo with Duckface

Campbell’s Opens Pop-Up Hipster Soup Kitchens To Promote Soulless $3 Soup Pouches

Millennials, an age group roughly defined as “people who make the Consumerist editors feel old,” are a tough demographic to market to. How to reach them? “Free food” is usually a safe answer. That’s why Campbell’s is holding free soup events in big cities to promote their few products, $3 microwaveable soup pouches filled with the flavors foodies were crazy about in 2008. [More]

The mysterious notice...

Sign At Denny’s Says It Won’t Honor Veterans Day Giveaway. Restaurant Says It Has No Idea How Sign Got There

There’s scandal and mystery surrounding the Denny’s in North Pekin, IL, today after a sign appeared on the restaurant’s door saying it wouldn’t be honoring the previously advertised pancake giveaway for Veterans Day. But the restaurant says it has no idea who put that sign on the door. [More]

Changes in the 'taters.

Walmart Redesigns 5.3 Ounces Right Out Of Great Value Mashed Potato Box

An anonymous Walmart shopper stopped by to show us how a nice-looking redesign of the mega-retailer’s house-brand mashed potato flakes masks some shrinkage. Wally World took advantage of the packaging change to shave off 5.3 ounces of dehydrated potato goodness. Of course, the box looks the same size from the outside. It’s still a great value. Just a little less great than before, perhaps. [More]

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Now At Walmart: Gingerbread Oreos

Here’s one bit of early Christmas merchandise that we’re not going to complain about. For once. Hitting shelves now, only at Walmart, introducing… gingerbread-flavored Oreos. [More]

Why Isn’t Jif’s Natural Peanut Butter Spread Labeled Just ‘Peanut Butter?’

Why Isn’t Jif’s Natural Peanut Butter Spread Labeled Just ‘Peanut Butter?’

Kate was confused at the grocery store. Side by side on the shelf were regular old Jif peanut butter and Jif’s “natural” peanut butter. Only the “natural” stuff was labeled “peanut butter spread,” while the standard, presumably less natural, Jif got to call itself peanut butter. “It makes me wonder, what about ‘natural’ makes it less than true peanut butter?” she wrote to us. “Why does it need to be called ‘peanut butter spread’, when traditional, sugar filled, [Jif] can be called ‘peanut butter’? Shouldn’t the natural product version be truer to the genuine article?” That would be the intuitive answer, wouldn’t it? It’s the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration that keep the “natural” variety of Jif from being declared plain old peanut butter. Here’s the relevant part of the FDA standards for peanut butter: [More]

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Science Totally Ruins Things For Everyone By Saying The 5-Second Rule Isn’t Really True

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped food — on the floor at home mostly, maybe sometimes in the street — and depending on what kind of substance it was, shrugged, cited the “five-second rule” and picked it back up. I’ve never gotten sick from doing so, but now science has cracked that whole way of life wide open and said that actually, germs can totally stick to food within five seconds. Nooo! [More]


Tuna Cannery Worker Cooked To Death In Massive Steam Oven

The family of a 62-year-old employee of Bumble Bee Foods wants people to remember how hard he worked to support his family and the pride he took in his lawn, and not the tragic and horrible way that he died on the job. That’s completely understandable, but it’s hard to ignore the man’s death, an industrial nightmare. [More]

Shot of my sandwich at the same angle

Quick-Serve Ads Vs. Reality: Panera Roasted Turkey And Cranberry Sandwich

Anderson tried a seasonal offering at Panera, the Roasted Turkey and Cranberry sandwich. The promotional photos made it look appetizing, but the sandwich that ended up on Anderson’s plate wasn’t. We know that speed is really important at Panera, and maybe this is just a hastily-assembled meal. Anderson decided to throw it away, leave the Panera, and then complain online. This plan was somewhat flawed. [More]

Why 'Antibiotic-Free' Meat Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

Why 'Antibiotic-Free' Meat Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

Antibiotic-resistant infections are a serious and scary threat to public health. One reason why devious bacteria are evolving to resist antibiotics is the widespread overuse of them in both humans and in animals. A Center for Science in the Public Interest analysis of Food and Drug Administration data shows that 80% of all antibiotics administered are to animals, and not to help them get better when they’re ill. Meat and dairy producers give low doses to the critters in their care in order to prevent illness, and sometimes to promote faster growth. [More]

Don't Get Yourself Sick: Common Unhealthy Food Prep & Kitchen Mistakes To Avoid

Don't Get Yourself Sick: Common Unhealthy Food Prep & Kitchen Mistakes To Avoid

Food poisoning is never fun, and it’s even worse when the comestible in question could’ve come from your own kitchen and can’t be blamed on the neverending buffet at the strip mall. When it comes to home food preparation, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We’re lucky enough to have a few tips to pass on from our smart siblings over at ShopSmart magazine on how to keep your kitchen devoid of anything that will lead to feeling like you’ll never, ever eat food again. [More]

I Want My Trans Fats Back: Consumerist Readers Speak Out About Recipe Changes

I Want My Trans Fats Back: Consumerist Readers Speak Out About Recipe Changes

Last week, we asked you, the members of the Consumerist Hive Mind, what prepared food items you’ve abandoned or fallen out of love with due to a recipe or ingredient change. What we learned from reading the responses: Consumerist readers love their junk food almost as much as Consumerist editors do. [More]

July 4th Holiday Open Thread: Foods Of Summer

July 4th Holiday Open Thread: Foods Of Summer

Happy impending holiday! We at Consumerist HQ are taking the next two days off to eat inadvisable things, because fireworks are illegal in the jurisdictions where 75% of our staffers live, and we have to have fun somehow.  So “somehow” involves bacon. Anyway, that made us think: what are your favorite summer foods, either at home or for sharing at picnics and other gatherings? Feel free to swap recipes in this open thread, or just discuss anything else that’s on your mind. [More]

Does 'No Outside Food' Discriminate Against People With Food Allergies?

Does 'No Outside Food' Discriminate Against People With Food Allergies?

Domenica is gluten intolerant, and there are a number of other foods she can’t eat as well. During a recent visit to the movies, she was caught bringing in outside food and argued with the manager. There isn’t anything available at the concession stand that she can eat without becoming ill. Sure, a private business can set their own rules. But is it discriminatory? In spite of what theater owners might tell you, buying snacks at the cinema isn’t mandatory, and no one’s going to go hungry after a few hours. [More]

When To Toss Your Old Ketchup And Mayo

When To Toss Your Old Ketchup And Mayo

I recently got a new refrigerator, and everyone knows what that means: the biennial excavating of the ancient condiments. How old is this salsa? How did I end up with three bottles of ketchup? And so on. Today, though, I learned that my standards have been woefully lax when deciding which condiments to keep around and which to toss. [More]