Just Because You’re Shopping At A Farmer’s Market Doesn’t Mean The Food Came From That Farm

When you pull up to a farmer’s market, ready to stock up on locally grown produce, you’d probably assume that everything on sale was raised by the farmers doing the selling, or that it was at least from another local grower. But you may be buying food that’s actually been trucked in from hundreds of miles away, possibly from another country. [More]

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Map Shows Which Foods Set Your State Apart From The Rest Of The Country

Look around you — are you surrounded by cheddar cheese? Ranch dressing? Or is every menu you see overflowing with hoagies? What’s on many of the menus in your state sets it apart, whether it’s chocolate, ahi tuna or cheesesteaks. [More]

Americans Are Gradually Eating Less Cereal For Some Reason

Americans Are Gradually Eating Less Cereal For Some Reason

It was once as American as, well, blue jeans to start your day with a bowl of cereal and milk. Breakfast grains were once major sponsors behind kid-oriented television programming, or licensed beloved fictional characters to put on cereal boxes. Now sales at major cereal companies are down, and a variety of reasons are contributing to the decline. [More]


Scientists Accidentally Find Switch In Mouse’s Brain That Can Turn Appetite On Or Off

What if you had the superhuman ability to resist a plate of say, fresh cheese curds, or maybe a giant vat of banana pudding? The power to walk away from your favorite food could be within reach eventually, after scientists stumbled on a sort of appetite on/off switch in the brain of mice. [More]


People Are Really Excited About Burger King Chicken Fries

Chicken fries are exactly what they sound like. They are long, thin strips of white-meat chicken that are shaped like French fries. Hence: chicken fries. Burger King introduced them in 2005 and took them off the menu in 2012. Some people were very upset about this. Their faith has been rewarded, since Chicken Fries returned to the menu today. [More]

The Science Behind Those Never-Melting Ice Cream Sandwiches

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If you find the idea of ice cream that doesn’t melt after sitting out for hours in 80-degree heat unsettling, you aren’t alone. And because you can’t believe everything you hear on the news, our knowledge-thirsty compatriots at Consumer Reports decided to test out those never-melting ice cream sandwiches for themselves. [More]

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Customer Sends KFC $2 And An Apology Note For Stealing A Piece Of Chicken

When you pay for an all-you-can eat buffet, the catch is that it’s only all you are able to eat while you’re actually at the restaurant, not like, all you can eat without any limits as to location and time. So taking food to go is a big no-no, including at one KFC in Nebraska where one customer regretted taking a piece of chicken home, and confessed in an apology letter sent with $2 included that he or she is sorry for stealing. [More]

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This $50 Bloody Mary Includes An Entire Fried Chicken

Although my path in life has taken me many miles from the fair shores of Lake Michigan, I can always count on the people of Milwaukee to make me proud by way of ridiculously extravagant food creations. I am now an entire fried chicken’s worth proud, as a bar in the Good Land has introduced a Bloody Mary topped with a whole fried fowl. [More]


New Gluten-Free Labeling Rules Go Into Effect This Week

A year after the Food and Drug Administration laid out the rules for food manufacturers who want to label their products gluten-free, the new labeling requirements will go kick in this week. [More]

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Restaurant Offering 15% Discount For “Praying In Public” Says It’s More About Gratitude

If a restaurant wants to offer a discount on a customer’s check, it can go right ahead and do that. But when the discount is tied to showing gratitude for your meal, how the heck is a restaurant supposed to decide who’s grateful and who’s not? [More]

Snack Foods Transformed Into Art At “Cheese Curls Of Instagram”

Snack Foods Transformed Into Art At “Cheese Curls Of Instagram”

Can a picture of two cheese curls be pornographic? It sounds impossible, but the site Cheese Curls of Instagram has elevated what should be random, orange-coated lumps of snack food to fascinating sculptures just by propping them up in front of a blank background and giving us needlessly detailed captions. [More]


July Food And Supplement Recall Roundup – More Salmonella Smoothies

In our July Recall Roundup for food, the Great Chia Seed Recall of 2014 continues, ice cream has mismatched flavor labels, and there are mysterious substances in the ham. Oh, and Foster Farms finally recalled some of the chicken blamed for a recent salmonella outbreak. [More]

From Gadgets To Diners: How To Make (Or Order) The Perfect Egg Every Time


I recently poached my first egg; sounds simple enough. And yet the amount of time I spent looking up how to do it, fretting over the steps and stressing over my inevitable failure almost made the whole thing not worth it. But when I posted a photo of that sucker on social media, the hefty number of virtual back-slaps I received made it clear that I am not alone in my fear of screwing up eggs. [More]

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How To Slice A Dozen Cherry Tomatoes Or Grapes At Once

Arguably, single grapes and cherry or grape tomatoes are already perfect, bite-sized foods. There are reasons why you might want to slice them in half, though: so you can include them in a chicken salad, to make them easier to catch with a fork in a fruit salad, or because you’re serving them to small, choking-prone children. Here’s a method to chop a dozen or more at the same time. [More]

June Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: May Contain Metal Fragments

June Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: May Contain Metal Fragments

In our June Recall Roundup for food, supplements, and even a few over-the-counter drugs, the mint chocolate chip ice cream is packed with pistachios, more smoothie powders have contaminated chia seeds, and red yeast pills sold as an all-natural supplement to lower cholesterol contains cholesterol-lowering drugs. [More]

Arby’s Testing Auntie Anne’s-Branded Cheddar Pretzel Nuggets

Arby’s Testing Auntie Anne’s-Branded Cheddar Pretzel Nuggets

In the most exciting development in fast-food cross-brand synergy since Taco Bell started serving up tiny Cinnabons, Arby’s is testing cheddar-filled Auntie Anne’s pretzel nuggets in some of their outlets in the Midwest. As you might expect based on that “cheddar-filled” description, we know that Wisconsin is one test site. [More]

May Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Not So Dairy-Free

May Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Not So Dairy-Free

In our May Recall Roundup for food, supplements, and even a few over-the-counter drugs, there’s dairy in the dairy-free pancakes, Salmonella in the chili powder, and always a few precription drugs hiding in the “supplements.” [More]

We Eat Too Much Now Because Food Is Super Cheap, Study Says

We Eat Too Much Now Because Food Is Super Cheap, Study Says

Collectively, as a nation, we eat a lot of food. A lot of high-fat, high-sugar bad-for-us, questionable food. Scientists of every stripe are always asking why we do this to ourselves. The answer? It might be as simple as: because we can afford to. [More]