Behold: There Are Magical Places In This Country Known As “Pizza Farms”


Of all the dreams I’ve dreamed in all the nights of sleep I’ve had, never have I believed that a pizza farm could be a real thing. While this popular new form of agritourism might not feature fertile fields fairly bursting with hot, cheesy pies right off the vine, pizza farms have proven to be a popular way for those in the farming business to sell directly to customers looking for that “farm-to-table” situation. [More]

Customer Claims Panera Soup Came With A Side Of Razor Blade

Customer Claims Panera Soup Came With A Side Of Razor Blade

When ordering a cup or bowl of soup from Panera Bread most people would prefer to have a roll or chunk of baguette accompanying their meal. But a Florida woman says her soup came with something extra on a recent lunch trip to the restaurant: a razor blade. [More]

Burger Chain Turns Its Cricket Milkshake April Fool’s Joke Into Real Menu Item

Burger Chain Turns Its Cricket Milkshake April Fool’s Joke Into Real Menu Item

Most of the time when we hear about bugs and food, it’s an unfortunate and unintended event that leads to disgust, repulsion and often, an apology from any business involved. This time it’s different: a burger chain is putting insects on the menu on purpose, after an April Fool’s joke proved to be popular with customers. [More]

Sysco Drops Bid To Buy U.S. Foods, Plan To Create Foodservice Supply Voltron

Sysco Drops Bid To Buy U.S. Foods, Plan To Create Foodservice Supply Voltron

After months of battling with federal regulators – including contentious meetings, a lawsuit and a federal injunction – food distributor Sysco has dropped its plan to merge with rival U.S. Foods. [More]

Wish-Bone Recalling Some Bottles Of Ranch Dressing Because They’re Full Of Blue Cheese

One of the worst tricks you could pull on a ranch dressing devotee? Filling a bottle labeled as such with blue cheese instead. It could also be quite the problem for anyone allergic to eggs, as that known allergen isn’t declared on bottles of Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing, some of which were accidentally filled with blue cheese dressing instead. Pinnacle Foods has issued a voluntary recall of the mixed up bottles, after a consumer noticed the mistake. Yet another reminder why it’s good to speak up. [via]

KFC Wants An Apology After Lab Tests Show Fried Rat Shape Is Actually Just Chicken

KFC Wants An Apology After Lab Tests Show Fried Rat Shape Is Actually Just Chicken

Last week after a KFC customer posted photos and video of what he claimed was a fried rat he’d received with his order of chicken, the company said it believed the whole thing was a hoax, and asked the man to turn over the food in question for independent testing. Lab results are in… and the word is, it’s a bird. Chicken, to be exact. [More]

Chobani On Its Ad Featuring Same-Sex Couple: “We’re Proud That Our Products Are Enjoyed By All”

(Chobani on YouTube)

While the idea of eating food in bed might make people angry for cleanliness reasons (such a mess!), others are ticked off at Chobani for its latest ad featuring two women in bed together, one of whom happens to be eating yogurt. The ever-vigilant folks at One Million Moms have a problem not only with lesbians eating yogurt in bed, but with the fact that a same-sex couple would flaunt their wedding rings while doing so. In response, Chobani says it’s proud that all kinds of people like to eat its yogurt, in bed and married or otherwise. [More]

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Lobster Prices Rising Just In Time For That Summer Feast You Were Planning

The summer fishing season is off to a slow start, which means American lobster prices are ticking up just in time for your vacation to the coast. [More]

Photo from Renee's visit to the deep-fried coffee booth.

Turns Out Deep-Fried Coffee Tastes Exactly How It Sounds

Last week the Internet was temporarily afire with the news that someone had decided to deep-fry Starbucks coffee and serve it up at the San Diego County Fair, and we wondered what fried balls of coffee grounds might taste like. As it turns out, it tastes exactly as awful as one might expect a mouthful of coffee grounds tastes like. [More]

(Courtesy of San Diego County Fair)

Deep-Fried Starbucks Coffee Joins List Of Ridiculous Food You Can Find At The Fair

If you thought the world couldn’t possibly cough up yet another deep-fried food oddity, you were wrong and you’ll probably be wrong again if you think people will ever stop chucking things into hot oil. The deep-fried trend is especially prevalent at fairs and festivals, with this year’s nominee for freakish fare showing up at the San Diego County Fair to much ado: Deep-fried Starbucks coffee. [More]


Whole Foods Naming New Line Of Stores After Its “365” Brand

If you have been waiting on the very edge of your seat to find out what Whole Foods would be branding its new line of smaller stores with lower prices, today is your day. After filing various trademark names to throw everyone off, the company says it’ll be calling the chain “365 by Whole Foods Market.” [More]


NYC May Become First U.S. City To Require High-Sodium Warning Labels At Chain Restaurants

The health war wages on in New York City, where the ghost of the failed ban on large sodas is said to still haunt city hall, moaning the name of a certain former mayor. This time, city officials are taking on sodium, proposing a requirement that chain restaurants put a label on menu items that are high in salt. [More]


Companies Can Charge Customers A Bunch Of Money For Snack Bars Because They Know We’ll Buy’em

There are some things we won’t blink an eye at paying a premium for because, well, that’s just what we do when we want something. Like steak — meat lovers are willing to hand over a hefty chunk of change because part of that high price implies high quality. Such is the case for snack bars, which are enjoying increased popularity right now and commanding high prices. [More]

Subway Removing Artificial Ingredients From Its Menu By 2017

Subway Removing Artificial Ingredients From Its Menu By 2017

Last April, Subway stopped using Azodicarbonamide – a chemical that is used to improve elasticity in bread but that also shows up in things like yoga mats. Now, the sandwich shop is taking things a step farther, by making plans to drop all artificial ingredients from its menu by 2017. [More]

Maybe save this post until you're done eating your salad.

3 More Toxic Salad Beetles Show Up In Canada And Texas

It turns out that fleeing to Canada won’t keep you safe from the Salad Beetle Scourge. You may remember the Iron Cross Blister Beetles turning up in organic salads and pakages of leafy greens across the United States. We learned today of three more discovered in different parts of North America, two of which were in Canada. [More]

Delta Air Lines Pilot Gets Pizza Delivered To The Plane For Passengers On Delayed Flight

Delta Air Lines Pilot Gets Pizza Delivered To The Plane For Passengers On Delayed Flight

Following on the heels of Delta Air Lines’ decision to serve free pizza to make up for a smoke-filled cabin — because feeling mad/sad/annoyed while eating hot cheese is a near impossibility — a Delta pilot ordered pies delivered to a plane full of passengers delayed by bad weather. And apparently, this is all part of a new pizza policy at the airline. [More]

(Ben Schumin)
(Ben Schumin)

Taco Bell, Pizza Hut Ditching Artificial Flavors By End Of 2015

The menus for Taco Bell and Pizza Hut will soon include fewer ingredients listed under your favorite meal, as the two fast food restaurants announced Monday that they plan to ditch artificial colors and flavors by the end of the year. [More]


CDC Links Salmonella Outbreak Reported in 9 States To Sushi Made With Raw Tuna

Raw seafood might be delicious, but there’s always that chance that it could make you sick: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that while it hasn’t conclusively determined the cause of a recent salmonella outbreak that’s spread to nine states and infected up to 53 people, it could be linked to sushi made with raw tuna. [More]