Man Suing Outback Steakhouse Because Mashed Potatoes Shouldn’t Include Broken Dishes

Man Suing Outback Steakhouse Because Mashed Potatoes Shouldn’t Include Broken Dishes

While you might be the kind of person who prefers a couple lumps in your mashed potatoes, any lump that’s hard and feels like a bit of plate is an unwelcome addition. That’s what a man suing Outback Steakhouse in Oregon is claiming: He says he broke two teeth as he bit into mashed potatoes at the restaurant. [More]

FDA Announces Proposed Rule To Safeguard Food During Transportation

FDA Announces Proposed Rule To Safeguard Food During Transportation

No on likes salmonella in their peanuts or listeria on their cantaloupe, or in any of their food for that matter. While contamination can occur in just about every step of the food production process, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is taking the final steps to make sure the transportation of food isn’t the problem by setting new criteria for the transport of food. [More]


FDA Proposes New Rules To Make Pet Food More Acceptable

Great news for animals who like non-poisonous food! Fresh on the heels of the Food and Drug Administration’s plea for help in solving the mystery of why pet treats imported from China have allegedly killed more than 600 dogs and a few cats, today the agency proposed new rules to protect animal food from contamination from microbes, toxic chemicals, and other scary contaminants. [More]

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This Is Why You Should Throw Away Those Old Green Potatoes

If you leave potatoes sitting in in your cupboard for too long, they might sprout or turn green, but it’s not like eating old vegetables is going to kill you or anything. Wait, it can? It can cause symptoms ranging from a tummyache to hallucinations to death? And that’s happened quite a few times throughout history? Well, crap. [More]


Despite an earlier plan to plead not guilty in federal court, two Colorado farmers whose cantaloupes were linked to the 2011 listeria outbreak that killed 33 people pleaded guilty today to misdemeanor charges. [Associated Press]


Are CDC’s Detectives At Work During Shutdown While Salmonella Outbreak Sickens Hundreds?

Often when we hear news of a food-borne disease, the worst has passed and the government works to educate consumers on which products have been recalled. However with 278 people in 18 states sickened by a salmonella outbreak linked to raw chicken products from California, no recall has been announced and the United States Department of Agriculture says “the outbreak is continuing.” But are any of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s elite food detectives at work during the government shutdown to trace track down the source of the contamination? [More]

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USDA Investigating Food Giant Sysco After Report Claimed It Kept Meat, Dairy In Dirty Sheds

Where do you keep your raw meats, dairy and produce at home? In an old, dirty, rusted and unrefrigerated container? No, you put them in a properly cooled refrigerator, which is more than what food giant Sysco was doing, claimed a San Francisco news station’s investigation back in July. Now the United States Department of Agriculture is looking into Sysco after it received a complaint from a local meat trade association. [More]

Chobani Declares ‘Voluntary Recall’ Of Exploding Moldy Yogurts

Chobani Declares ‘Voluntary Recall’ Of Exploding Moldy Yogurts

Chobani’s recall of mold-contaminated yogurts has been promoted to a voluntary recall. “Over 95% of the units in question have already been identified and removed from retailer shelves,” claims the company. [More]

Chobani: Exploding Yogurts Caused By Mold At Idaho Plant

Chobani: Exploding Yogurts Caused By Mold At Idaho Plant

The “quality issue” that has led Greek yogurt maker Chobani to pull products from stores has an explanation: mold. Customers who ate the affected yogurt aren’t thrilled to hear this news, since the company continues to call the funny-tasting yogurt plague a “quality issue” rather than a food safety problem. Customers who claim that they or their children got sick from Chobani products are not pleased. [More]

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Uh-Oh, These Chicken Broth Cans Contain Spaghetti-Os

Do you have any 14.5-ounce cans of Swanson chicken broth around the house? You might have a strange but tasty surprise in store once you open up the can. Thanks to a mixup at the factory, 80 cases of cans labeled “Swanson broth” are actually Spaghetti-Os with meatballs. Campbell’s has warned customers not to eat the surprise pasta, which makes us sad. [More]


Chobani Pulls Gross Yogurts Off Store Shelves, Not A Recall

Have your Chobani yogurts tasted kind of weird recently? You aren’t alone. Yogurt lovers all over the country have reported oddness that ranges from “that tastes a little off” to “AAAAH WHY IS MY YOGURT CUP BULGING?!” After receiving (and deleting) a lot of complaints on their Facebook page, the company quietly pulled affected batches from stores, but there’s no official recall on. [More]

Quit Washing Your Chicken: It Just Sprays Germs Everywhere

Quit Washing Your Chicken: It Just Sprays Germs Everywhere

Generations of American cooks are wrong. They learned their wrongity wrongity wrong habits from their parents, or from public television’s Julia Child. Their terrible, filthy habit is rinsing poultry before cooking. Public health experts estimate that as many as 90% of Americans do it, and they want us to cut it out. [More]


Airport Eatery Says It’ll Totally Switch To Vendor That Doesn’t Top Bread With Maggots

Never mind locally-sourced, fresh-from-the-farm ingredients — is it too much to ask that an airport sandwich not have maggots in it? An eatery at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta says it’s going to switch vendors after a customer claimed to have been sold food with a side order of maggots. [More]


FDA Finally Realizes Maybe It’s Time To Do A Better Job Of Improving The Safety Of Imported Foods

Perhaps your kitchen is only stocked with locally sourced organic food, but around 15% of what Americans eat — including half the fresh fruit, one-fifth of fresh veggies and 80% of fish — comes from around 150 different countries. So, finally getting around to implementing changes mandated by the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the Food and Drug Administration has proposed a couple rules aimed at beefing up controls on imported edibles. [More]


Why Should I Care If The Beef I Buy Has Been Mechanically Tenderized?

Whether you actually read the labels on food or not, they exist to inform consumers of exactly what they’re about to eat. But that isn’t much help if you don’t understand why something is labeled a certain way in the first place. For example, the United States Department of Agriculture is planning on requiring beef that’s been mechanically tenderized to be labeled as such. Okay, great! But why should you care either way? [More]


Where’s The Beef From?: U.S. Regulators To Propose New Meat Label Requirements

Because not knowing where your food comes from means that your food could’ve come from an unsavory source (horsemeat, anyone?), the United States is supposed to propose new rules this week that would require any meat products to be labeled with the basics: Where an animal was born, what it was fed and where it was slaughtered. [More]


If People Want To Drink Raw Milk, Should Dairy Farmers Be Able To Sell It To Them?

Let’s say you’re a dairy farmer in oh, how about Wisconsin, and you’re thirsty. You can go out to one of your cows, milk it, and drink what comes out. But turning around and selling it to customers craving raw milk, well in most states, that’s illegal. While food safety regulations are of the utmost importance to consumers, should you be able to purchase products like raw milk and drink at your own risk? [More]


China Investigating Yum Brands Because If The Meat Label Says Mutton, It Should Be Mutton

UPDATE: Yum says its Little Sheep hotpot restaurants in China aren’t part of the tainted mutton scandal. A spokeswoman says in part: “There is no evidence, none whatsoever, of any adulterated product anywhere in our system.” That being said, the company is going to make extra sure of that, out of an “abundance of caution.” [More]