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Big Data Is Here To Stay. So Can We Use It To Make Recalls Actually Work?

Sometimes products are unsafe. From bacteria-filled food to shrapnel-shooting airbags, on occasion even the most conscientious company will find itself needing to recall a product if it turns out to be harmful to consumers. But recalls are a big pain in the butt all around. One of the biggest issues? Actually letting consumers know that the stuff in their hands or on their shelves has, in fact, actually been recalled. [More]

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California Suing Wine Bottle Maker Over Claims That It Uses Glass Containing Toxic Materials

While acknowledging that a California glass company isn’t necessarily posing any threat to consumers with its actions, state officials are suing a Modesto business that it says recycles hazardous materials illegally and includes them in new wine bottles. [More]

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Foods That Make People Sick With E. Coli: Beef, Plants Grown In Rows

There are three different agencies in the federal government that handle different types of foodborne illnesses and separate aspects of those illnesses. While two outbreaks might be caused by the same pathogen, which agency handles them depends on whether the food contains meat or not. This is sort of inefficient. [More]

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FDA Warns That Undeclared Peanuts Could Lurk In Food Containing Cumin

Life with a severe food allergy can be scary enough, but knowing that sometimes labels are inaccurate and that not all allergens are identified is even scarier. The situation right now where a batch of ground cumin was contaminated with peanuts shows that even spices and spice blends can be dangerous to people with severe enough allergies. [More]

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California Slaughterhouse Co-Owner Pleads Guilty To Processing Cattle With Cancer

The co-owner of a now defunct California slaughterhouse at the center of a February 2014 recall that involved 8.7 million pounds of beef found “unfit for human food” has pleaded guilty in the federal case, acknowledging that he processed cancerous cattle. [More]

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Proposed Bills Would Revamp Food Safety Agencies & Recall Protocols

Last year a group of legislators introduced a bill that would have given the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture the legal backbone to get unsafe meat, poultry and eggs off store shelves. While that bill died in Congress, two new measures seek to pick up the pieces, establishing a single, independent federal food-safety agency and providing new recall procedures. [More]

USDA Offers Holiday Food Safety Advice In Case You Don’t Want To Kill Your Family

USDA Offers Holiday Food Safety Advice In Case You Don’t Want To Kill Your Family

You might be preparing a larger meal this week than you’re used to, or preparing trays of party food, and that means that you run the risk of giving everyone you love a food-borne illness. You can avoid turning your family celebration or classy party into a barfing festival by following a few helpful tips. [More]

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Del Monte Recalls Fruit Snack Packs Potentially Contaminated With Listeria

Sure, we feel like we’re doing something righteous and healthy when we buy a package of cut fresh fruit for a snack instead of cookies or a candy bar, but there are times when choosing fresh fruit can come back to bite you. That’s the case for some Del Monte fruit snacks sold in grocery and convenience stores. [More]

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Cucumbers Were Probably Culprits In E. Coli Outbreak At Jimmy John’s

Escherichia coli is a bacterium that’s part of the normal intestinal flora of warm-blooded organisms, including humans. It’s pretty harmless most of the time, but when “fecal contamination” between different organisms occurs, it can result in a very serious illness. It took more than a year, but authorities in Colorado have traced a September 2013 E. coli outbreak to one specific food: cucumbers from Jimmy John’s sandwich shops in three towns in Colorado. [More]

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Thieves Steal 1.4 Tons Of Cheese Contaminated With Listeria

Listen, if there’s anyone out there who understands the lure of wheel upon wheel of beautiful cheese, it’s me. Cheese is my significant other, so I get it. But thieves in Liechtenstein are barking up a very dangerous tree by swiping 1.4 tons of cheese contaminated with harmful bacteria. That cheese is sadly, meant for no one. [More]


Here’s Why American Stores Refrigerate Eggs While Some Other Countries Don’t

At the sight of an egg sitting on an unrefrigerated store shelf, many Americans would shudder and think, “Well, that can’t be very safe because we keep our eggs nice and chilled and America is No. 1.” But are those foreign countries wrong and are we right? How can it be safe to keep eggs either chilled or at room temperature? [More]

Your Wrapped Meat Leaks Bacteria-Laden Juice Everywhere

Your Wrapped Meat Leaks Bacteria-Laden Juice Everywhere

The poultry that you buy at the grocery store is securely wrapped up specifically so consumers don’t spread traces of chicken juice on everything that they touch, right? Well… about that. For a new study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the government agency in charge of making sure that our meat doesn’t kill us, scientists followed shoppers around and checked surfaces that they touched for poultry proteins. Guess what they found? [More]

Scientists: Recalled Moldy Exploding Chobani Yogurts Could Make Consumers Sick

Scientists: Recalled Moldy Exploding Chobani Yogurts Could Make Consumers Sick

Hey, remember when Chobani recalled a wide variety of yogurts in the fall of 2013 because fungal contamination made them taste terrible and occasionally explode? About that: a new study published today in a journal of the American Society for Microbiology indicates that the fungus found in contaminated yogurt cups was a strain that can make animals, including humans, sick when it’s eaten. [More]

California Repeals Rubber Glove Law For Restaurant, Bar Workers

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Earlier this year, a new California state law banned restaurant workers from touching food with their bare hands and required that bartenders and cooks wear rubber gloves. But following a backlash from the public and the foodservice industry, the state legislature has voted to repeal the ban, going back to rules that simply ask workers to minimize the touching of customers’ food. [More]

Egg Company Agrees To Pay $6.8M Fine In Connection To Salmonella Outbreak That Sickened 62,000

Egg Company Agrees To Pay $6.8M Fine In Connection To Salmonella Outbreak That Sickened 62,000

Four years after tainted eggs caused a nationwide salmonella outbreak that sickened 62,000 people, the Iowa farm responsible for those ill-fated ovules has agreed to pay $6.8 million in fines for selling old eggs under false labels for years. [More]

Hummus Sold At Target, Trader Joe’s, Giant Eagle Recalled For Potential Listeria Contamination

Hummus Sold At Target, Trader Joe’s, Giant Eagle Recalled For Potential Listeria Contamination

Listeria monocytogenes is a foodborne pathogen that can have unpleasant consequences for most people, and serious, life-threatening consequences for people who are very old, very young, already ill, or who are pregnant. A company called Lansal, Inc. that manufactures hummus for Tryst Gourmet and the private-label brands of retailers Target, Trader Joe’s, and Giant Eagle, reports that the pathogen may be in their hummus and related products. [More]


Food Poisoning Suspected After More Than 100 People Fall Ill During Food Safety Summit

While some of our nation’s brightest food minds were gathered at a Food Safety Summit in Maryland earlier this month, the very thing they came together to discuss seems to have wreaked havoc on more than 100 people attending. In what can only be a prank from the food gods, it appears food poisoning is one of the suspected culprits, officials say. [More]

Fish Is So Fresh At Costco, One Package Of Cod Still Had A Live Worm Wriggling Around In It

Fish Is So Fresh At Costco, One Package Of Cod Still Had A Live Worm Wriggling Around In It

Because most of us don’t buy our fish straight off the dock, finding a worm with your fresh fish is bound to be a bit of a surprising event. And while a Costco customer’s video of a fresh package of cod doesn’t show the kind of wriggling worm you’d put on a hook, seeing a parasitic nematode snuggled in there is still enough to warrant a “careful if you’re eating lunch while reading this” warning. [More]