Non-Vegan Fake Mozzarella Cheese And 3 Other Foods That Should Not Exist

Who would eat blueberry cereal that contains no blueberries? What about onion rings that aren’t made of onions? We live in a sad world where non-dairy (but not vegan) imitation mozzarella cheese shreds haunt our grocery aisles, and Mrs. Butterworth’s pancake syrup contains no butter. [More]

World's Oldest Hamburger

Mummified McDonald’s Burger Found In Closet, Still Looks Edible

What happens if you forget about a fast-food meal for a decade and a half? Visually, not a whole heck of a lot. A Utah man set out to show his friends that a burger would remain unchanged if it sat around for a few weeks. The onions and pickle shriveled a little bit, but that was all. Six years later, the family moved and found the burger stuffed in a coat pocket. It looked pretty much the same. Now, seven years after that, it pretty much looks the same. Does that tell us anything about fast food, though? Not really. [More]


Share the gift of orange pasta! For every click on their “Share A Little Comfort” site, Kraft will donate ten boxes of Macaroni and Cheese to Feeding America (previously known as Second Harvest.) One click per person per day up to 1 million boxes, etc. There are also coupons on the site. [Kraft]