Report: Amazon Launching Local Takeout Service To Compete With The Likes Of GrubHub, Seamlesss

Hot on the heels of the news that the many-armed, grabby beast that is Amazon is set on providing local services for its customers, it’s reportedly working on another foray into the e-commerce world, this time with its test of an online local takeout service, similar to GrubHub, Seamless and others. [More]


When Stealing A Food Delivery Car, The Polite Thing To Do Is Finish Dropping Off Orders

It would be such a bummer if you ordered a bunch of Chinese food and were then told that your delivery wouldn’t arrive because the delivery guy had his car stolen. Maybe the guy who allegedly did just that has a heightened sense of empathy — or he just wanted some extra cash — because cops say he decided to keep dropping off food. [More]