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Not willing to settle for a lackluster Bloody Mary from the airline drink cart? You don’t have to. We’re not all expert mixologists and there’s a distinct lack of fancy shmancy cocktails options when you’re flying, but luckily there are smarter people out there with all the right answers. Check out three cocktail hacks anyone can use to spice things up in mid-air. [Bon Appetit]

More Rest For Pilots Could Mean Fewer Flights For Travelers

More Rest For Pilots Could Mean Fewer Flights For Travelers

Fewer pilots and longer resting requirements could be trouble for regional airlines. The issues that grounded hundreds of JetBlue flights this week could be just the start after new FAA regulations on rest for pilots went into effect Saturday. [More]


Yes, There’s A Study About Passing Gas On Planes: Let It Rip, Unless You’re The Pilot

There are studies these days about everything — whether your right hand ever gets mad at your left, if the grass really is greener on the other side, etc. — so of course there’s one about farting on airplanes. Our apologies if we’ve offended your sense of delicacy, but hey, we all do it. Anyway, if you’re a passenger, the study says you should let it rip. But pilots might be better off holding it in, lest their malodorous emissions pose a safety risk. [More]